The Crimson Corsair and the Lost Treasure of Count Dooku Pdf/E–pub

Of the Crimson Corsair I want to follow his crew on many adventures I really hope Walker gets to continue writing their stories This was funny Esp that section "ABOUT A BAD FEELING I LIKED "a bad feeling I liked So is technically a YOUNG READER level short story A Disney canon short story it s short and a uick read It can alternatively be found in the collection Tales From The Galaxy Far Far Aliens Vol 1The Crimson Corsair And The Lost Treasure Of Count Dooku 5First of all what a sick name for a short story in general I mean reallyThis story was a great attempt at giving a SW story a real world pirate feel A Corsair captains first mates barges and skimmers A sea of sand storms and monsters too Rigged barges and boarding parties using hand weapons for close combat These are all things I like to *See And Read Not To Mention Ties To The Clone *and read Not to mention ties to the Clone and Count Dooku Need I say Maybe even a few other familiar references too high FIVES all around amiright The funniest piece of Star Wars I have ever read With a bonus piece that I absolutely loved Super umb but super great What if the real treasure of Count Dooku is the friends we made along the wayIf you like the Star Wars preuels The Clone Wars Rodian biker gangs or fun things I strongly recommend this one. Pirates set off after whatever lies beneath the sand but the hidden ship’s signal has gone far and wide Can the Crimson Corsair find the buried treasure before his riva. The Crimson Corsair and the Lost Treasure of Count DookuI ve heard about the story for a while I on t exactly remember where though It was just one of those things that just kind of s A long string of interesting ideas uninterestingly told A lot excitement and zaniness than is typical for a Star Wars story but it really reads like an author s outline than an actual narrative All in all an enjoyable enough romp that Had The Potential For the potential for so much This had everything you could want from a space pirate adventure fencing fighting torture revenge true love jk and sand tornadoes That plot twist though It opens up some really interesting possibilities that I hope the new canon will continue to explore This story contains major spoilers *FOR STAR WARS THE CLONE WARS *Star Wars The Clone Wars 6 A lesser example from the Journey to the Force Awakens line but still an ejoyable rollicking pulp esue read35 stars rounded up to 4 since I m feeling Star Wars y today I was torn between two and three stars It was an enjoyable uick read but not very satisfying Too many minor characters cluttered the story and idn t give any time to give Biology: Understanding Life detail on them Granted it is a short story so I wasn t expecting grand character arcs andevelopment but I would have liked to see about the title character and his crew That being said it is A long time ago in a galaxy far far away a cruiser transporting precious cargo for the traitorous Count Dooku’s uring the Clone Wars crashed into the Sea of Sand on the. Nough for me to want to know about the Crimson Corsair and *Hope That The Author *that the author a longer story This was my favorite of these 4 short stories Ever since I first saw the Crimson Corsair in the Vanity Fair spread I thought he looked cool I wanted to know about him This story follows him and his crew in a race across a esert planet against other pirates searching for a lost treasure Captain Sidon Ithano as he is also known is an awesome character There s a toy coming out of him and his first mate that I think will be one of the few The Force Awakens figures I actually buy This story has it all Like a lot of the new canon it takes inspiration from all the Star Wars films and tv shows It even starts with a Hondo uote Fans of The Clone Wars tv series MUST read this I found myself using wookiepedia to get accurate ideas of what the characters looked like The Ortolan pirate known as One Eye is such a cool image The chapters are very small which made it very easy to read This story is full of adventure as well as comedy I love when Star Wars stories make allusions to classic lines and such in creative ways I had "a bad feeling about this book while I was reading itI give this short a "bad feeling about this book while I was reading itI give this short story a I want I am so much intrigued by the character. Planet Ponemah leaving its treasures buried Years later Captain Sidon Ithano known as the Crimson Corsair and his pirate crew receive a signal from the The Best Laura Spencer Guide to Date - 109 Facts downed cruiser The.