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Etat de siège eRoyal through theyes of four different people which ALLOWS US TO WITNESS AN 8 YEAR OLD BOY us to witness an 8 year old boy up to be a manand how much a simple present as a bike can make all the difference in the world to a boy who s world was shattered As always Mustin s dialogue is impeccable and believable Mustin s great storytelling ability allows the reader to feel as though they are actually witnessing the vents of Royal s life The length of the book 150 pages is pe. Eem to be severed and he seeks refuge in a naval career But this choice proves problematic Back home in North Carolina he finally seems settled in a mundane career and a comfortable life with wife Katie until Sandy calls Once "Again Seeking Emotional Relief He Jumps At An Offer Of "seeking emotional relief he jumps at an offer of relief he jumps at an offer of to Nova Scotia to meet Merle's Acadian. 8 year old Artie Royal loved his blue bicycle It gave him freedom and allowed him to temporarily scape the reality of a difficult home life Given to him by his great grandfather Merle the bike belonged to his mother The bike plays a prominent role in author Bob Mustin s novella The Blue Bicycle and I must say I Mortelle Adle, Tome 14: Prout atomique enjoyed this book very much Bob Mustin has written a mostnjoyable tale of the importance of family heirloomshe tells the story of Artie. By age La Tnbreuse Escorte (Bien Belle Compagnie t. 3) eight Artie Royal knows that for a few minutes he canscape his parents' conflicts through xhilarating "rides on his hand me down bike at "on his hand me down bike At seventeen the bike now an outgrown shambles he takes comfort in girlfriend Sandy With the loss of great grandfather Merle Jongleur Artie's ties to his family and the blue bike

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Rfect and you will want to re read this timeless treasure and again This one "gets 4 stars my friends I njoyed this book so much that I invited Mustin "4 my friends I Mindplayers enjoyed this book so much that I invited Mustin appear on my syndicated radio program and you can listen to that interview Disclaimer I was given a complimentary copy of The Blue Bicycle by the author for review purposes and never was I asked to write a positive review nor was this book payment for an appearance on The Phil Naessens Show. Relatives and settle a familystate There Cahiers du genre, N° 45 : Les fleurs du mâle : Masculinités sans hommes ? events bring unexpected results and new family tiesThe old bike traces a continuous thread though Artie's life as it passes to him then to others but in thend this is a tale of the individual spirit's ability to renew itself through solitary hope and ver changing human relationshi. The Blue Bicycle