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Wonderful story fantastic follow up to Working it out I would like to

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the next of Ruby s story and also to find out what happen s with Fi next Ruby s story and also to find out what happen s with Fi next BOW WOW CLUB by Nicola May Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation Kahlil GibranTrue to every word this book emphasizes on the fact that when cupid strikes it does blindly But then it s upon us who we consider "to be the one Of course destiny plays a reat role "be the one Of course destiny plays a Hakkeyoi Vol 2 great role bringing two people together making them walk on a single path and sometimes it s the same destiny that takes you apart from the one we thought to be our chosen oneThe Bow Wow Club it makes you smile it makes you cry it makes you laugh hard and it makes you think It s the perfect book to sit with and soak into on that day when all you want to do is to have the time of your life byoing on a journey with Ruby Be it Michael Ruby Fi James Simon Jimmy Barnes each character deserves a place in your heart in fact you do allot a little corner of your heart to them Ruby Could actually empathize with her situation thanks to the way Nicola May describes every aspect of her emotions the turbulence of her mind the oh so sad yet so wonderful journey that she embarks uponHats off to you dear author for such amazing descriptions for such a beautiful characterization and for The Wandering Scholars of the Middle Ages giving hope to every not so happy soul out thereIt never drags it s subtle joyous and so subtly makes the reader sit back and adore the beauty of life in all it s bittersweetlory Divya Nambiar Firstly I d like to thank the author for sending me this eBook to read and I Survived The Great Molasses Flood 1919 I Survived give an honest review I was so excited to hear that Working It Out wasetting a seuel Ruby was a The Cutthroat great character and I was looking forward to catching up with herFrom reading the blurb I knew something bad had happened in Ruby s life and I had a prettyood idea what it was Guide To Italy going to be The prologue confirmed my suspicions and I knew it wouldn t be long before I was crying Boy was I right I just couldn t stop the tears from falling as I read the devastating sceneGetting past the tears I was pleased to see that Fi was her usual whirlwind self as she tried to coax Ruby into having some kind of life There was a real sense of fun whenever she was around and she was definitely aood depending how you looked at it influence on Ruby I was thrilled that Tony Choi m Brilliant Another wonderful heartwarming tale from Nicola May Full of twists and turns and such lovely characters You Ruby IS BACK and never expected to be starting overbut after a shocking bereavement she begins to uestion whether or not she will ever be happy againA chance encounter with handsome author Michael Bell throws her The Bow Wow ClubSimon I must say though there was something about Micheal "that had me on my
"guard from the "
from the I met him my suspicions were aroused for some reasonAfter reading "had me on my The Impending Crisis 1848 1861 guard from the moment I met him my suspicions were aroused for some reasonAfter reading Bow Wow Club I stand by what I have always said about this author from day one her books should be in our local bookshops up and down the country sitting among the other fantastic authors in the chart Nicola May doesn tet the recognition she deserves so read her books and then shout about them from the roof topsIf you are looking for a book that will have you hooked from start to finish and also have you laughing out loud then make this your next read Ruby a widow and support worker at The Bow Wow Club searches her heart to discover whether she is ready to move on with her love life after losing her beloved husbandMichael is married but it s complicated Their paths cross when Ruby is mugged in the street and loses something very dear to herI loved the fantastic cast line up which include a hunky fireman supportive neighbour a lookalike and many from The Bow Wow Club However I have to admit that Michael Bell came across as a little creepy at times with his warts and all novel writingA novel that begins by introducing the reader to a widow who is trying to find a way to move forward with her life does sound rather serious but I can assure you that this novel will have you laughing crying oohing and ahhing at the The New Oxford Guide to Writing goings on of the colourful castThere are some really tender moments for some of the charactersThere is some swearing and it is a little naughty at timesThank you to Nicola May for a review copy This did not influence my review in any way I absolutely love the way Nicola May writes the chapters are short and snappy but full of drama that keeps you interested and in the loop with what everyone setting up to I received my copy on my kindle so never Forgotten Kingdom got to read the blurb so I was therefore bowled over with the death that occurs within the first few chapters I had tears streaming down my face After her loss Ruby falls into a pit of hurt andrief and you feel so sad for her it really is heart breaking Enter Fi Ruby s crazy no nonsense best friend she manages to drag Ruby back to life and then the fun and drama really startsAfter meeting Michael a struggling author Ruby try s to They Can't Kill Us Until They Kill Us get her life back on track but that s easier said than done Miss interpreted messages and situations mean the pair struggles toet a relationship oing and almost ruin everything for themselves Then ther. SIn this charming seuel to Working it Out you will laugh and cry along with a myriad of eccentric characters as Ruby searches for her inner peace But will she let love win Or allow her past to continue to haunt her. ,

An imagine being right there with them alllike a nosey neighbour As per my usual starting sentence I love me some chick lit Yes I love the style in which Nicola May writes Mostly I enjoy the real aspect Because it is sad humerus and sexy but not over the top The people in her books are not wealthy millionaires who flaunt or voluptuous woman They are very relate able to me The main character is Ruby and she is at a turning point in her life Tragedy strikes and me The main character is Ruby and she is at a turning point in her life Tragedy strikes and is a reat exploration of loss I feel so bad for her losing her husband the love of her life in such a way The sub characters like Fiona Fi are just the remedy for what ales poor Ruby It is a VERY touching storyAfter Ruby is at her lowest comes Fiona strong and demanding She surely Fractured by Deceit (PSY-IV Teams gets Ruby out of the slump and back into theame Ruby Nag-assume, Nagmahal, Naiwan, Nasaktan goes to aroup Bow Wow Club Boyfriends of Widows Wives of Widowers Therapy and a HUGE reveal change Ruby s future forever When Ruby meets Michael I was hopeful I thought maybe it was too soon but he was The DevOps Handbook good medicineushing here at the racy scenes It Alpha 20 - Un agent secret belge raconte goes up and down and then youasp out loud at the revealOverall I think this has been her best book so far I see the difference in emotions and character development She keeps you Arian A2.2 Lan-koadernoa ( erantzunak) guessing about a few things and that is the build up I like in a book I enjoyed this book than The School Gates and Better Together I did not think that was possible Better Together was eually as sexy as this one I was so pleased when I found out not only was Nicola May releasing another book but her new book The Bow Wow Club is a seuel to Working It Out which means the return of the hilariuosly entertaining character RubyThis time around Ruby isrief stricken her husband George has sadly passed away and her wild friend Fi is determind to Exploring Arduino get Ruby back into the land of the living and let someone into her heart again You know having both Ruby and Fi back means there isoing to be drama entertainment and a whole trail of distructionThis time around Nicola May manages to not only bring us many laugh out loud moments but also "Brings Us Some Very some very parts which brought lump to my throat The way the author ets you on such a high and then suddenly out of nowhere comes a heartstopping momentThere were many twists and turns and will they wont they moments in this book which helped to keep my interest sparked all the way throughI loved all of the characters some who I remember from Working it Out and some uirky new ones like the lovable. Ragile heart into turmoil Plus a dark family secret and completely unexpected love interest add to her confusionEncouraged to face her demons she volunteers at The Bow Wow Club Boyfriends of Widows Wives of Widower. ,

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