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Sweet Tooth Volume 1 Out of the Deep WoodsOrld to life Lemire keeps the reader guessing throughout the story answering just enough to keep you going but allowing enough to remain unanswered so you ll come back for Book 2 especially with a cliffhanger like the one at the end A promising start to an original series Post apocalyptic mutant animal hybrid children being hunted own I m in Hmm I m not sure what I think Yet But I Have The Second Volume Ready To Go but I have the second volume ready to go I know from experience that comic volumes are just too little story for "Me To Get Invested " to get invested only the first oneI on t really enjoy the art style although it s very fitting for this storyworldI wish I knew about anything This volume contained 5 individual comic issues that make up one full story arc but it idn t feel like a complete arc to me More world building could have been The Art of the Short Story done As of right now it just feels like any typical zombie type of world except not zombies But seriously Ion t know because it hasn t told me yetBut I mean I flew through it Nebraskathe good life Damn Why id I wait so long to read this Drop "All Your Shitty Books "your shitty books read this right now I ll give you the very short version This is a post apocalyptic Southern gothic Sparse storytelling like Robert Kirkman s Outcast Down to earth tragic characters Yet somehow tender in their compassion And in Gus aka Sweet Tooth s case his innocence Mr Jepperd is a great fatherly yet mysterious figure whom I want to know about And sweet jesus Gus is one naive boy to be living in this world I never knew Jeff Lemire illustrated And he should o it often Because this is great Rough and bold and Exit Berlin deeply saturated colors The artwork is a perfect match to the bittersweetrama that is Sweet Tooth Check it out now 35 StarsThere was nothing explicitly wrong with this it just reads very much like an intro to the world and a set up for later graphic novels Nothing really massive happened it reads kind of like a preuel I should pick up volume 2 while it s fresh in my mind but knowing me that probably won t happen lolI think something significant about this book is that it s written in a southern Finding God in the Waves dialect and I m typically some. Ade earlier Now with theeath of his father he's left to fend for himself until he meets a hulking rifter named Jepperd who promises to help him Jepperd. One who hates that but I idn t "mind it in this book So kudos Not my favorite art style but the plot was interesting enough "it in this book So kudos Not my favorite art style but the plot was interesting enough me to read this in one sitting and everything was always 100% understandable which is sometimes hard to find in sci fiapocalyptic graphic novels A ecade ago the Affliction raged like a forest fire killing billions and the only children born since are A New Breed Of new breed of animal hybrid Gus is one of these endangered children a boy with a sweet soul a sweeter tooth and the features of a eer But kids like Gus have a price on their heads When vicious hunters escend on his isolated forest home a mysterious and violent man called Jepperd rescues GusI liked Jepperd when he showed up he kind of reminded me of Mike Ehrmantraut from Breaking Bad They re both pretty badass He s one of my favorites from the showBut back to this story Jepperd continues to protect Gus from the bad guys but can Gus fully trust him I really thought he could trust him but then Jepperd stopped talking to Gus towards the end of their journey And I just knew something bad was going to happen But it still broke my heart Overall it was a pretty interesting volume and I m still rooting for Jepperd to come back Maybe in volume 2Also that feeling of accomplishment when the title finally makes sense Note I m an Affiliate If you re interested in buying Sweet Tooth Vol 1 just click on the image below to go through my link I ll make a small commission This review and can be found on my blog This comic was sitting on my esk and my seven year old saw it sitting thereDad That s a weird looking comic he saidAnd it was only then I realized how right he was The cover A Reason to Breathe The Friessens does look weird and uite frankly like nothing I pick up out of curiosity in the comic shop If I hadn t known the author and liked his work I never would have picked it upLuckily I m a fan of Jeff Lemire s work So I Vinte Mil Léguas Submarinas didn t let the cover scare me offDon t let it scare you off either It s good stuffYou re extra likely to enjoy it if you like comics along the lines of Y The Last Man Revival or Walking Dead Though it s nowhere near asark as the last of thes. And Gus set out on a post apocalyptic journey into the evastated American landscape to find 'The Preserve' a refuge for hybridsCollecting Sweet Tooth

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Post apocalyptic fiction a comics series volume 1 bearing some resemblance to Cormac McCarthy s The Road in that it is in a ark future time where resources are thin and people have become violent in competing for those resources So it s grim in places And features a generation of children who like the boy nicknamed Sweet Tooth is born with hybrid humananimal features for not yet clear reasons Times seem esperate frighteningBut Sweet Tooth is also like other Lemire stories and like McCarthy s The Road a "Father Son Tale With The " son tale with the to say something important about parenting in a crisis The artwork is great "a little creepy and a little frightening edgy and already powerfully "little creepy and a little frightening edgy and already powerfully 5 stars for the series 4 for the opening volume 45 Stars 50 StarsThis is an incredibly engrossing post apocalyptic graphic novel The character evelopment is fantastic Within a short number of pages I became so emotionally invested in Gus I only wish I had started reading this series sooner Now I am Marking Time Memoir of a Vietnam Veteran Against the War dying to get my hands on volume two Gus or Sweet Tooth as he s nicknamed is a young boy who lives in the woods with his father Some sort of freak accident has mutated Sweet Tooth so that he has antlers on his head When his fatheries he ventures out of the woods where he is ambushed by hunters and is saved by a mysterious extremely tough man called Jepperd With no choice but to follow his guardian Sweet Tooth embarks on a journey out of the ديوان الشيخ محمد بن علي ولد أرزين deep woods and into the wide world with Jepperd But who is this man and why is he helping Sweet Tooth What happened to the world where horses are now the sole mode of transport Whyoes Sweet Tooth have antlers The excellent Jeff Lemire begins his first serial comic with an excellent start The post apocalyptic world he creates has shades of Mad Max and Cormac McCarthy s The Road but it s La agonía de Europa definitely Lemire s vision you see on the page From the brothel where the womenress like mutants to the roving gangs of humans wearing animal masks something very strange is going on here Lemire s art is also the best he s ever The Compleat Invocation done with Jose Villarrubia adding vibrant colours to bring the Jeff Lemire's acclaimed new series introduce Gus a rare new breed of humananimal hybrid who was raised in isolation following a pandemic that struck aec.