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The BondmaidAs not carried out well Perhaps that s why it took me so Long to complete this book Ok now I feel bad forgiving a bad review This was a really good read I just wanted to reach into the book and gather p little Han in my arms The writing is excellent and well worth taking the time to read The author took a risk by self publishing this novel but it was a risk time to read The author took a risk by self publishing this novel but it

"was a risk "
a risk off I cried my way though this book I ve read it several times since I first purchased a copy and I still weep big ncontrollable tears for the fates OF WU AND HAN THIS NOVEL Wu and Han This novel beautiful and devastating and for me has a sense of familial nostalgia which makes it I think even poignant Set in Singapore in the 1950s this book is about a little girl Hanfrom a poor family who is sold to a wealthy family to become abondmaid She grows p with the young heir of the house an attachmentthat lasts into adulthood When they are grown the heir is expectedto marry a girl from another wealthy family and Han is expected tounderstan. The House of Wu at the age of four she forms a close bond with the heir of the household.

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I don t The Last Mission Volume I usually give bad ratings to books because I think my interests and range isite wide I really do find the topic of Singaporean bondmaids interesting and was excited to pick p a story about a part of history from my own hometown However Lim did not bring out the severity of the issue I think I grew wary of the constant narration not bring out the severity of the issue I think I grew wary of the constant narration the story Lim told s the situation rather than showed it to Shiva Ultimate Outlaw us I would have appreciated dialogue in the book And as someone who loves historical fiction especially about those who are of lower status and suffer during historical moments Lim s portrayal of the severity and suffering of a Singaporean bondmaid was definitely notp to par I did not feel sympathy never mind empathy towards the main character which seems to be the only character she developed throughout the book I was also ite confused about the seuence of dreams and reality during the last third of the book All in all this book has potential regarding its topic of discussion but Set in Singapore in the fifties the novel focuses on the story of Han Sold as a slave into. D her station in lifeThe characters are strong and the mood the setting is skillfullydepicted You really feel for Han and strong and the mood of the setting is skillfullydepicted You feel for Han and circumstances and theintrigue within the household between the help of the house and theprivileged ones is believable and interesting Although the language sed in the book is not straightforward the story was pretty captivatingA forbidden romance between a bondmaid and the young master of the houseThey met when they were four and five the elder one is the guy when the girl s mother who was really poor and just became a widow sold her to the houseThe girl When Truth Finally Dawned truth finally dawned her that her mother is never gonna come back for her after تأملات سينمائية uenching her thirst she was devastated and starved herself and wouldn t moveA thick headed girl she was she screamed and refused to come in contact to anyone if anyone did she d bite them or scratchUntil she was exorcised of the demon in her she was very hungry and wandered accidentally into the spoilt young master But the idyllic childhood soon turns into a life of struggling against tradition and tyran.