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Ook ends with an ACTUAL chronological list of releases concerts and some other stuff so basically the whole book summed up into 40 pages I didn t bother actually reading it but it looks like there too e only picked a few bands which is kind of a shame It s mostly just the biggest bandsSo this BOOK IS PROBABLY BETTER FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE NEW is probably better for people who are new of goth rock and don t know that much about the big bands and the early Extremities history of the goth scene But it sonestly not THAT engaging to read so I guess you d چلتے ہو تو چین کو چلیے have to be REALLY interested in learning Really interestingistory of the real Gothic rock of the late 70 s and 80 s The author does a good job of looking at the earliest influences with artists such as Iggy Pop and Captain Beefheart up to the early 90 s when the decent stuff disappeared and was replaced by the rubbish peddled by M Manson The best sections of the book deal with the early founders Joy Division The Cure Siouxsie the Banshees Bauhaus The Damned and so forth Lots of anecdotal stuff along with interesting analyses of the recordings The book started to lose me about Äldreomsorgen i Övre Kågedalen; Förensligandet i det egentliga Västerbotten halfway in At a certain point the author shifts into an almost exclusive focus on two topics the battle of egos between the Sisters of Mercy and The Mission and the rise fall of The Cult The first topic focuses on two of the most egotistical artists in the mix Andrew Eldritch of SOM and Wayne Hussey of The Mission Originally both founding members of the SOM theyave spent recent decades in a near constant feud in which only the spoiled celebrity can or desire to indulge The other topic unless you are a Abhyāsadarśinī: अभ्यासदर्शिनी huge fan of The Cult which I am not is just boring and overblown Interesting read but definitely only worth a single rea. Chlock novels through its post punk origins into the full blown drama of Bauhaus The Cure and theugely popular Sisters of Mercy axis of bands. ,

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The Dark Reign of Gothic Rock In the Reptile House With the Sisters of Mercy Bauhaus and the Cure Helter SkelterContrarily to what many wanabe Neo Goths Or At Least goths or at least is the vibe i am getting from some of the previous comments ave said about this book being solely about one aspect or another of the early post punkgoth era this book covers pretty much all the major players in the early years of what led to the sound we currently know as gothic as well as all sorts of details and istory of the progression of the sound through the years so would i recommend all sorts of details and istory of the progression of the sound through the years so would i recommend book the answer is yes Oh my god what මනෝකාය, මරණය හා සසර ප්‍රගමනය have we doneOnce you get to the above uote you pretty much know what the whole thing was about in the beginning The thing is there is a lot of information in this work Some of iteld a stronger meaning to me the other parts may Coptic Version of the New Testament in the Southern Dialect hold a stronger meaning now if I d read it again This was above all a learning experience for me To know as much I could about my genre To know where goth was coined orow it became to life or what Attack of the Theocrats! happened before it all is likeaving an answer to who I am Well mostly who I was when I read it That s not to say I m not goth any I just mean it doesn t Meie paremas maailmas hold such auge imporance to me anyThe language was difficult so getting through this was pretty The Theorists Mother hard But my interest in all that the bookeld for me was strong Everything was told in an interesting way I m not one for reading about music mainly because it s often told in way too much detail from the point of view of someone who doesn t matter to me and on top I LOVE THE OLD SCHOOL PIONEERING ACTS OF GOTHIC MUSIC I WAS AMAZED TO LEARN FROM THIS BOOK HOW MUCH IGGY POP S THE IDIOT WAS A INFLUENCING FACTOR TO SO MANY WHO KNEW I Probably Approximately Correct had a lot of fun reading this one it was just interesting seeing theistory chronicled Read this with. From Joy Division to Nine Inch Nails and from Siouxsie and the Banshees to Marilyn Manson gothic rock as endured as the cult of choice for the. ,

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The book club on Gothy Discord as our second bookIt starts in 1977 with bands who were influential to the genre but that I m onestly not very interested in But as it gets into post punk I was interested It goes all the way up to 2002 but the further into the book you go less and less is mentioned The first part 77 81 is about 70 pages the second 82 84 about 50 pages and the third 86 2002 is about 70 pages As you can tell e talks A LOT About The LOT about the few years but not very much later on which is understandable but I don t really see why the 90 s and the first years of the new millennium was even included Probably only because the book came out in 2002This book is pretty much
a chronological istory of a amount of bands I can t even say it s from the goth genre cause a bunch of other bands were mentioned like the influential bands as I said earlier metal and even grunge AKA just Nirvana Don t really know why those were mentioned There isn t that much insight into the bands there were only a couple of things I didn t already know Most of the information is just album releases tour dates and places and stuff probably taken from interviews So this isn t what I would Shades of Truth have wanted from a book like this I like reading stories told by the bands themselves that aren t widely known stuff like that Not things I could easily look up on wikipedia orear from any other fanAt the start of every chapter there is a big photo and the middle as that classic glossy insert of band photos though those are also in black and white and like every other music book it interrupts a chapter Three of the featured photos in the book were almost the same photo of Robert Smith which I found a little weirdThe Disaffected and the alienated The author traces the rise of ’80s and ’90s goth from influences such as Hammer House of Horror movies and