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E criticized of this book is the fact that death still appeared in *Her Own Realm After *own realm after absorbed her into his being which surely must have been brought up to help him continue in creating the norm breaking characters To explain this otherwise isn t possible Thanos has become death itself leaving himself in control and not her meaning there was no way for Death #to appear there to banish Eros from her realm because she got mad at him for being Thanos #appear there to banish Eros from her realm because she got mad at him for being Thanos since she got mad at him prior to this for taking her role in the future even if ou try to explain Death is time linearwhich doesn t make sense and that it was future Death aka the Death of Eros s timeline because that version of death has become one with Thanos already as did the rest of the abstracts Death couldn t have been mad at Eros because it was Thanos in control at that time Overall the problem with this book though it is fun is the core of storytelling itself Lacks of explanation and huge downplays towards Thanos intelligence due to some arrogance in his hard and plot inconsistency which almost ruined it There are much of this book to be loved but I would suggest the readers to explore those beauties their own without #Me Guiding Them One # guiding them One the best pieces of continuity in this book is how he perfectly progressed his norm breaking concept by showing off how much Thanos has developed with his new standard The last time we saw him it took 3 months for him to fully regenerate while in this book the damage his body took seem to be painless to him and his wound was almost instantly healed Because of this Starlin nevermaybe failed to impress meHowever because I like it even with these much bullshitbecause it is predominantly good I will give it 7 out of 10 using the same standard I adopt to grade all of Starlin s books which is very impressive This has to be the weirdest thing Starlin has ever written Typical Starlin cosmic hijinx rescued by Alan Davis artwork I see a pattern here The last Thanos trilogy had a duff middle entry as well and this is the same kind of thing happening hereThere s a lot of good ideas here don t get me wrong no one can write cosmic insanity like Jim Starlin and his overwrought dialogue and description somehow manages to always feel appropriate and not hokey at all But it just takes too long to really get going Thanos is barely a bit player in this story until the end while Adam Warlock and Eros spend most of the story pontificating or getting murdered it s fine don t worry It s only really the last third of the book where things really kick into high gear as we barrel towards the conclusion which I m very interested to see how it plays outAlan Davis is a good fit for this series and no stranger to working with Starlin after his jaunt on The Infinity Entity a while back Some of his panels do feel a bit unfinished but an industry mainstay like Davis with a huge page count like this probably isn t conducive to their best work on every page The splash pages are suitably bonkers and Davis rises to the challenge of depicting Starlin s crazy cosmic world easilyI m not a huge fan of this one although it does a lot to rectify that near the end There s a lot of potential it just takes a bit too long to start to realise it to the point that the story ends just as things get interesting This is the magic of Jim Starlin Thanos as a villain of universal scale and power beyond imagination Adam Warlock Pip the Troll and Starfox are tangled up in a uest to stop him and his future self from becoming the universe It s brilliant and Alan Davis artwork is excellent I can t wait for the finale. May prove Thanos himself who fights most intensely against his own future Jim Starlin and Alan Davis return to the epic story that began in THE INFINITY SIBLINGS Don’t miss the second volume of Starlin’s wildest adventure e. .
Ways to play with that characteristic and it s great to see the old dog doing new tricksThe climax as ou expect from a couple pages in is pretty crazy and I love it Big Infinity Gauntlet vibes from all the conflicts at the endIt hardly needs to be said but Davis art is amazing His designs were all great in Infinity Siblings but he didn t seem to get a lot of chances to show off This is the book where he gets to flex all his cosmic art *in all its gloryIf ou have ever been interested in Starlin s *all its gloryIf ou have ever been interested in Starlin s and Infinity books The Adolescence of P 1 you need to read this It reads like the penultimate Thanos book with theet to be released Infinity Ending primed to supplant it Loved this book so excited for the next This book is admirable and would have been a perfect stepping stone for the rest of the books in the seriesunfortunately it ended too soon as if the the whole thing didn t happen if not for a few reasons or flaws The art which had always been better repressing higher concepts since Infinity Gauntlet to 2016 seems to be downgraded to this Charmless style of penciling The new cosmic artifact which shouldn t have been introduced or the divine regulator was used as a plot device to justify the core idea of this entire series despite Marvel s long history of having several unamed entities governing the flows of reality so as to prevent them from collapse In the Infinity Abyss saga Starlin introduced us the anchor of this reality which does the work of preventing the reality into drifting into oblivion eventually being destroyed and the regulators weren t even a thing back then because realities were perfectly anchored already While Starlin does a great job in piecing together cosmic mechanism as well as in revealing how concepts of realities in Marvel universe came to be when doing it without having a second thoughts due to his rush all of his works usually result in confusing mess and hard to grasp conclusions which without perfect understanding and interpretation could legitimately be called self contradiction Next is how Starlin uglily downplayed Thanos s progress in understanding the new power he has obtained and the powers of the Infinity Gems We have seen that with the gems alone he was able wreak havoc through out the entire universe eventually defeating all the abstracts with ease Eternity and Death included To make it seem as if Thanoswho should have elevated up to the point where time cannot factor in was being aged while wielding Not just the Infinity Stones but the powers of the abstracts and also the Divine Regulator by Eternity even with Infinity helping distract him in the battle was dubious To make it seem as if Thanos even struggled is also dubious Being the power itself and not just wielding it should make Thanos than just that Also it shouldn t have taken Thanos The Addicted Brain years or even months to finish what he had started This being Thanos who took control of the entire reality with a weaker artifact in a few hours should have resulted in Thanos absorbing all the abstracts in just a few panels in one timeframe instead of Thanos hunting down abstracts in a matter ofears Starlin cannot come up with any excuses of the nature of the regulator being too complex for the likes of Thanos to understand in a matter of moment especially if he was written to have been totally guided by his future self prior to the time when he started doing all of theses Even a regular Thanosseeing as he was able to understand the true nature of TOAA and explained it in detail to Warlock should be able to perfectly control it One last thing which is probably the worst of ass pulls in comic history to ’ troublesome brother an errant troll and a strange trick of resurrection stand in his wayor so it seems For deep within the Titan lurks an abnormality – a torturous second existence A rebellion within his very soul And so it. Uite epic I have no idea HOW FAR THIS WILL GO WHO far this will go Who the god of god I could not love this series and this volume *Every cosmic character shows up and then all rolled into one Fun brilliantly written and drawn *cosmic character shows up and then all rolled into one Fun brilliantly written and drawn just a masterpiece A definite improvement over the last Volume Still let me try to explainPresent Thanos is still working for Cosmic Future Thanos in an effort to become him The timetable has been moved up so the only way for Thanos to achieve his goal is to MAKE SURE THAT ADAM WARLOCK DOESN T GET INVOLVED sure that Adam Warlock doesn t get involved him out every two weeks his current cycle of resurrection Thanos is able to travel the galaxy unopposed and gather the power he needs using an artifact he pulled from the heart of a comet If I cannot possess I shall be He claims first killing and taking the power from Lady Death he then also absorbs the power from The Stranger Master Order Lord Chaos Kronos Master Hate Mistress Love and all of the Infinity Gems Adam Warlock becomes the champion for the Living Tribunal but even that isn t enough to stop from absorbing Eternity and Infinity as wellWith Present Thanos becoming Cosmic Future Thanos NOW how will Adam Warlock and Eros Thanos brother stop him I await The Infinity EndingStrong recommend Trying to map out comic continuity is an exercise in futility I m reading the current Thanos on going comic series and have been for the last few ears and even pinpointing their place in continuity is difficult Currently Thanos is a series of flashbacks a Thanos has come to accept that his previous efforts to control the entire universe failed due to dissatisfaction Which is fair that actually does come through in his previous attempts But while a normal person would just decide that universe shaking endeavours aren t for them Thanos instead decides that maybe being the entire universe would scratch that itch he s been havingSo he becomes most of the universe realizes he messed up a little along the way and mind controls his past self into becoming the universe a little faster and in a slightly different manner Which is basically the events of this book and it s bloody bonkersNormally Warlock and Thanos have a bit of a weirdly complicated relationship Not this time Thanos kills Warlock on like page 3 not that that ever stops him Most of the book follows Warlock Pip and Eros as they try to figure out what Thanos is up to and stop him As usual Starlin has his cosmic villain going after an all powerful cosmic doohickey and this time it s a multidimensional doohickey called the cosmic regulator or something I m downplaying this a bit because it s a bit formulaic to type out but Starlin actually does a great job of introducing how nuts this thing is and really driving home why this whole situation is a problem other than madman controls universeWeirdly Pip and Eros are pretty interesting in this They re both clearly their usual mediocre selves but when working together they actually have a pretty good plan for figuring out what Thanos is up to without him knowing They re up against the literal universe in this case so it s not as effective as they d normally hope but they re throwing all they ve got at this problem and it s refreshing to see them try and be a bit serious for onceThe past several Starlin Thanos books have really made note of how Warlock and Thanos exist in a weird place outside the confines of the universal forces we re all subjected to like life and death and this one seems to be making an effort to take that as far as it can It s usually just an excuse to bring them back to life repeatedly and for no reason but Starlin finds some new weird. In a desperate bid to protect all of reality Adam Warlock once gave the Reality Gem to the Mad Titan Thanos Years later that decision has come to haunt Adam Thanos is on the verge of becoming the lord of all reality Only Thanos. Thanos AUTHOR Jim Starlin