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One Part Woman Box Set rIf you are familiar with Natasha Knight s books then you know she likes to play with the darkness in her stories With Taken first book of the Dark Legacy Duet she took matters way farther sending me spiralling down all along with Helena With each new generation of the Willow uadruplets daughters the elder Scafoni son chooses the one who will be his to torment and do as he pleases for the next year before passing her off to his brothers One of the first things to came to my mind when I m writing myeview is that it s is one of these books I absolutely loved to hate The emotions it IN these books I loved to hate The emotions it EVOKED IN WERE VERY STRONG AND PAINFUL YET in me were very strong and painful yet loved them and couldn t stop Poonachi reading with eyes I can imagine wide like saucers Sebastian is a hero or should I say villain who could be Jethro or Tony s brother Do you see what I mean Ruthless and merciless he takes great pleasure in Helena s distress The thing is that there is also that mystery surrounding him his complex personality I couldn t decipher which intrigued meThe author explored with a poignantealism the heroine s emotions propelling me into the depth of Sebastian s sadism I felt everything she felt every humiliation or beating hitting me in the gut I wanted to Killjoys rebel and cover to scream and lash out Omg I was so spent by the intensity of this story Hot cold up down I was as disoriented as the strong andesilent HelenaBut the strong emotions aren t the only thing that compelled me the tight plot kept me on the edge of my seat from the get go glued to the pages looking for some Lovely Mari Chan 1 revelations or deeds that would eventually explain everything and make it all better Did I find my answers You ll have to find out by yourself but let me tell you that the ending was explosive and left me with my heart pounding Fortunately for me book 2 is coming very soonEnjoy theide ladies I VOLUNTARILY REVIEWED AN ARC COPY OF THIS BOOK THANK YOU This is a book that offers sexual intensity along with Letters to Survivors romance and character chemistry that sizzles It s a well written eroticomance and it contains all the heat I ve come to count on from one of my favorit. I’m one of four Willow daughters He’s the first born son of the Scafoni family And we have historyFor generations the Scafoni family have demanded a sacrifice of us A virgin daughter to atone for sins so old we don?.

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Sha Knight In this we meet Sebastian and HelenaBeing born as a Willow daughter isn t a privilege it s a sacrifice because like sacrificial lambs to the slaughter for many generations the Scafoni family have had the ights to come in and choose a Willow daughter of their liking One that will be handed down to each of the be handed down to each of the brothers once her year is up with the eldest On one such event on the uadruplets twenty first birthdays Helena and her three sisters are paraded on a podium awaiting their demise Helena didn t think she would be chosen standing up on the podium amongst her three flawless beautiful sisters unsullied and then there s her the ugly duckling amongst them and a non virgin should ve mean t she wouldn t be chosenBut that s not the case Sebastian the eldest Scafoni heir wasn t taken in by the beauty Yabo radiating off the other three sisters with Helena he could see a darkness andebellion burning within her depth which piued his interest She s the one he decides on she s flawed she s perfectly imperfect and he knows she will fight him tooth and nail And that is the kind of challenge he s looking for I couldn t wrap my head around Sebastian friend or foe An enigma born into a family that did despicable things generation after generation Hot and cold loving one minute hard the nextHelena the ugly Willow duckling with a backbone she fought tooth and nail not to succumb to her situation she was forced into Unyielding a lioness that fought for the Suomen mestari 3 rights and wrong doings inflicted on the Willow girls of generations past that were all kidnaped andaped before her I will find some way to end this I won t condemn my daughters to this Fate My Nieces My My nieces My This was so undeniably good Dark but not too dark gritty enough to keep you acing through the pages the feels came no matter what Hooked from the get go I couldn t put it down I ll even forgive the author for throwing me over the cliffy because I know that the second book isn t too far away Teaser used is off the authors facebook page MY REVIEW can also be found on my blog KITTY KATS CRAZY ABOUT BOOKS. Ugh the mark on my sheath declared me unclean Even though my beautiful sisters stood beside me offered to him he still chose me He made me hisAnd then he set out to break me Note Taken is book one of the Dark Legacy Due. Taken Dark Legacy Duet #1E authors Natasha Knight knows how to write a story that draws the eader in and keeps their interest I fell in love with the characters and the sex scenes wereblood boiling Helena
"Manages To Pull Through Her "
to pull through her to DS with inner strength She is a feisty submissive t 45 starsThis book was so good I loved it Sebastian and Helena love their names are both from families that hate each other They are enemies in a way and that s what makes this book so interesting and appealing The Scafoni S Have Demanded s have demanded sacrifice from the Willow s for centuries in the form of a virgin Willow daughter Sebastian picks Helena and sparks fly between them from the start I loved them so much together Even though Helena is scared of Sebastian she never backs down and knows deep down that he won t seriously hurt her Sebastian s family is a whole other matter though Lucinda his stepmother is evil She gets off on hurting people and her sons are no better Sebastian is truly the only person that cares for Helena and protects her I specially loved one scene in which their connection was so pure I got goosebumps and fell in love with Sebastian This book is dark but not overly so There s many secrets and intrigue Too Which Kept Me which kept me interested in this story It ends on a cliffhanger and I desperately need book 2 Highly Vechten voor overmorgen recommend this story if you like darkomance Its so good Wow What an amazing beginning to this dark duet I needed something edgier after La plaga del cielo / The Gift of Heaven. (Saga de los Fleury) (Spanish Edition) reading a few lighter books and I definitely got that with Taken I love how the author has woven a tale that includes a family curse sex and suspense This story has my full attention and I am so glad the next instalment is out because I am dying to begin it immediately after that cliffhangerI highlyecommend this book to lovers of a darker story This Nel mondo che cambia. Diritto ed economia per riflettere e comprendere la realtà. Con ITE. Con Diario dell'alternanza. Per il 5° anno delle Scuole superiori. Con ebook. Con espansione online really is a uniue story which is getting harder to find nowadays All I can think about is what is going to happen next Time to goead Title TakenSeries Dark Legacy Duet 1Author Natasha KnightPublication October 29th 2018 TAKEN Is the first full length novel in the Dark Legacy Duet by Nata. ??t even For the Strength of You remember what they are anyBut when you have as much money as they do you don’t play by theules You make them And Sebastian Scafoni makes all the ules The moment I saw him I knew he would choose me Even tho. ,