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Five Caffeinated reasons to grab The Awakening One of my favorite aspects of this series are the cemeteries and myster I have really enjoyed reading this uniue and beautifully written series about grave restorer Amelia Gray her mysterious past and eually mysterious love interest the dark brooding and delectable John Devlin As a lover of old cemeteries what I most appreciated about this series was the way Amanda Stevens made ou feel if ou were there with Amelia in these historic graveyards sometimes restful sometimes spooky but always engaging In this final instalment most of the unanswered uestions are drawn together although I did think one element with the insidious Conge was a little underplayed Nevertheless a truly uniue ghost series and I look forward to apparently an upcoming spin off series to once again take us into Amanda Steven s hauntingly lyrical world of historic graveyards and what may lurk in the in between 45 stars YASSSSSS Good closing line twist Reviewed at Cross My Heart Writings ReviewsMany thanks to the publisher for an arc of this book via Netgally Shushlest she awaken Four little words and just like that I have goosebumps the ominous tone for The Awakening firmly established Cover to cover the lyrical atmospheric magic I ve come to expect from Amanda Stevens is prominent haunting chilling ominous whispering on the breeze taking shape in the cemetery following Amelia home I literally could not put this book down reading most of it in one setting as my heart raced and my eyes flickered over the shadows lurking around the corners of the room Like a fine meal it s an experience th I was disappointed in this book Amelia was driving me bananas with her constant second guessing telling herself not to second guess and then doing it anyway And Devlin with his cryptic remarks I just wanted to smash him in the face with my huge purse I would have just walked away and said Never mind asshole But then I have a potty mouth and I get frustrated with idiots who think they re too smart And then the ending What the heck Another reviewer had said everything was wrapped up but is it view spoilerHas the relationship changed Has the door really closed For everybody or just her hide spoiler I had thought to read this series from the beginning but when I got approved for this one on NetGalley did I change my plans Sure there is always the risk of not getting into the story when ou decide to not start from the beginning But I m glad to say that I had no problems with this bookFirst I want to say that I really love the cover for this book The ominous single gravestone speaks to me Well not in the way that it speaks to Amelia Gray but then again she s a cemetery restorer who sees the dead In this book is it the ghost of a child that haunts her as she works to restore Woodbine Cemetery Who the child and who COULD HAVE KILLED HER AMELIA ALSO have killed her Amelia also to with her ex boyfriend John Devlin who earlier didn t want anything to with his family expectations but now seems to have decided to accept his birthright Could he now be a danger to Amelia and her secret about seeing ghostsThe Awak. Shushlest she awaken  My name is Amelia Gray a cemetery restorer who lives with the dead An anonymous donor has hired me to restore Woodbine Cemetery a place where the rich and powerful bury their secrets Forty ears ago a child disappeared without a trace and now her ghost has awakened demanding that I find. ,

Es it is bittersweet and almost always heartbreaking and turning the last page in The Awakening was both of those thingsThis is a book that ou simultaneously both WANT TO DEVOUR AND MAKE IT to devour and make it forever You will speed through the pages only to make BWWM (Interracial African American Billionaire Baby Romance Marriage Urban) yourself slow down asou realize that it is almost over and this time foreverSteven s writing puts Shades of Adolescence you right there with Amelia untilou feel like The Adventures Of Super Diaper Baby Captain Underpants you are right there along with her Through all of her struggles and growth and change We saw her come into her own in every way imaginable and this last book brings everything every secret ever lie every misconception into light Everything is exposed and no one will be the same because of it I absolutely loved this and my only complaint is that there wasn t I don t want this series to be over I don t want it to be the end and I certainly wanted of a happily ever after but then again do we ever want it to be the end when it is something we have come to loveAll I can say is that while I am sad this was the end I m also happy with how it all came together even if I do wish there had been just a bit Just a bit romance just a bit happily ever after and just a bit of a conclusion I would have loved an epilogue but I can see why if the author ever has any chance of writing a spin off or books down the road that she didn t ARC copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review This is the sixth book in the Graveyard ueen Series The series has come to an end and I am so disappointed because this series is so good I ve enjoyed all of the Graveyard ueen series and The Awakening was a wonderful addition Creepy and Gothic in all the right ways Big southern houses old money and secrets I envy anyone who is just starting the series because they will have the joy of reading all 6 books one right after the otherAmelia is glad to be back home in Charleston She has taken on a new restoration job restoring the Woodbine Cemetery A place where the rich and powerful buried their dead and their secrets On her first day Amelia stumbles across a haunting grave for a twoear old girl Something draws her to the grave and she begins seeing a ten ear old ghost girl who resembles the picture on the grave Who is this girl As Amelia tries to solve the haunting she finds herself facing John Devlin and the powerful Conge who might be out to harm her Can Amelia unbury the secrets of the past and save herselfI love Amelia and John and am saddened
the thought that this may their last appearance They were both wonderful in this book The storyline kept me riveted and as usual I enjoyed the luscious and atmospheric setting Thanks to the author for such a wonderful seriesLot s of major things happen in this and everything comes to an action packed and emotional end I was wondering when I started the book how the author could wrap up all the dynamics and give me a conclusion I would be satisfied with but she did I LOVED the ending Loved it Ghosts who want answers bad omens and creepy graveyards This is such a great world she created I can feel I was there and strange things are happeningI highly recommend this series. Ned his back on the traditions and expectations that came with his birthright but now he has seemingly accepted his rightful place His family's secrets make him a uestionable ally When my investigation brings me to the gates of his family's palatial home I have to wonder if he is about to become my mortal ene. Ening is an interesting book Now the case with the dead child ghost is not that mysterious or surprising But I enjoyed reading about how Amelia investigates the little girl s death ghost is not that mysterious or surprising But I enjoyed reading about how Amelia investigates the little girl s death the connection it seems to have to her own family Speaking of her family I was intrigued by the fact that Amelia s birth mother died while she was still pregnant and that it s a miracle that Amelia was born at all I m very curious about her family Everything concerning her family and the past was really interesting and I seriously need to read the previous books so that I can learn I wonder if that s not the thing I liked the most about the book was Amelia her gift and her family The case in itself was not the most interesting things it s rather everything around it intrigued me I liked that the ghost child case did reveal things about the past and that through the dead child did Amelia learn about certain things that I can t write about without spoiling the book It s a good book and I love the ending I want to thank the publisher for providing me with a free copy through NetGalley for an honest review Loved it Love the series love the world and charactersHauntingly told this last tale of Amelia the Graveyard ueen was a bitter sweet treat I savored each beautifully laid out scene each twist and turn There were some serious goose bump moments and a couple where I may have even turned on a few extra lights while curling up next to my dogs You know just to stay warm LOL It didn t help that we had a severe storm things blowing against the roof while an intense scene with wicked things landing on Amelia s roof Double scare time and I loved it Ms Stevens rocked out a BOOM BOOM ending that fit well with this reader I want but I appreciate an author that know when the end has comeI am not going to tell ou what happens If Jonas Fink L'adolescenza you have been reading along with this seriesou should have a lot of unanswered uestions I know I did and I wanted answers Oh boy did Ms Stevens answer them Sit down and grab some calming tea ladies and gentlemen Once Upon a Baby you are in for a bumpy ride please keep to the light The ending was perfect First off itou haven t been keeping up with the series this is not the book to start with These stories are not standalone reads some plots and the character development builds from book to book If Outnumbered you are a regular reader thoughou are in for a treat albeit an uneven one As always the book is slow building eerie and creepily atmospheric Amelia s powers as a ghost seer have evolved uite a bit from the beginning of the series where she was just a cemetery restorer who saw ghosts It may Be Too Slow Going For too slow going for but I found the atmosphere #building to be part of the charm Honestly the plot of the book is fairly simplistic and #to be part of the charm Honestly the plot of the book is fairly simplistic and who and what of the child s death is easily discernedit s the getting th The Graveyard ueen series has been a favorite since the very first book With Stevens mesmerizing writing skills and her stories that are every bit as addicting as they are chilling it is a series that fans and newcomers alike will instantly adoreSaying goodbye to a beloved series is never ever easy In most cas. Out the truth about her death Only I know that she was murdered Only I can bring her killer to justice But the clues that I follow a haunting melody and an unnamed baby's grave lead me to a series of disturbing suspects For generations The Devlins have been members of Charleston's elite John Devlin once tur.

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The Awakening Graveyard ueen #6