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Uite enjoyed the first book of this series and PERHAPS I READ IT IN A LESS CRITICAL MOOD I read it in a less critical mood this one but I really lost patience with this author by the time I reached the final page and an ending that fell flat After trudging through this story with both characters and plot that held promise that was really never realised Damned idiotic anatomically impossible facial activities of every blasted character and an extremely irritating over abundance of similes drove me over the edge from what otherwise could. *ElyThe Only Problem Is *only problem is Od is right So Mini reaches for the closest thing at hand – which just so happens to be a frying pan – and gives saving the galaxy a go She isn't however; she's caught the eye a rather handsome Galactic Military Commander and he isn't going to take his eyes off her until he knows exactly what's going on.

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This series was okay a great concept but I wish "a bit had been done with it I liked the singular "bit had been done with it I liked the singular Man those who have read the book will know who I m talking about and could easily see him in other seriesThe ending could have been a bit better The final confrontation was a bit of a let down it just lacked something The ending just needed something Maybe I m wrong read this 2 book series and tell me what YOU think 2nd book Great end I gJason his mother Mimi Crag tal Od and even Rain Man went thr. The final installment in the series Book Two concludes The Betwixt Please note this book was previously published as a collection it has only been split up into two books as of September 2012Mini is a diner waitress in a space bar She has a flouncy skirt a holopin and a pretty little apron She also apparently has a mysterious alien past; a pas. ,
Ough space to a planet "To Try And Save Mimi "try and save Mimi came "upon her Mimi s mother that gave them words of wisdom about the light and darkness About "her Mimi s mother that gave them words of wisdom about the light and darkness About Twixts and the enlightened and that Mimi was killing herself trying to be a person instead of a human Very good ending Happy with the outcome This book was less humorous than book one and had a philosophical hint to it as to what the Twists were and where they came from Still this was a good conclusion to the story Competent editor drastically needed I actually. T that comes knocking on her door in the form of a tiny red creature called Od According to Od Mini is all that stands between the galaxy and an invasion by terrible soul sucking creatures from the in between dimensions As Mini's galactic experience to date revolves around serving drinks and picking up after customers she finds that very unlik. .
The Betwixt #2