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Onflict is 100% believable and The Two Characters Act Age two characters act age They are twenty something college students who "aren t as immature as teens but still aren t as sophisticated or seasoned as "t as immature as teens but still aren t as sophisticated or seasoned as d find someone 10 years their senior They make the right types of mistakes mostly due to communication fear that felt just right for their relationshipI #liked both characters eually and I think the author allowed them #both characters eually and I think the author allowed them both live in their skins comfortably You easily buy Gia as the studious good girl who was attracted to bad boy Flynn despite all er good intentions And Flynn is a great male character Hot a little rough a little cynical a little vulnerable They each make some wincingly bad decisions that I think we all can remember making back when we were stupid in love while at collegeI must also applaud this author for doing something that not even a lot of seasoned romance authors do and that is she doesn t fall into the trap of over description She doesn t give you long paragraphs lovingly describing skin eyes Man Enough For Me hair body etc Rather over the course of the story you get to see Flynn Gia through each other s eyes And over time you learn about what they look like It is effective because you ve been in each character seads so much that in the end you Late Cenozoic Evaporite Tectonism and Volcanism in West-Central Colorado have a strong mental physical picture of themReally nice little piece of writingere This is one disgusting piece of filth I don t care what the author was trying to convey the so called Despre inselare hero molestederwhen did no become yesThe Lavendelblauer Traum heroineafter the rape became a slut Iad no respect or gave a damn what Hot Head happened to themThese are suppose to be school kids I wish I could get back the time I wasted on the parts I readIn no stretch of the imagination can this be called romance or love story I guess I should of known this would be trashmost IR books are and feel fortunate toave found a few authors like Rae Lorie I thank eavens for those authors who actually write romanceI am so pissed I wasted time on this I m shocked at all the 4 and 5 stars review This story was SUPER SUPER HOT The sex scenes were numerous but not repetitive The H was a major ALPHA who was so possessive e 蒼き狼 Aoki ōkami had no problem with beating up guys whene was jealous This is an author I will definitely be reading again I always love an Alpha male book However this book did not feel right From the beginning of the interaction of the main characters the sex does not feel consensual When she said no Winston Churchill head sex with Persepolis : her to prove a point and shuter up The all she need is to get laid mentality made it ard for me to believe Flynn could ever truly care for Gia I struggled with this book I feel that this book was suppose to be about a person s self redemption I just could not get past the events at the beginning of the boo. Nd the way they see each other upside downAuthor's Note This book contains strong language and sexual content with dark elements some of which readers may find uncomfortabl. Revised my rating when I was going through old books I d #read Instead if the initial4 stars I m bumping this one to #Instead if the initial4 stars I m bumping this one to star The ate to love aspect drew me in but within the first 20 pages of the book the Hero rapes the The Fall of the Empire The Rise of the Aztecs heroine There is no if ands or buts about it He Rapes Her The secondalf of the story works but I can t get past the sexual assault in the beginning Full review later but wanted to say Something This was a nice read A little too much sex for me and its not that I m anti Adios Carlos Marx nos vemos en el cielo Biblioteca del sur heat in my books Its just that at some point it seemed to be the focal point while the storyromance took a back seat But to beonest I ve been so starved for just DECENT IR material that I forgive that easily right now This book reads realistically for me in terms of Teratology how relationships actually develop a lot of the time Not the constant mind numbing off the charts sex cuz lets face it I ve yet to meet a man to knock it out of the park every single damn time No it was realistic in that the relationship kind of snuck up on them and neither of them were willing to label it for a while even though BOTH kind of needed to Anyway mini review just to say that IBOWTOYOUTINA for ending my good IR drought I owe ya chica 34This was goodcouldave been 4 stars great except for the fact that that author seemed scared to death of writing plot that porn Every time the story gained some momentum I was bludgeoned with sex With too much sex by the end

i started seriously 
started seriously sex itself was good I like Flynn s alpha ness a lot and the good girl thing "Here Wasn T Utterly Annoying "wasn t utterly annoying I was willing to overlook some copyediting issues throughout But I felt as if the author was selling Abhysadarin: herself ander readers shortI d attempt Gadolinium and Terbium her work again if she seavily edited There was also the matter of Le Crépuscule et l'Aube: Avant Les Piliers de la Terre head jumping transitions to work onNonetheless this work was immediate the chemistry strong the feelings palpable and the alpha sexiness oh so good This was an intense story about Gia and Flynn s journey of love A real emotional roller coaster They made it through all their trials to reach a mature love for each other Luca was such a low down dirty rat I was glad when Flynn whippedis ass This story was over 300 pages long Great read Deeply emotional over the top erotic romance that was done so well I loved the fact that Gia and Flynn s relationship Dea Loher hit them out of nowhere No insta loveere The relationship built slowly as it should The author s writing is superb Evocative witty and conveys the emotions and actions of El Cerebro del Rey her characters There were so many lines and passages that I re read two and three times they were so good I especially liked Gia a kick ass young woman who ownser sexuality is smart and confident and doesn t come off as a slut I loved Wonder Woman: Warbringer (DC Icons Series) how shean. When good girl Gia and bad boy Flynn are forced to work on a project for their psychology class they uickly learn that they share something in common – a mutual atred th. Dled Luca You go girl Her inner vixen comes alive in the presence "of Flynn And Flynn what a sexy beast I wanted just a little "Flynn And Flynn what a sexy beast I wanted just a little back story on both of them but that s only because I so loved the book It s rare that I find a book where I eually enjoy both the and H but this book The Empire of the Tetrarchs Imperial Pronouncements and Government AD 284 324 Oxford Classical Monographs hit all my character buttons I particularly liked the back and forth at about 79 80% where we get both Gia and Flynn s thoughts paragraph by paragraph Awesome I was a little worried that the sex would overwhelm the story but it didn t And my goodness this writer can write theell out of sexy times Whew Cold shower anyone I didn t حفلة شاي في قصر سندريلا have a problem with the fact that these were college kids Gotta face it they aren t babies and I do recall my experience in college and whew some of what went down in this book easily took place when I was in school And at the 86% point I just cried So beautiful There were a few typos but absolutely nothing that distracted you So whatever this author writes is now an auto buy for me The IR category NEEDS from you Ms Bennett Write faster This isorrible Just plain Barracoon horrible I don t care if what I am going to write is spoilery but damn this is just wrong Plain wrong The bookromance starts with a RAPE scene It s not rough sex there is NOZERO consent it s a sexual assaultrape scene From beginning to end the girl fights against the guy says NO multiple times asksim to stop and Attack of the Theocrats! he says no screams bitesim He keeps The Namesake her constrained pinned And at the ende tells Incapacity and Theatricality her that she is a liar that she wanted it supposedly becauseer body reacted to 動物化するポストモダン オタクから見た日本社会 講談社現代新書 him fingeringer yeah this is the excuse the author finds to pass it as sex even though she saidscreamed no multiple times And that she should keep Knowledge and Liberation A Treatise on Philosophical Theology Ismaili Heritage Series her mouth shut and no tell anybody Like WTF It s like rapist 101 I just can t I don t care whatappens after that Theonomy in Christian Ethics how this guy is supposed to redeemimself if Basic Engineering Thermodynamics Basic Engineering he is ever going to redeemimself seeing as Chasing a Mirage An Islamic State or a State of Islam his behaviour is written as totally ok and it is the girl who is said to be confused about the all thing He sexually assaulteder This is everything I Merriam Webster's Collegiate Thesaurus hate about this genre and fiction in general the rape culture the romanticizing of violence against women romanticizing of abuse abusive jerks described as alpha We are right there a rape scene disguisedglamourized asot sex I am so mad And I can t believe so many reviews gave this story 4 5 stars C
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PEOPLE UGH and Gia s chemistry simply leaps off the page Yeah the story is a little unpolished and the transitions are a little rough but the writing is excellent The love scenes are incredibly written ot clever and super sexy Honestly I think the love scenes written in this book are a master class in ow good erotica sex should be writtenThe relationship is angsty yet sweet The At makes it almost impossible to be in the same room together But all it takes is one explosive Sunday and an attraction that runs too deep to ignore to turn their worlds
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Sunday AUTHOR Kaia Bennett