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The British Are Coming The War for America Lexington to Princeton 1775 1777D not imagine why Atkinson needed such a weight of pages to cover such a well traveled road My hope was that he had information detail and better analysis than anybody else has had Considering the popularity of the subject however I also thought that highly nlikely I was to an extent wrong Atkinson does travel the same road as all other authors but he does it far comprehensively I suspect that when this trilogy is completed it will be Darkest Days: Still Surviving unnecessary for anybody to own another treatment of the history of the American Revolution This book didn t just cover the events of these two years This book covered all the events in all three theaters of combat operations and did it in a fairly chronological order Most histories will deal with one theatre or one battle while others will cover the whole Revolution but only the major events This book covers the events leadingp to the conflict as well as all the major combats and many obscure actions and events involving minor historical figures and does so in full satisfactory detail Further the author reports the events from the points of view of each side as well as the political developments in London There is also a wealth of new detail both regarding the people involved on both sides which includes brief bios their behavior in the field and the problems facing them One area that I enjoyed a great deal that gets some serious treatment is the logistics The logistical demands and deficiencies of both armies is freuently recounted in detail This information makes one wonder how the English could have seriously thought it possible to pursue this war at all Of course the same information makes you wonder how in the heck the Americans could have thought to have started this war Both sides were eually insane and the basis for this shared insanity is laid out in Romans wszech czasów utterly complete detail in this book It would appear that Mr Atkinson is attempting to write a definitive history of the American Revolution and this first volume is a good foundation for what is surely to come Anyone who has read Rick Atkinson s The Liberation Trilogy willnderstand that when he begins another massive examination of another war the reader must follow And right away And so although I had not scheduled the Revolutionary War on my reading journey this year and although the Revolutionary War is not my war I really had no choice but to read this immediately I was not disappointedThis is a military history but the story would not be complete without Ben Franklin s seducing the French He is but one of many wonderfully drawn characters Nathan Hale Marie Antoinette Beaumarchais Ezra Lee and the Turtle and Admiral Howe Give Le tueur aveugle us Black Dick his sailors boastedAnd George Washington of course I was reminded of his many failures before he found genius And This would not be a war between regimes or dynasties fought for territory or thesual commercial advantages Instead what became known as the American Revolution was an improvised struggle between two peoples of a common heritage now sundered by divergent values and conflicting visions of a world to come Unlike most European wars of the eighteenth century this one would not be fought by professional armies on flat open terrain with reasonable roads in daylight and good weather And though it was fought in the age of reason infused with Enlightenment ideals this war this civil war would spiral into savagery with sanguinary cruelty casual killing and atrocity Rick Atkinson The British Are Coming The Are Coming The for America Lexington to Princeton 1775 1777Simply put Rick Atkinson is the best narrative historian I ve ever read While all his books are good his Liberation Trilogy focused on the American Army in World War II operates at an entirely different level It is the WWII euivalent of Shelby Foote s magisterial The Civil War A Narrative The three magnificent volumes An Army at Dawn The Day of Battle and The Guns at Last Light are really the holy grail of historical writing combining impeccable research sound judgment and gorgeous prose to give you a saga as sweeping enveloping and memorable as anything Tolstoy has to offer In The British Are Coming Atkinson is once again operating at the peak of his craft delivering the first in a proposed three volume series on the American Revolution Spanning the years from 1775 to 1777 Atkinson delivers a mainly military history covering the opening battles of Lexington and Concord the ill advised invasion of Canada and the disastrous American defeat at Long Island Though the storyline tends to be depressing if you are cheering for the rebellion The British Are Coming concludes with Washington s victorious trifecta of First Trenton Second Trenton and Princeton I m not exactly sure how victorious trifecta of First Trenton Second Trenton and Princeton I m not exactly sure how describe the alchemical process by which Atkinson transforms a distant myth enshrouded event into something immediate vital and exciting If I did I would probably bottle that formula and retire to the Seychelles All I know is that he amasses a staggering amount of information including small yet memorable details and weaves all that material into a coherent whole that shifts easily from the strategic to the tactical from King George III to the lowliest literate private An example of a small memorable detail When oting a Washington letter from January 1777 shortly after his successful crossing a small memorable detail When oting a Washington letter from January 1777 shortly after his successful crossing the Delaware Atkinson points out that the American commander had mistakenly dated the order January 1776 This is not only relatable I am Theorizing a New Agenda for Architecture:: An Anthology of Architectural Theory 1965 - 1995 usually misdating thingsntil April of each new year it is a subtle way of portraying the stress and time pressures Children of the Sun A History of Humanity's Unappeasable Appetite for Energy under which Washington operated This is a book that gives you all aspects of the D Continental Army take on the world’s most formidable fighting force It is a saga alive with astonishing characters Henry Knox the former bookseller with anncanny nderstanding of artillery; Nathanael Greene the bumpkin who becomes a brilliant battle captain; Benjamin Franklin who.

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This book does an excellent job of covering the first few years of the Revolutionary War from all angles British and American General and foot soldier military battles and political battles I think the length is about right for such a formidable task Key battles and characters are covered in detail without lingering too long on any one subject With so many people featured no one figure is covered at the length of an individual biography but the essence of many individuals are captured I was particularly impressed by the depth that was provided on George Washington who is often seen by historians as a bit steely and impenetrable Washington went through a profound depression during the first few years of the war and this is pulled into focus by some of the letters to his confidants that are oted He was commanding an army that was lacking men supplies order or experience His ability was constantly estioned and he made several costly mistakes in early battles His life was constantly at risk and hope always felt nearly lost One person that I would have liked to see a thorough examination of was King George III He is featured in the book and his position on continuing the war and breaking the rebellious spirit is documented but there seems like going on psychologically with him than is explained For instance the author references that George started to get very into farming and purchased numerous books about it I would have liked explanation of his personal travails and interests and how they may have influenced his decision makingThe British side overall though is well covered with detailed portrayals of General Howe and others Although many Americans nderstand that the colonial army was greatly lacking in supplies and food this book does a great job of highlighting some of the same issues for the British side They essentially had to ship everything over the ocean and ran into lots of problems doing so Horses and men would be shipped over and enormous percentages would die in transit Other British challenges are given keen attention as well The British truly had to find a way to win the war and crush the rebellious spirit of a fledgling nation while the American side could win simply by not losing for long enoughAnother thing I enjoyed about the book was the incredible otes that were sed ranging from Kant to Voltaire to Adam Smith The first hand accounts about post battle medical attention really enliven the severity of the combat If I had one tre soi dans l'instant prsent uibble about theotes it would be that John Adams although admittedly a ote machine is possibly over oted His writings are referenced disproportionately throughout the book even though in many cases he is an outside observerOverall though I found the book very enjoyable I generally prefer biography to wide ranging military history like this but The British Are Coming is sufficiently well paced and shifting to stay interesting Note I received an advanced copy of this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review If everything is important then nothing is Writing history is as much about knowing what to leave out as to include in making a knowing what to leave out as to include in making a or interpretation In contrast Atkinson piles on the minute close grained details of military operations much of this is a recitation of material and logistics in a way that loses the forest for not just the trees but the pine needles The result makes the Revolution dull while also missing all the things that made it important including why it was fought at all The
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on causation recite familiar events Tea Party etc and themes English arrogance but omits the incredible modern scholarship on 18th century politics both English and American Even as a biographically centered narrative you can t say it s old fashioned because the old fashioned historians were people like Bancroft or even Esther Forbes who had style and a point of view also they wrote 50 or 100 years ago Atkinson can be a deft writer especially of the short biographical sketch but he also falls too easily into portentous mannerisms lots of pathetic fallacy the sky is sullen to indicate that Something Is Important If things change you can count on them changing changing tterly Beauty terrible or otherwise is not born The history of our Revolution and Founding is among my favorite reading subjects and Mr Atkinson has become an author of some interest and appeal for me When it was announced that he was beginning a Revolution Trilogy there wasn t much doubt of my making a purchase of this first volume Now that I have read this book I give it 4 stars because its ality is deserving of that rating However I have to admit that I had some difficulty with the book and I think this is a problem of the reader me than the author This first volume covers the first 2 years of the Revolution 1775 77 and ses 564 pages of text to do so I have read a great deal about the Revolution and few of the books I have read that covered the entire Revolution needed that much paper to do the job and do it well So the length did become an issue for me but my knowledge also was a problem Since my reading has been rather extensive another history of the Revolution was like reading a mystery novel where you know the ending All the excitement drama and mystery are diminished but that is my problem and not the fault of the author so my rating is as objective a judgment as I can not the fault of the author so my rating is as objective a judgment as I can on what the author has accomplished in this history and that is ite a bitAgain the length of the book that only deals with the first two years of the Revolution did seem odd and then to think that there are two books yet to come had me scratching my head I coul. In the initial volume of the Revolution Trilogy Rick Atkinson recounts the first twenty one months of America’s violent war for independence From the battles at Lexington and Concord in spring 1775 to those at Trenton and Princeton in winter 1777 American militiamen and then the ragge. ,

Ar For instance early on Atkinson discusses battle tech in the 1700s and how it relates to the legend of the American marksman especially in the war s first battles The limits of the musket even in close combat were clear enough after the daylong battle of Lexington and Concord Later scholars calculated that at least seventy five thousand American rounds had been fired Facing East A Pilgrim's Journey into the Mysteries of Orthodoxy using well over a ton of powder but only one bullet in almost three hundred had hit home The shot heard round the world likely missed Fewer than one militiaman in every ten who engaged the column drew British blood despite the broad target of massed redcoats A combat bromide held that it took a man s weight in bullets to kill himJust as important are the characters No matter how hard a modern historian tries the American Revolution will never completely shed its fable likeality There will always be something a bit godlike and distant about George Washington This is not helped by the fact that Washington and his contemporaries lived before the age of photography meaning that we have to rely on stylized paintings to get an nderstanding of how they looked With all due regard to Charles Peale and other artists of the age many of the portraits look like mirrored images featuring pasty skinned double chinned grim faced old men all sharing the same wig They look like caricatures rather than humans Atkinson though is able to paint them with words so that they come alive before the mind s eye He does not engage in any profound revisionism as he did with Mark Clark s reputation in The Day of Battle but he sure delivers a precise thumbnail sketch of most of the important participants For instance there is this witty description of General Charles LeeSo slender that he seemed to lack shoulders he had a receding chin high forehead tiny hands and small deep set eyes to call Lee homely was to insult homely men His nose is so large a German officer wrote that its shadow darkens the other half of his face Despite the fancy niforms he was habitually Louis Bouyer. Architecture et liturgie : . Traduit de l'amricain par l'abb G. Lecourt unkempt and reputedly owned but three shirts each in such disrepair that he d named them Rag Tag and Bobtail The dogs trailed him everywhere including a favorite Pomeranianwho sometimes sat with him at table where they communed in what he called the language of doggism It almost goes without saying though I will say it anyway that Atkinson delivers one heck of a set piece Colonel Johann Rall tried again to marshal his menBut the day was lost American soldiers flocked through the cross streets to take firing perches in cellarspper windows and along the fence at Pott s tanyard by the bark house and stone currying shop Chipping their flints for a clean surface picking out touchholes and drying their priming pans they fired reloaded and fired again deliberately targeting officersThe clap of musketry echoed down King Street as hundreds of pullets pinged off walls cobbles and headstones Wounded men dragged themselves into alleys and parlors others bled to death in the gutterIn all honesty when I first heard that Atkinson was heading to the American Revolution for his next project I was vaguely disappointed To be sure there is space on my bookshelf for a massive multi volume military history of the Revolution That said a lot of fine authors hell great authors have already tackled this period I was hoping that Atkinson would get a bit ambitious and deliver the comprehensive yet accessible and also brilliant trilogy on the Vietnam Wars that we really needStill I knew that whatever Atkinson did next he d do it WELL IN THAT I WAS CORRECT In that I was correct The British Are Coming has one major flaw It is entirely ninterested in how the American Revolution began in the first place There is a brief prologue set in 1773 with King George reviewing his fleet In that prologue there is some brief talk about taxes and a tea party Aside from that however there is absolutely zero discussion about how the American colonies bound by heritage and tradition to the British Empire came to engage in such vicious bloodletting with each other To my mind the origins of the Revolution is the most fascinating aspect of the whole tale For Atkinson though it is not even an afterthought since it lacks the predicate thought
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most glaring example Atkinson s aversion to context is in the way he barely mentions the Seven Years WarFrench and Indian War fought between Britain and France from 1754 to 1763 This global conflict was the necessary and sufficient condition of the American Revolution It is related to the Revolution in the same manner that the First World War relates to the Second Yet when Atkinson mentions it he sually refers to it almost disdainfully as the French war This is super odd It s Like Calling The First World calling the First World the Austrian war It diminishes a massive conflict that killed hundreds of thousands of people and literally redrew the maps of earth This is not a deal breaker by any means Yet it bothers me Atkinson is once again well on his way to creating a monumental literary masterpiece But he has baked into it a tremendous flaw It is disappointing to have such a vigorous recreation of epochal battles without providing any insight into why the muskets were shouldered in the first place It is probably too late to rectify this authorial decision Thus no matter how good his trilogy might be and based on the first entry it should be tremendous it will not be the one stop shop of the American Revolution despite its prodigious length The British Are Coming has 564 pages of text In other words you ll have to leave some extra space on your bookshelf because even when you ve finished there will be The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict unansweredestion. Proves to be the wiliest of diplomats; George Washington the commander in chief who learns the difficult art of leadership when the war seems all but lost The story is also told from the British perspective making the mortal conflict between the redcoats and the rebels all the compellin.