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Le syndrome de la chouquette eS life or less a continuation of his and his ancestors own It s the if you love someone set them free part Silas can t uite come to terms with If it was goodnough for him then it s surely good The Intimate Life of Alexander Hamilton (1910) enough for his son Unfortunately a much wished for rapprochement is both a little late and violently cut short by the barbarian hoards north of the Roman borders Barbarians who are also thinking along the lines of if it s goodnough for them Romans it s good nough for us After decades and of being second class citizens in their own lands and proving to me the reader once again the adage of one man s barbarian is another man s freedom fighter a new leader with a new vision merges from amongst the tribes and the time has come to re group and fight back All that stands in their WAY IS A SMALL SETTLEMENT AND A HUNDRED GREY is a small settlement and a hundred grey What follows is a hugely impressive book written with La Bourse pour les nuls energy style andnthusiasm A vivid compulsive and accessible story populated with Η αγάπη φόβο φέρνει engaging and convincingly drawn characters believable at all times in all their reactions and interactions It gripping story that mixes the fast paced vicious skirmishes and desperate life in the balance battles with the thoughtful though often no less deadly battles of personal relationships It is about growing old and trying to leave a legacy and a future for your children and about coming of age and awareness and trying to forge your own future path in life Universal themes and battles that you and I and people throughout history have struggled withIf you re looking for anngrossing no holds barred Roman period Historical Fiction novel this is for you If you re also looking for all of the above and a little you ll find it in The Centurion s Son I could be wrong though I think this is Adam s first published novel If that is so then WowAnd another Wow for what is surely to come from him in the rest OF THE SERIESUPDATE AN ADAM SIZED LITTLE BIRD HAS the seriesUPDATE An Adam sized little bird has told me that book two in the series will be called War In The Wilderness I m going to do all I can mostly legally to get hold of thatHis name might be a new one to you now but I m in no doubt that both you and I are going to be hearing a lot lot of Adam LofthouseRead the Blog Speesh ReadsRead The Adam Lofthouse approved Facebook Page Speesh Reads FREE on today 7182020 Goodness for a first novel the author has shown much talent and creativity Set in the times of the 2nd century AD Marcomannic Wars in Germania this concerns the son of a retired centurion He and his family live in a colony of retired veterans near the Roman fortress at Carnuntum The lad Albinus wants only to become a farmer and live peacefully on his land however much his father wants to mold him into a soldier like himself The youth resists the father Silus realizes his mistake but they only have a few months of peace where Silus accepts him as he is they really bond him as he is They really bond father and son Marcomanni raze the veterans settlement to the ground Both Albinus and his betrothed Licina Sacred Apples escape the slaughter separately but she is abducted In the company of another young man Julius shescapes and heads north Albinus swears vengeance and does join the army where his bravery shines in battle He finally duped by a false letter supposedly from her wants to set out to rescue her One thing I uestioned how did his tent mates get permission to join him on his uest Did Taurus ask the acting commander Tribune Maximianus I m pretty sure Albinus centurion would not have had the authority on his own This possible plot hole bothered me Another one if someone joined the army would he not be posted where need was gr. G as a gift Believing her to be alive Albinus sets out on a uest to find Licina finally fulfilling his father’s wishes as training as a soldier The Vanishing Statue: Nancy Drew Diaries, Book 20 even as he is spurred to avenge his father’s death As the barbarian hordes gather and plan major rebellion against the Romans Albinus finds a new fighting spirit within him and grows in stature among the legionaries Licina meanwhile has a fight of her own toscape from slavery and find Albinus Time is running out as the northern tribes head for Rome decimating verything in their path With historically accurate details and including characters from. ,

Excellent debut novelA really interesting read set in an ra I m really interested in Centurion s Son is set in the second century set against the background of the macromannic war Albinus s father is determined he will follow in his footsteps but the young war Albinus s father is determined he will follow in his footsteps but the young has other plans He hopes to marry and run his father s farmUnfortunately for Albinus nothing goes to plan and it s not long before he feels he has little choice but to join the army Centurion s Son has some well developed and interesting characters and has a storyline that is as Küreselleşme sürecinde Türkiye ekonomisi: Bölüşüm, birikim ve büyüme exciting as it is believable My only criticism is that in a few places the focus of the story seems to switch character with little notice and occasionally I had to go back a few lines just tonsure I knew what was happening That said I m really looking forward to a seuel THE CENTURION S SON is just 99p129 on kindle until the Once A Stranger end of the monthThat s a whole lotta book for not a lotta money Go grab it Albinus the son of a retired and much revered First Spear Centurion of the 14th Legion is illuipped to be the man and soldier his father plans for him to be and yet through the vicissitudes of life on the wild frontier along the Danube River he strives to achieve his father s through the vicissitudes of life on the wild frontier along the Danube River he strives to achieve his father s Set against the backdrop of the Marcomannic War in 167 AD and the rise of the Glycon Cult started by Alexander of Abonoteichus the author has crafted a compelling debut novel An Deste Katinanin Ask Fali emotionally charged action packed tale of revenge rebellion survival and heart rending losses Mr Lofthouse is a self proclaimed lover of the ancient world and this is readily seen throughout The Centurion s Son mostspecially in his descriptions of the Roman legions The camaraderie between the legionaries of the 14th s st Century is a definite highlight in this wonderful tale Hoover Book Reviews highly recommends this intriguing and well plotted story and looks forward to the seuel 42 stars A superbly written debut novel with a fast paceThe Centurion s Son tells us the Arta vindecarii invatata de la Valeriu Popa ex Roman Veterans of the 14th Legion run by Silus who have settled down to farm with his son Albinus Silus and all but a few are brutally killed by Barbarians who raid their farming community With Silus now dead and Licina Albinus wife to be taken captive Albinusnlists into the 14th to seek revenge and to try and find Licina A fantastic book from a debut author who is already up there with the likes of Ben Kane Robert Fabbri and Harry Sidebottom to name but a few I won t be reading further in this series based on a number of dislikes This was author s first book as he is following his great interest in ancient Rome It had some good basic Adomania 2 : Cahier d'activits CD audio Parcours digital: A1.2 / A2.1 elements but there were too many battledaily liferelationship situations that failed inxecution Most of the authors I follow that concentrate on this time period utilize a dash of humour to help the gore go down or at least create characters that can be believed and are relatable Taking place a fair few years after the Prescription for Nutritional Healing: the A to Z Guide to Supplements: Everything You Need to Know About Selecting and Using Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs, and More events in Ben Kane s Eagles of Rome series the cataclysm wrought by that shattering defeat for the once seemingly unbeatable Roman legions has led to a feeling of caution among the citizens of it s northern borders and given the tribes and peoples outside Roman rule andven those currently under Roman rule new hope for a Roman free future And of course open access to Rome s riches xcept that the tribes hadn t thought of paying for them Maybe in blood So the battle scarred veteran Silas worries about the future for his son Albinus are from a parent s point of view completely understandable What Silas does wrong I guess is to try and make Albinu. Albinus the Son Of A Revered Roman Veteran Silus Has Always Longed of a revered Roman veteran Silus has always longed be a farmer not a soldier and live his days ploughing and reaping the harvests with his bride to be Licina But Silus’ has darker ambitions for Albinus to follow in his footsteps in the army But as the conflicts between father and son come to a head a growing threat comes down from the vengeful Germanic tribes to the north Just as Albinus and Licina are about to marry their settlement is raided by barbarians and Silus and his veteran comrades are brutally killed while Licina is kidnapped by the raiders and taken to their kin. ,
Eatest not where he wanted to be stationed And weren t recruits assigned to say the second or fourth cohorts Yes I assigned to say the second or fourth cohorts Yes I Albinus joining his father s old cohort fit into the story butI was nthralled by the story and am ager to read There were many homophone mistakes and typos but nothing spoiled the narrative An overabundance of okays disconcerted me 30 40 I counted them I hope in any continuation the author will find alternative xpressions Albinus specially was most sympathetic I liked his rising above his self deprecation and lack of self confidence I m glad he had stalwart friends and that First Spear Taurus was not portrayed as brutalHighly stalwart friends and that First Spear Taurus was not portrayed as brutalHighly This astounding book has been my very first xperience with this author and I have to acknowledge that the book has been a very The Essential Turing: Seminal Writings in Computing, Logic, Philosophy, Artificial Intelligence, and Artificial Life plus The Secrets of Enigma enjoyable readFirst of all I would like to mention that the storytelling is of a superb uality the storyline is really wonderfully written and with pace the book contains great battle scenes which are beautifully pictured and believable characters come vividly to life within this very plausible storySecondly the historical details concerning this story are simply superbly implemented andxecuted within this great historical taleThe story itself after an Սեվանի Ափին entertaining prologue which is set in August AD 166 in Syria is set as from February AD 167 until December AD 168 and it tells us the story of Albinus son of a revered Roman veteran Silus who wants to be a farmer with his bride to be Licina but who after a raid by barbarians in which his father Silus and his veteran comrades are brutally killed has to come of age very uickly if he wants to survive within this tumultuous bloody warlike worldAt the same time Licina is kidnapped by the raiders and Albinus is spurred to train as a soldier in order to avenge his father s death to be ready to have that fighting spirit within him when he has to fight those barbarians while in the back of his mind he also wants to be ready to find and rescue Licina wherever she may beLicina herself must fight for her own life as well and also try to avoid slavery in her own search for AlbinusAnd so the Northern tribes will try to make headway towards Rome and Albinus and his fellow legionary comrades of the 14th Legion and other Legions besides will have to do anything they can to try to stop this horde of barbariansReally recommended for this is a top debut novel from a new author very much worthy of following and that s why I call this book A Very Impressive Debut Novel Lively adventureA livelyntertaining book which I Knightsbridge: The Art of Keith Parkinson enjoyednough that I am planning to read the seuel In the beginning the centurion s son is anything but a fighter and potential soldier He wants to be a farmer which while an honorable and vital vocation does not hold a lot of promise for A BOOK TO BE FILLED WITH DERRING DO AND book to be filled with derring do and threatening adventure However circumstances and his own sense of honor and duty come together to make joining the legion a reasonable natural choice Which of course leads to plenty of danger and adventure to Ironclads of the Civil War entertain readersI reallynjoyed this novel but was distracted by little niggling things which seem for the most part to be La gloire de mon pre editing problems and the use of the wrong word or failure to use a better word in some places Here are a fewxamples churn grain scoffed the man around the cheeks A snide arm appeared on Licina s shoulder Fullo buffed himself up to his full height A serious interest lied behind the voice he turned the cog in his tired think wheel ash clad spears held high His left hand lay lazily on the maple oak pommel of his gladius. Legend Adam Lofthouse’s novel recounts the brutal battles between the Romans and the Germanic tribes while also telling the heart wrenching coming of age narrative of one young soldier within the Roman camp Adam Lofthouse has for many years held a passion for the ancient world As a teenager he picked up Gates of Rome by Conn Iggulden and has been obsessed with all things Rome ver since After ten years of immersing himself in stories of the Roman world he decided to have a go at writing one for himself The Centurion’s Son is Adam’s first novel He lives in Kent with his wife and three son.

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The Centurions Son (Path of Nemesis #1)