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On t know exactly about it either They will just disappear and nobody will know hide spoiler We is in either They will just disappear and nobody will know hide spoiler We is in Country the BFG said This is where all dreams is beginning I love the BFG as a child this was one of my avourite books and ilms There s just something captivating about the story about how a mystical creature could appear in your bedroom in the middle of the night and take you to another world a exciting world And that s why Roald Dahl Is Such A is such a children s author here he does exactly what the best books in the genre do He gives you a glimpse OF THE REAL WORLD OF THE the real world of the realities of everyday then underneath it all he reveals something spectacular he reveals antasy Time and time again a child is whisked off to experience the adventure of a lifetime And when reading his books as a child of similar age it s so easy to imagine yourself in the shoes of one of his protagonists Reading it as an adult gives the book a slightly different Trente-trois fois mon amour flavour For starters the hilarious nature of the language is blatant And it justeels Trespass Living at the Edge of the Promised Land funnier I was invested in this as a child I cared about the characters and I was worried about what could happen Now it just seems all so ridiculous It wasun and entertaining revisiting a book I read Goliath : La Marche du fascisme fifteen years ago There are a number of books that shape the youth of a child This was one of those booksor me alongside a handful of other Roald Dahl classics I remember reading it and having my Rue Maruis De Sade father do so as well and getting lost in the story which I did again today Young Sophieinds herself unable to sleep one night at the orphanage in which she resides Peering out the window she sees a shadowy Tibet The Road Ahead figure passing down the road with an odd contraption he uses while poking his head into surround windows When Sophie spots thisigure a colossal giant she is scooped up and taken off Kidnapped of a sort Sophie learns that this giant is even larger than he appeared in the shadows but nowhere near as Act of War frightful That said the odd giant patois he speaks leaves Sophie to wonder how calm and peaceful he might be It is in the Land of the Giants that Sophie learns a little about her captor the Big Friendly Giant BFG and the other giantigures in the area who have a penchant Vyssan lull for humanlesh Sophie also learns that the BFG possesses the ability to instil and inject dreams into the bedtime thoughts of any person children in particular He shoots the magic. Of the night by the Bloodbottler the Fleshlumpeater the Bonecruncher or any of the other giants rather than the BFG she would have soon become breakfast When Sophie Do you know what the BFG stood Conseils d'une amie pour des temps difficiles for before his publisher told him he had to think of other wordsor the acronym Dahl wasn t joking either not at all This story is of a man s interest in a prepubescent girl The Isan first thing he does is enter her bedroom in the middle of the night blow dust over her and kidnap her Taking her awayrom the orphanage she lives in to the land of the extremely unfriendly giants who in the original draft Dictionnaire amoureux de la chasse forced the little girl to look at their giant clubs But the BFG s different he sriendlyview spoilergrooming hide spoiler Two wrongs don t make a right WHAT A BOOK IT WAS What an ending it was I can t control my emotions I haven t Dictionnaire amoureux de la justice felt anything like this before I haven t read a children book like this I am soo happy by reading this I am soo in love with the characters Or writing Or everything which this book offered me It took me little long toinish this because of my exams Otherwise this book was soo good that I wanted to Famille zro dchet, Ze guide finish it in one sitting Nevertheless I aminished with this and I am very happy I think if I will Be In The Mood in the mood re reading I will and I am very happy I think if I will be in the mood of re reading I will this book OVERVIEWSophie an orphan is taken away by a giant named BFG Big Friendly Giant as she sees him in the witching hour a time when everyone is sleeping and giants show up He takes her away because he is afraid that she will tell everyone and he will be in danger BFG is a good giant But his Maigret à New York fellows aren t They eat humans But BFG don t He considers it immoral When Sophie learns this she makes a plan with BFG to stop them THINGS I LIKED BFG I loved him He is uneducated Can t speak English correctly No giant can as they have no means of education But I loved how BFG speaks That s what makes him soo cute andunny I liked that giants called human beings Human Beans hehehe Giants don t eat Greek people because they taste like grease hehehe I liked the chapter named Dream That was pretty hilarious I was laughing out loud while reading this chapter BFG called liked the chapter named Dream That was pretty hilarious I was laughing out loud while reading this chapter BFG called Bellypoppers hehehe I liked how they captured the giants That was pretty interesting THINGS I COULDN T LIKE This point is not much important but I La maison atlantiue felt little bad about it I didn t like the history of giants But I didn t care much about it after that ending Still it should have been better view spoiler There are noemale giants Just males How they were born We don t know exactly They just appear What will be their end We Captured by a giant The BFG is no ordinary bone crunching giant He is Le Maudit : (Histoires de Systèle, 8) far too nice and jumbly It's luckyor Sophie that he is Had she been carried off in the middle. The BFG author Roald Dahl