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Switch by Megan HartMegan Hart Switch Spice 2010It occurred to me while I was reading Switch that the erotic romance genre now a business that turns over many many millions of dollars annually for The Arrival prestigeublishing houses consists of the same books we had to buy from seedy bookstores we needed fake IDs to get into when I was in high school Sure there s a shade character development and not uite as much sex as you d expect from a title Beeline Die Entdeckung der Langsamkeit put out in the early eighties but for all intents andurposes this is Summon Up the Blood (Silas Quinn porn that cleans upretty nice Far be it from me to complain I had than my share of Beeline Highmountain paperbacks in high school and college The risk however with introducing traditional aspects of the novel is that you ll geteople thinking about things other than sex and thus analyzing your output closely Thus when Switch falls off a cliff in the final chapters it s a lot annoying than it was in say Suzi Likes It Rough twenty five years ago Ah the stigma of respectabilityPaige is a career girl from the country she moved to the relatively large town of Harrisburg PA in order to both give herself an upward ath and flee from the beauty ueen with no brain image and the husband she had in rural Lebanon And things seem to be going well for her She knows what she wants and she s got a good idea how to get it Everything changes though when a note accidentally slipped into her apartment s mailbox meant for the apartment three floors below hers the address was smudged gives her an insight into a kind of rivate life she never knew existed She finds herself enjoying it and her new boldness finds her not only flirting with a hunky doctor from her building but seems to be attracting her boss as well And then there s the ex husband Austin who s moved to Harrisburg as well though whether it s to ursue business opportunities or ursue Paige is subject to debateIt s all going along rather well for a while Paige is a good character far better than what I m used to in books like this even from legitimate Different Escaping the Competitive Herd pornresses like Black Lace with a solid Magic Toyshop psychological foundation and reasons forretty much everything she does Believe it or not folks a three dimensional character in a Ans Messer geliefert porn novel Oh excuse me an erotic romance Because Paige is so finely drawn however many of the book s other characters stand out as being stereotypical or shallow Paige s dad s new wife is about as stereotypical the wicked stepmother as they come and both Eric the hunky doctor and Austin are straight out of theages of half the romance novels you ve ever read For that matter if you can t see Kim Basinger in 8 Mile Three Brothers: Memories of My Family playing Paige s mom fromage one you re a better man than I Gunga DinContrasted to that is the sex itself I m not sure what book some of the other reviewers were reading but it isn t Switch Steamy scenes aren t splashed across every Behind the Beautiful Forevers page here but they re not rare and depending on yourarticular kink some of them are retty darned hot Don t we all have a little of the voyeur in us Hart lays to it very nicely about halfway through the book But then maybe that s another New Art of Cookery: A Spanish Friar's Kitchen Notebook by Juan Altamiras part of therice of trying to legitimize The Dead Duke, His Secret Wife, and the Missing Corpse porn the realornhounds are going to attack you for the book not being erotic enough Unless you re another 聖☆おにいさん 3 pornhound don t listen The book s all kinds of hot albeit sporadicallySomething to note and I apologize in advance if I m wrong about this I m not at all familiar with the DS community about two thirds of the way through the book is a section involving the subplot between Paige and her boss that may welliss a lot of eople off Hart links strongly DS games to mental illness Be warned I thought the execution of that scene was tastefully done and sensitive but the association itself left a bitter taste in my mouth Again I may be wrong about this and there may be a body of academic literature to support that link But be aware it s thereAnd then comes the final few chapters which tell me that this book had a length limit and Megan Hart found herself crushed against the word count wall This is as abrupt and frustrating an ending as that of David Cronenberg s film Videodrome but without any of the ambiguity that made that ending worth talking about Twenty ages from the end Hart still has her heroine juggling Summerland princes Then all the sudden everything wraps up in the neatest mostredictable way Goodbye Stranger possible It made me want to hit myself in the head with the book In fact I think I may have In other words you may like this book You may hate it I don t think it s good enough for anyone tout it on the short shelf of sacred texts but it s a fun way to kill a few hours as long as you don t mind shallow characters I did not like thisIn fact I almost stopped reading it about eight times I m actually surprised I didn t relegate this to my Did Not Finish list because I made a romise to myself long ago to not make myself read books list because I made a romise to myself long ago to not make myself read books m not loving But I couldn t uite give it up I mean Megan Hart I love her I think Broken and Dirty are two of the best books I ve ever readThe writing is uinessential Megan Hart Her world is gritty and real But the story was directionless The main character s conflict was uncertain and her love interest was uncertain And remained so throughout the bookSo in the end I enjoyed living in Megan Hart s world again But reading this was like being in a restaurant where none of the food looks good enough to eat but the atmosphere is nice Meh It s been a long while since I ve not finished a book I usually stick with whatever I m reading good or bad until done but this time I ve read half a dozen books since I Birders Tales of a Tribe put this one aside and I just can t make myselfick it up againI m getting ready to start Chapter 11 and I just don t care any I have no idea who the hero of this story is Too much time is spent on issues in Paige s life that just don t make any difference to on issues in Paige s life that just don t make any difference to so far in the book With most of it I was just My Anxiety Handbook: Getting Back on Track plain bored Shopping with Paige for a birthd 5 Stars Okay I d written loads of notes whilst reading this notes that covered the femdom side of the story notes that covered the back story and notes that covered the current. Don't think don't uestion just do  The anonymous note wasn't for me Don't get me wrong I'm not in the habit of reading othereople's mail but it was just a Acua Morta Commissario Martelli piece ofaper with a few lines scrawled on it clearly meant for the apartment upstairs It looked so innocent but decidedly deliciously it was not Before replacing the note and the ones that. ,

One All those have gone by the way because this story really did just blow me away I love the worlds Megan Hart created I love the mind that can ut together words that mean so much and make so much sense I love her wisdom because that s what it isSo this is the story of Paige who we met very very fleetingly in Stranger she s the friend of the drunk girlKira who screemed at Jack when he was with Grace I identified with Paige straight away I read somewhere that some readers felt she was a slut others materialistic but I didn t get that from her at all I get a girl who grew up not having much who met and fell in teenage love with a guy who had a relationship with him beyond that of Boyfirend and Girlfriend who was too young who Buying a Bride played games and who lost herself Fast forward to Paige now a young woman who thinks knows what she wants in life whose everything is suddenly turned upside down by a note left she beleives by mistake in herost box The note turns out to be the best thing that happened to Paige as she starts to look inside herself and uestion everything who she is what she wants and who she wants in her life That first note makes Paige sit down and seriously think and her journey is one of no going back The guys in this book are neighbour Eric who is so important in this story but not in the kind of way you may think Paiges Ex Austin and her boss Paul All three guys have something Paige needs a Fuglane piece of themselves that whenut together defines PaigeThis love story was very emotional for me I loved the fact that didn t ever give up I loved the fact that Paiges relationship with the others didn t become sexual I loved all the flashbacks some of which are damn hot whilst others highlight a relationship flying out of control As with everything Megan Hart writes the intimate scenes are written in such a baeutiful way even those meant to shock us are just Melowy perfect oozing with emotion that s so tangibleyes you can actually feel itFianlly I should mention the two other stories going on in this book which concern Paiges relationship with her immeadiate and extended family and all this issues surrounding her status within that group additionally Paiges mom also has her own sad story that made me cry And the relationship she has with Miriam the owner of her favourite shop which is integral to everything Both make great reading and once again as with all of Megans books If you took out the sex you d be still be left with a brilliant storyerfectly capable of carrying itselfI am now Hartless for the time being and eagerly awaiting Naked and by the way Eric really does need his own book OMG he s just one great guy Part of the ending was a surprise very clever The only thing I wish for was an epilogue to know how a few of the characters were doing An awesome book though As far as erotic I don t think it was And that isn t what I look for in a book anyway I look The Layover past that at the story Whatever sex is in a book just somewhat shows I have made it out of the land of kids booksI really thought I was going to like this book Then in the last three chapters I was left wondering what in the world just happenedI realize the focus was on Paige and her growth I felt like the characters around her were growing too and that you were starting to get a feel with how they connected in her life The end just seemed rushed thoughIt felt like her mothers cancer was just tossed in there And I know that was just to show that Austin would be there for her It just didn t feel right thoughThen the growth between her and Austin To me it all seemshysical It didn t seem like there was any real emotion Yeah they said they loved the other but I didn t really feel it He grew up and his Yeah they said they loved the other but I didn t feel it He grew up and has his business He cares about her But to me it felt like he wanted to be with her because it was what he knows rather than what is right And those two are not always the same I just don t think there was enough there It just lacked something I just didn t feel like he Play to the End proved himself to her Plus you don t really know what happened to them You got a small taste of why they split up but it wasn t clear as day All in all I felt like all they had was great sex And a lasting relationship needs than thatThen there were the letters I have a feeling that they were delivered to her intentionally I knew as soon as she bumped into her outside of the sex store that they were from her I just don t know how they started or why That bothers me for some reason Did Eric go to the store and ask to be controlled Was it the grandson that messed up andut it in the wrong box or is that what his grandmother told him to do I have a feeling he was told to do that I think she was trying to give two Discovering Gilgamesh people what they neededSo then this brings me to theart that I cannot seem to get over What happened to Eric What did the letter say Was that enough for him Did he get what he needed out of this How did he really feel about Paige Was he left broken It would have been nice to have had an epilogue or something at the end that had him reading the letter and him saying thank you and taking the band of his wrist or something To me it just feels like he was going up there to be crushed But to me him and Paige felt like they had bonds and that the chemistry was there too but they never really experienced itI was just left wondering if anyone really got what they needed Everything was left up in the air There was no real closure To me it felt like she did all this growth only to fall into the trap of what was easy again So what was the Crime and Horror in Victorian Literature and Culture Volume II point It is as if she is back to suare oneI needed closure from this book and I didn t get it That is why there was such a low rating This was the type of ending that I expect from a book that has a seuel And as far as I know there isn t one I hope I am wrong Spoilers This bookissed me off a little Especially with the ending Sure she goes back to Austin but she has started a relationship with Eric even if just a friendship that could have gone further And then she leaves him a note that we don t even know what it says nor his reaction She basically used th. Followed in its rightful slot I devoured its contents suggestions instructions commands Each was daring intricate and arousing than the lastand I followed them all to the letter Before the notes if a man had told me what to do I'd have told him where to go But submission is an art and there's something oddly freeing about doing someone's biddinges. Is man and he doesn t even get to defend himself or be mad And Paige is basically a coward and doesn t reveal anything to Eric So what happens to their relationship in whatever vain it belongs There was such a missed opportunity with conflict and depth in this book It basically was a chick masturbating a lot and the occasional tryst with her ex or making Eric masturbate while she watched secretly There is no resolution with her mom s situation nor her job there were so many things wrong with this book This author may need a better editor or something when it comes to character and story development It s like she gave up on the story and just kind of ended it or ran out of ideas or something Such a disappointment Not an author I The Resisters plan on reading in the future if this is the uality of workut out Initial reactions Sorry to say I didn t like this story much at all I thought I would but the story did not flow as well as some of Hart s other works and I was hard Enndlins Life pressed to care about very many if any of the characters Plus some of the revelations really came out of thin air and there were no resolutions to some of the character relationships which left me disappointedFull reviewHaving to write a review for Megan Hart s Switch stings uite a bit because this was a book that seems to have an interestingremise and start January 2020Last year I was in a mood It was a mood that reuired me to read something Megan Hart wrote and nothing else would do So I did just that I The Fixed Stars picked up aaperback novel I d loved years ago And I loved it again Maybe it was the fact that it was a aperback that made me buy other Megan Hart s books in aperback every chance I got Probably That led to 2019 being the year when I read and reread this author the most I m still not done but I m getting there Switch is one of the re reads Vanilla made me think of it First I read my review of it from years ago Not much rang a bell and when a uote from the book didn t make me think of the book but the Avengers I knew it was time I read it again Looking at my original review I get the feeling I was uite happy when I finished the book I thought everyone was cute and adorable Weird I see this book as the story of a woman finding her true self accepting who and what she is finding her strength and managing to not be bothered by what other Parabeln und Paradoxe people think of her Paige DeMarco She was an illegitimate child of aoor mother and father she saw on occasion She married young and divorced young It was a life she left behind moved to a different city gotten a better job with her community college degree and tried to build a better life for herself build a new Paige Not easy with so many reminders of who she used to be The mysterious notes helped her Following orders helped her Giving orders helped her too Funny I was reading this book for the second time after I d read uite a few of other Megan Hart s books and thought that erhaps this was the author s first attempt at writing about a character who was a bit into BDSM and first she tried with the heroine being submissive then realized that did not work for her and switched to dominant and stuck with it Not Paige being a mistress but other heroines who had some kinks they were all dommes I m likely wrong about this It s just something that occurred to mePaige had a lot of relationships to resolve with her mother father ex husband neighbor whose mistress she secretly was her boss Her new found confidence helped her She accepted herself and after that she was ready to love and be loved Who and by whom Well I won t say I will say this time this novel left me feeling kind of sad which is far from the giddy me I think I was the first time I D Also Like To Make also like to make correction I no longer want my own Eric but my own Austin Loving Megan Hart s stories remains the sameApril 2014 Sometimes you turn backSometimes you walk awayAnd sometimes you find the lace you re meant to be and you stay there You find a way to make it workWhatever it takes Ah Posted at I sit here staring at my computer screen a little dumbfounded after just finishing Switch This is the first Megan Hart book that I didn t really get I just didn t get it I mean I m reading the story and I can see Harts style of writing its real and deep but at the same time I just didn t feel it had much directionPaige loves her stationary not just any Primer on Radiation Oncology Physics: Video Tutorials with Textbook and Problems plain oldaper we re talking fancy stuff One day she finds a card and envelope that s been misplaced into her mail by accident and although she knows it wrong to read it she cannot help herself What Paige finds is a note with instructions she reads these instructions then hastily Appalachian Abduction puts the mail in the correct slot Paige follows the instructions anywaySoon these instructions become of a regular occurrence always beinglaced "In Her Box My "her box my Paige always reading them following the instructions and Inteligência em Concursos: manual de instruções do cérebro para concurseiros e vestibulandos placing the card back in its rightfullace Some instructions simple some eroticSurrounding this story line are the relationships in Paige s life he ex husband her sexy neighbour her work life family and her friends Some of these story lines were thoughtful and different but the story just didn t seem to have much than that I understand the story was about Paige s self development and empowerment but it just didn t flow like a usual Hart story There were a lot of unanswered uestions in the book I wanted to know about Paige and Austin s divorce it s touched on but if what I m thinking is the explanation then it was not justified I wanted to know what the significance of Paul her boss was in the story And what I really wanted to know was what happened to EricThere wasn t as much Erotica No tienes nada ue perder per say as usual and would even say that this doesn t fall into the erotica category The sex scenes were few and far between with selfleasure than coupling But I will say on the other hand that I was kept guessing
for most of 
most of book who was writing these instructions Who would Paige turn to in the end Would she fuck her boss It was interesting enough to keep me entertained and to keep reading it until the end but I cant say it s a keeper. Pecially when it feels so very very good But I find that the I surrender the Green Living Can Be Deadly A Blossom Valley Mystery powerful I feel so it's time to switch up roles  Welay by my rules now Realistic characters natural dialogue beautiful erotic and romantic trysts and thought Screwed Up Life of Charlie The Second provoking insights on life death and love all exemplify Megan Hart's signature style of erotic fiction BookFizz.