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OUT FREAKIN STANDINGAs a young whippersnapper I was introduced to the noir genre by my parents and I remember thinking the language was odd the men always seemed a little terse and the ladies always had a odd the men always seemed a little terse and the ladies always had a The endings were sometimes happy sometimes bittersweet but the mystery was always solved and the ick was always on to his next case Ms St Kevern knocked it out of the park with this gem She captured that time and added a mouthy and lovable slave named Friday of all things There were nefarious characters with zany nicknames 10 is still a lot of money Flint smokes Pall Malls and isn t the snazziest of men but what he lacks in the handsome The Man Who Killed Kennedy department he than makes up for with his intellect which makes himangerous She nailed the loner private investigator so hard she left a crater Flint reminded me so much of Bogey I feel a viewing of The Maltese Falcon is in order So with you shying away like a startled filly every time a stallion comes by you Galapagos couldn t find anyone to take you off his hands Stallion reference Unicorns I m extremely impressed that this is Ms St Kevern s first effort Really looking forward to her next effort My thanks to her for participating in the event as well. Dear AuthorIn this society all X Farnhams Legende detectives receive a slave as part of their job title Their world isark rough crime ridden and the job of a The Animators Survival Kit detective is incrediblyifficult A slave is meant to ease their burden at home by serving both as a house and a bed slave Problem is this newly made Character Animation Crash Course detectiveoes not want a slave but he a house and a bed slave Problem is this newly made Flessenpost detectiveoes not want a slave but he to take one or lose his job So what happens when a beautiful and shy slave boy. Ms is fabulous No rush here just the steady plod of walking the beat and solving the case Oh and Friday wellhe s hot Favorite uote The only negative was that breathless and glistening with exertion his blond hair in enchanting isarray around his face and stomach streaked with come Day was conducive to only one kind of work suicked the fuck outthe voice was great the mystery wasn t bad and the prose was both breezily amusing and competently constructedbut i have

*no earthly idea *
earthly idea i can have been thinking about when i picked this up1960s AU america where the thinking about when i picked this up1960s AU america where the won the civil war and slavery is still legalwith white slavesas ifand one black slaveas ohspeaking as a brown boy in liberal assed noo yawk who had to study the black american iaspora for six years i can tell you this shit just ain t my bag sonit s too close to the horrible stuff i read about for so long to the videos i watchedthe photos of fourteen year old emmett till looking like a rotten grapefruit after being Photo Atlas for Biology dragged to hiseath behind a pickup truckmakes me re examine my taste in historical roman slavefics and space pirate love kidnappingswhy is one okay and not the otherthey re both gross it s just too closetoo close to the. Hoice Authors of the group selected a photo and prompt that spoke to them and wrote a short story This story may contain sexually explicit content and is intended for adult readers It may contain content that is Les traits originaux de l'identité européenne disagreeable oristressing to some readers The MM Romance Group strongly recommends that each reader review the General Information section before each story for story tags as well as for content warning.

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As Bree for her phenomenal prompt Happy pony is happy Between 25 and 3 starsI know why I stayed well clear of this bookI on t enjoy slave s AU fanficAnd in spite of the nice writing in a noir atmosphere it is exactly the reason for my rating I could have enjoyed it probably at least if I had liked the mystery but it Guerres Vend�ens Et Des Chouans Contre La R�publiue Fran�aise Ou Annales Des D�partemens de lOuest Pendant Ces Guerres Vol 4 didn t impress me also My next problem I couldn t connect with the MCsI give an extra bonus because it was aebut novel The author has a lot of potential And I Hope That I hope that next book works better for me Wow Talk about taking a prompt and running Damn Hard boiled The Colregs Guide A Fully Illustrated Textbook detective story that twists NorthSouth pre Civil war politics to make one of the most uniue slave fics I ve ever read Set in twentieth century America it reads smooth like the whiskey Flintrinks Brilliant use of the prompt and just wow Nicely woven mystery that has enough twists and turns Us double crosses and implications that it is fun and exciting Loved the characters Flint is a crusty guy with his own past tight lipped and gifted with the ability to ferret out his fellow citizens less admirable ualities the perfectetective Friday is silently condescending and pretty snarky for a slave and how Flint and he come to ter. With a Jumper dark past arrives on hisoorstep the following ayPhoto Description Drawn picture of two men from the chest up One brown haired man is wearing a suit and smiling as he grips the the chest up One brown haired man is wearing a suit and smiling as he grips the of the second man blond haired and bare except for the collarThis story was written as a part of the MM Romance Group's Love’s Landscapes event Group members were asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their ,
The Case of the Insufferable Slave