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Her especially if it s by a debut author I usually add it to my wishlist It doesn t have to sound like it s going to break new ground I like ghost stories in general so much that I m forgiving of their flaws willing to accept cliches Which is to say that I went into The Apparition Phase with totally average expectations thinking I d enjoy it but not anticipating anything spectacular And I was blown awayPart I of the novel introduces twins Tim and Abigail Smith We first encounter them attempting to fake was blown awayPart I of the novel introduces twins Tim and Abigail Smith We first encounter them attempting to fake ghost photograph with which to frighten their friends and we learn that they are fascinated by all things supernatural Their plan works rather too well their classmate Janice is so terrified of the picture that she faints The ramifications of this incident take over Tim and Abi s lives eventually they re separated and sent to different schools But their ghost fixation persists In the early 1970s it seems the world shares not only their obsession but also "their conviction that an answer was just around the corner Our "conviction that an answer was just around the corner Our on the subject of ghosts was that science might one day very soon explain them understand them and in doing so open up a whole new way of thinking about "the world This was a perfectly reasonable expectation back then We were not alone in believing "world This was a perfectly reasonable expectation back then We were not alone in believing then an earth shattering event changes everything Abi disappearsThis first section of the book is spellbinding In parts it reminded me of Nina Allan s The Rift my personal ne plus ultra of missing person novels There is also one scene in which Janice lashes out at the twins with what seems to be a prophecy or possession which is truly chilling almost cinematic in its intensity and sure to remain lodged in the reader s mind The blurb gives the impression that Part I is the backbone of the entire story So it was a bit disorientating to be yanked from all that sublime scene setting into Part II which it turns out sets the tone for everything else Set a few years later it involves Tim joining a group of ghost hunters at a country house called Yarlings A number of new characters are introduced one of whom is intolerable and there s horror of horrors a romantic subplot I floundered for a while wondering if the first hundred pages had been as good as it would get But The Apparition Phase finds its groove again and when it does it s thrilling and intriguing in an entirely different way Tim s Unexplained zealously rereading books on folklore hauntings and the supernatural In particular they are obsessed with photographs of ghostly apparitions and the mix of terror and delight they provoke in their otherwise boring and safe childhoodsBut when Tim and Abi decide to fake a ph. This mystery did a lot of things right Overall I enjoyed the book a lotWhat if you take a picture of a ghost and then terrible things start to happen We re in the 70s in Britain and hauntology is starting to be a thingI loved everything about that first part of the book The ids the ghost I can t uite believe that what I have just read is a debut novel Although Will Maclean is an experienced television scriptwriter his first published fiction novel The Apparition Phase is a stunning literary debut with excellent narrative an engrossing unsettling storyline and diverse characters that are instantly endearingTeenage twins Abi and Tim spend their evenings in their parents attic discussing the macabre and unexplained researching folklore and the supernatural When they come up with a plan to Fake A Photo Of A Ghost To a photo of a ghost to an unpopular girl at school they to an unpopular girl at school they in motion a series of events they couldn t possibly have foreseen Is the insensitive and cruel prank about to take on a life of its own and how will the girl react when she becomes further entangled in their livesWhat I particularly liked was how the author included real life suspected ghost photos and published references to hauntings some which intrigued me enough to research whilst reading This ensured the story stayed in the realms of reality instead on the totally impossible There s "a fine line between what you want to believe and what is actual when suffering from grief "fine line between what you want to believe and what is actual when suffering from grief seances etc in the hope you ll receive messages from lost loved ones or visiting haunted buildings that you Galicia (Histories of Europe) (Histories of Europe) know the history of can blur your interpretations of what you believe you see The moral of The Apparition Phase asks the reader to uestion what is real or what is invented when the mind is tricked and is there even a difference between themI loved Tim and I felt I was personally with him every step of his tortuous journey Set in the early 1970 s the decade I grew up in I enjoyed the atmosphere of the era and the way the story was told from Tim s recollection It positively held my attention from the first chapter to the final jaw dropping page A fascinating and spooky denouementept me on the edge of my seat and I can t think of a better read for this Halloween than Will Maclean s suspenseful and entertaining The Apparition Phase 5 stars When there s a new literary ghost story coming out from a respected publis. An atmospheric and stunning literary debut reminiscent of the gothic suspense of Shirley Jackson and the ghost stories of MR JamesTim and Abi have always been different from their peers Precociously bright they spend their evenings in their parents’ attic discussing the macabre and.

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Orld opens up but we never lose sight of his grief and alongside him we are caught up in the romance hope and terror of the ghost hunt the ever shifting dynamics of the uickly intimate group and the uestion of what might really be going on behind the scenes It all culminates in an indelible seuence with Tim traversing the Suffolk countryside by night a journey as metaphorical and yes haunted as it is physicalThere are traces here of Sarah Waters The Little Stranger the way in here of Sarah Waters The Little Stranger the way in Tim falls in love with Yarlings and everything it represents for him is very reminiscent of Waters Faraday It also reminded me a lot of Gary Gibson s novella Ghost Freuencies itself inspired by The Stone Tape which is mentioned here as a favourite of Tim and Abi As for that hallucinatory trip through the darkness the triumphant final seuence of Catriona Ward s Rawblood comes to mindI loved both the broad details and the specifics of The Apparition Phase its scope and themes in general but also the The Apparition Phase its scope and themes in general but also the of detail we re given about settings characters and relationships A great ghost story can t always also be a satisfying novel but this is definitely both A brilliant surpriseI received an advance review copy of The Apparition Phase from the publisher through NetGalleyTinyLetter Linktree It s the 1970 s when we meet 13 year old twins Tim and Abigail Abi who from a very young age have had a fascination with paranormal though it could be argued that it s become of an unhealthy obsession Their nowledge of ghostly apparitions caught camera inspires them to create a ghostly photo of their own a fake one of course echoing the girls who said they d taken photos of The Cottingley Fairies in 1917 But have they unwittingly attracted a malevolent entity or is it all in their imaginationMy thoughts on reading The Apparition Phase well the psychological effects alone would make me unwilling to mess with the unknown There were some really strange and spooky events during the seances held of course in an old dark and creepy country house and a heart pounding scene towards the end that left me breathless not to mention terrified A well written debut novel that is simply perfect for Halloween or any other time of the year for that matter as long you re up for a spooky read Thank you to Netgalley and Random House UK Cornerstone for an ARC I have given an honest unbiased review in exchange. Oto of a ghost to frighten an unpopular school friend they set in motion a deadly and terrifying chain of events that neither of them could have predicted and are forced to confront the possibility that what began as a callous prank might well have taken on a malevolent life of its ow. The Apparition Phase