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T story that interlocks perfectly we learn about the tragedies in Jepperd s lifeIt s xtremely motional seeing him trying to finally Complete His Uest And The his uest and the of loneliness and utter loss after coming back home but it is the perfect way to redeem his character I must say I adored some parallels in his storyline I can help but root for him he s our broken antihero Not Yet you bastards Not Yet Just like with Jepperd we get to learn about Gus Although Jepperd s is a much mature tragic story Gus s story is still a fascinating one There s a great moment where Gus xplores his childhood and the lessons of his father Oh what a lovely fellow Gus s innocence and the hopelessness of the other hybrid Kids Breaks My Heart But It Is breaks my heart but it is of the things that grounds this story that makes me motionally involvedthe this story that makes me motionally involvedThe like I said in my previous review is perfect for this series It s gritty crude it s one that won t let you forget the kind of world and the kind of people present in this storyOverall this series gets better and better with very issue and Lemire writing is just great He is definitely one of my favorite writers 45 Stars Much better than the first one in my opinion Explored several aspects of the back story of this world I had been bored with volume one but this one got me intrigued to find out But I do find a lot of the depictions pretty unsettling. Cientist studying the plague that's wiped out so much of the worldCollecting Sweet Tooth 6 11. Sweet Tooth Volume 2 In Captivity

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Bullet ReviewReally picking up speed fleshing out background and characters The second book of Jeff Lemire s apocalyptic sci fi horror Sweet book of Jeff Lemire s apocalyptic sci fi horror Sweet sees our hero Gus in a concentration camp WITH FELLOW HUMAN ANIMAL HYBRID KIDS fellow human animal hybrid kids are being Prescription for Nutritional Healing: the A to Z Guide to Supplements: Everything You Need to Know About Selecting and Using Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs, and More experimented on in a Dr Mengele like fashion But wait the yuks just keep on coming Jepperd the Judas of the first book is given his day in court also and we learn of his tragic relationship with his now deceased wife and we f Some parts were a lot better than others but it was a great volume I loved the backstory to Jeppards life and we got to see what was in the duffle Fantastic series so far Got to find out about Mr Jepperd and his backstory Great installment to the series This was so depressing and scary but also sooo good Finally I had the chance to read the second volume of Sweet ToothLemire gives us the backstory of Jepperd which keep surprising me notxactly by what happens but by interlocking it with vents from the present Sweet Tooth is also being held by a bunch of men who want animal children to investigate how the plague came to be and stop it Or at least that how they justify their deplorable action We learn about Sweet Tooth past and some interesting things and uestions arise This volume was well rounded than the first one showing us a much darker world while setting the groundwork for to come and first one showing us a much darker world while setting the groundwork for to come and Learn the heartbreaking story of Jeppard and how he went from devoted husband to ruthless mer. Aling nough to keep us interested while still keeping the Mystery What Are You Waiting For Go Read It I What are you waiting for Go read it I t think that this is really a series for me but I Have The Third Edition So I Will the third Critical Role: Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting edition so I will read that The premise is interesting but I don t like the art style I don t like Jeppers or whatever his name is and I m struggling to connect to it It s a bit of religion and cultish stuff going on that I m not connecting withither We ll see how the third one goes Re read 061819My thoughts are the same as before I love very piece of backstory and the little clues to the origin of the sickness Such a well written volumeOriginal Review4 StarsDo you remember when I said in my review of volume 1 THAT I WAS INTRIGUED BY THIS GRAPHIC NOVELWELL that I was intrigued by this graphic novelWell I m just fascinated by this world and this story Volume 2 In Captivity is a darker volume I feel like Vol 1 was heavy on the ambiance and in building up the setting but this one is a much better crafted volume Not only it xpands a lot on the history of this world and the plague also Sweet Tooth possible involvement in its origin but there are The Essential Turing: Seminal Writings in Computing, Logic, Philosophy, Artificial Intelligence, and Artificial Life plus The Secrets of Enigma excellent character moments It provides a perfect balance There are manymotional and scary scenes for both Gus and Jepperd and with the way things nded in volume 1 it was such a nice treat getting to know Jepperd His desperation his motivationThrough a mix of flashbacks and presen. Cenary Meanwhile Gus is held captive with other hybrid creatures in a camp where he meets a .