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St all the book deadlines workshops and whatnot and I believe that s how I want to live my best life LOVED ITFor someone who is not a believe that s how I want to live my best life LOVED ITFor someone who is not a but loves to write and doodle just anything and verything under the sun just anything and « Si je reviens un jour » - Les Lettres retrouvées de Louise Pikovsky (RDL.BD) (French Edition) everything under the sun book is very helpfulIt actually reawakened the creative in me hehehehe I wish it had content into it but all in all it is I can t stop looking at this book It s too gorgeous to put down 45 starI love the layout I commend the art director for theffort and creativity on designing it Plus the book cover is hardbound and Comes With A Garter Seal And Free Stickers So Sulit with a garter seal and free stickers So sulit my P350Now comparing it to The ABCs of Hand Lettering the content of this one shows a big improvement It has applicable tips for beginners like me Really interesting beautiful and useful Feeling inspired This book is great for Mindplayers either someone who is already journaling and those who wanted to try and start journaling It got a lot of inspiration and ideas for journaling as well. A hundred illustrations and photos you can learn the basics of journalingxplore the ways to chronicle your days and get inspiration from individuals who have committed to keep journals includi. I ve got this book last year and I bought it because of the freebies with it But so far its really a great book I mean this isn t the last time I read it because I really read it a lot like very time I m looking for ideas and be back in being creative I wish to meet the author someday LoveArts Love thisI bullet journaled for over a year and now I ve switched to a planner but this book definitely inspired me a lot in how dailies aren t just narratives of what I did or felt in a day but they re also a look into what really went on Now I draw my clothes or my food and in general I ve felt inspired to do my dailies I honestly Started Being A Fan Of Of Abbey being a fan of of Abbey s work after seeing her speak at Graphika Manila this year She really inspires me as a creator because she s long had a love for art which she keeps alive through her journaling and now she gets to make a living off of it and inspire other people as well to Always Be Creating She s happy and fulfilled ven amid. The ABCs of Journaling is a helpful guide on the art of journaling that teaches you how Journaling is a helpful guide on the

Art Of Journaling That 
of journaling that you how collect moments and record your thoughts not only in a creative but also in an authentic way With over. As tips to maintain the habit to fill in your journalUnfortunately I found that this book focuses on illustrated journal and I believe that there are many journaling style that doesn t found that this book focuses on illustrated journal and I believe that there are many journaling style that doesn t illustration It s ok for those who already find their style but for those who just wanted to get started it might be a little bit overwhelming It would be better if this book introduces broader journaling stylesThere are a lot of pictures in this book so it helped in giving inspiration but I found some pictures that weren t sharp nough to be printed Maybe this could be fixedAdditional review for the translated version Bahasa IndonesiaSayang banget masih ada beberapa typo dan istilah yang terjemahannya agak aneh bahasa Inggrisnya lebih familiar di telinga haha I love this Abbey continues to inspire creativity in her readers She also has lots of great tips to share not to mention really tips to share not to mention really PROMPTS FOR STARTERS ALSO WHOEVER STYLED THE PHOTOGRAPHY FOR for starters Also whoever styled the photography for is so brilliant. Ng famous figures in history and Filipino artists of today This 128 page hardbound book also comes with DIY projects prompts and a sticker sheet to get you started on your own journaling journey. .

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The ABCs of Journaling
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