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ஸ்ரீரங்கத்து தேவதைகள் hA very fun and informative book about numerousistorical figures shown through funny infographics A uick and simple way to get basic knowledge of dozens of istorical figures Highly recommended for *STUDENTS GRADES 3 6 WHILE MY *grades 3 6 While my and I were working at book fair one day we saw this one being purchased and thought it looked pretty cool There are fun pictures and brief little snippets about many famous and infamous people in istory My son likes it and that makes it great I enjoy Basher s style of illustration Biologie molculaire-UE1 PACES - 3e d. (Hors collection) his charactersave recognizable features so that we can identify them but also look enough alike that they form an ICONIC GROUP LIKE LEGO MINI FIGURES THE BOOK COVERS group like Lego mini figures The book covers Ancient World the Middle Ages and the Renaissance Revolution and the Enlightenment and the Modern Era Famous figures from each time period are along a timeline so that it is easy compare where they fall in Moje przezycia z duszami czysccowymi history Then each individual is shown in a full page illustration and a full page infographic The illustrations are full of symbols that relate to the character knives in the back for Julius Caesar the Mona Lisa behind DaVinci etc I can imagineaving a class of world Amor y pedagogia / Love and Pedagogy history students analyzing each illustration and seeingow many of the elements they could identify The information on the facing page includes a brief biographical write up a timeline of major dates and events names of contemporary rivals or friends a description of their legacy to the world and a maj What I liked Superstars of History offers a glimpse of numerous Definitely Not Paid Enough For This (The Tribulations of Ross Young, Supernat PA, Incident historic figures in a variety of areas from politics educationuman rights to science and math It spans a great thousands of yearsThe book includes the typical good people covered in such books for example Ab Lincoln and also the not so saintly people in istory such as Chairman Mao and Hitler Each page offers just not so saintly people in istory such as Chairman Mao and Hitler Each page offers just information to peak a child s interest and perhaps the child will want to learn about some of the people in the book The illustrations are charming and the info graphic style add a level of organization that I appreciatedWhat I didn t like I thought Filled with interesting facts about various figures throughout Plus grands que l'amour (French Edition) history this book serves as a terrific primer on whatas mattered through the ages in our world Divided into four sections the Ancient World the Middle Ages and the Renaissance Revolution and the Enlightenment and the Modern Era the author and illustrator devote two pages to each of the men and women who represent that era What s most impressive is the inclusion of those who fought for social justice and suffrage scientists radical thinkers writers and political leaders in addition to those who conuered other countries This one deserves a place on most Discover fun facts about the greatest figures from The Snakehead An Epic Tale of the Chinatown Underworld and the American Dream history through Basher's fresh and uniue illustration styleHistory doesn't justappen; it was created by a crazy crew of characters from way back when Find out why Archimedes said Eureka in the bathtub ow Henry Ford cha. Superstars of HistoryRmation in colorful blocks filling the other page Some of the facts are disturbing Younger readers or kids *who are sensitive might want to skip certain *are sensitive might want to skip certain You can read the little caption over each person in the timeline and if that bothers you don t read about that person The book Study Guide Practicing Texas Politics has people from all over the world and I think that adds to it I d feel like the book was missing something if it was just Americanistory I really liked this book and I think it s worth reading It s important to know our Black Friday history History should not be left in the past It should be thought about in the present because it changed our world and affects our life today Review by Young Mensan Connor C age 8 Boston Mensa If we don t understand ouristory we cannot prepare for our future In Basher and Grant s new book DISNEY REINE DES NEIGES 2 - Ardoise J'écris les nombres et je compte (3-6 ans) history is laid out in a clean simple format with all of the important information children need to know Heck I couldonestly see me using this with some of my lessons in my igh school English classThe book is thoughtfully laid out with four main categories The Ancient World The Middle Ages and the Renaissance The Revolution and The Englightenment and The Modern Era Each section begins with an overall timeline and brief overview of each figureThen each istorical figure gets The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl hisher own time to shine with a beautiful illustrated avatar and uoteimportant information as well as a clean layout that includes a timeline a summaryoverview of the figure written from a first person point of viewisher legacy a uestion and answer bubble and other important informationChildren ages 8 12 will enjoy the straightforward way that Basher and Grant present the information with colorful and creative shapes and designsCheck out my blog at reviewscomingatyablogspotcom OMG I LOVE this book This pictures on the cover are what originally brought my attention to the book Come to find out they are drawn by the same person who did all those cute suare Basher Books which I own almost all of themThe book is broken down into four sections The Ancient World The Middle Ages and the Renaissance Revolution and the Enlightenment and the Modern Era These are

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topics that I in my 6th grade social studies class Some of the notable people covered in the book are Aristotle Julius Caesar Charlemagne William the Conueror Christopher Columbus Leonardo Da Vinci William Shakespeare Catherine the Great Napoleon George Washington Karl Marx Abraham Lincoln Thomas Edison Gandhi and many Information of each of the individuals includes a narration in first person as well as other facts that might include a timeline legacies inventions friends record breaker etcIf you teach Naradas Bhakti Sutra: Verses on Connecting with the Divine Infinite Through the Path of Love and Surrender history this is definitely a book for your keeper shel. Learn about great leaders like Charlemagne and George Washington and bold ones like Caesar and William the Conueror Superstars of History will feature fun text loads of facts and Basher's cool illustrations to bringistory's greatest characters to life for 8 to12 year ol. Lementary and middle grade shelves Many of the entries include a timeline for the individual a list of isher friends and isher legacy providing uite a lot about which for readers to think as they consider the impact even someone as ruthless and misguided as Adolf Hitler Worlds of Weber had on the world The format is attractive with one page containing an illustration of the subject and then various information filled visuals on the facing page What I Like The fun illustrations bright colorful and appealing cartoon charactersThe uotes on each picture that go along with the person Representation that spans centuries and cultures Though there were a lot men than women How it was divided into different time periods Random facts Not My Favorite I didn t likeow they included less than savory characters in a book called Superstars of History The Shadows in the Street Simon Serrailler honestly my biggest beef was the inclusion of Hitler That kinda grossed me out The little blurbs about their lives were written in first person which was a bit awkward to me especially for the the bad guys What are you supposed to say on Hitler s I thought I was better than everyone else and murdered 11 million people at my concentration camps I didn t like it at all I m just not a fan of the multiple text boxes I find it distracting when I m trying to read That s definitely a personal preference deal and not necessarily the book s fault The format was very organized and clean looking which I appreciated I love this adorable mini review or introduction of important people fromistory for students This would be a wonderful addition to any elementarymiddle school classroom or library I am so excited to review this because I love Basher books I like the way they present There are *Two Uniue Things About These Books One *uniue things about these books One the illustrations The other Basher teaches using personification For example in their Periodic Table book the elements talk
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you about themselves of History tells you about 40 famous people in istory There are people who I think should be in this book but are not Although the people they did include are interesting because they invented things discovered things and fought for things like eual rights I learned a lotThe book is split up into four sections The Ancient World The Middle Ages and Renaissance The Revolution and The Enlightenment and The Modern Era The set up is pleasing to the eye At the start of each section there s a colorful timeline There is also a table of contents index and glossary which are all very elpful Each time period The Sabbath has its own color which makes it easy to know where you are in the book Each personas Theremin Ether Music and Espionage his orer own page It s really two pages There is an awesome illustration on one page and info. Nged the world and whether or not Einstein's brain was bigger than an ordinary guy's Discover what Abraham Lincoln Gandhi and Nelson Mandela did that made them famous for being so good and what Attila the Hun Hitler and Stalin did that made them infamous for being so bad.

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