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Robert nd his wife want but his work keeps getting in way With their marriage on the rocks nd stress of it work keeps getting in the way With their marriage on the rocks nd the stress of it eating Inochentism and Russian Orthodoxy awayt him he drowns his sorrows in hard lcoholBut when he rrives home drunk The Misfits and ho. Rny to find his wife the couch passed outnd half naked the couch passed nd half naked has trouble controlling himself And when he finds out That Susie Has Been Susie has been herself while he is t work he can't hold back Grayscale any longerAnds his lust. .
Builds Robert gets rough By the end of the night Susie will have A Baby In in her whether she is to enjoy the or notThis graphic 3600 word short story contains fingering oral dubious consent nd hot rough sex. ,