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The awkward moments of exposition in The Dark River maybe he was right

To Rely On A RecapTwelve 
rely on a recapTwelve is an entertaining writer and I rather like the general idea of his dystopian world controlled by the Vast Machine but I think that reading this without the second book completely ruined my ability to enjoy the book to the full The core idea of the series is that there are extra special beings called the Travelers who have the ability to travel to other worlds which are pretty crap by the way and bring back the wisdom they find there They are protected by people who call themselves Harleuins and opposed by the evil Tabula who together rule the world via the Vast Machine aka all technology which gives them the ability to create a Panopticon Prison Basically the whole book involves Gabriel one of the last Travelers try to escape his brother who has gone to the Dark Side and joined the TabulaI don t like whiteblack goodevil worlds and Twelve Hawk s future is pretty simplistic the Travelers bring Light and Wisdom and Freedom to the world and the Tabula represent The Evils Of Technology Amusingly enough throughout we are told that Travelers bring progress and change yet in this book Gabriel s entire mission is to stop the Tabula from deploying advanced technology and to eep the advancement of science static In fact I honestly don t see why anyone bothers to protect the Travelers as other than being a bumbling naif Gabriel doesn t seem to do any good for anyone In addition Twelve Hawks must have figured he got all that irritating character development nonsense out of the way in the first book since it certainly doesn t figure much hereOverall The Dark River is an entertaining enough book but it sinks under Twelve Hawk s unsubtle attempts to transform it into something meaningful To him technology by itself is an evil While I agree that the level of surveillance now available is terrifying I think Twelve Hawks misses an important point while technology has provided ways to control and monitor us it has also given us ways to communicate and to monitor our monitors If you look at the scariest moments in history it is when people s access to information has been controlled While every action you make is undoubtedly monitored in some way We Have Access To Information And Ways have access to information and ways communicate than ever before A disappointing follow up to The Traveller which I really enjoyedI felt like I was reading a poorly written book for young "adults There are very irritating and unnecessary synopses of events from the first book I already read "There are very irritating and unnecessary synopses of events from the first book I already read thank you and the author has completely abandoned any attempt at show don t tell The book finishes such that you HAVE to go on to read the third in the trilogy I will read the final book but not with much enthusiasm Fortunately it will be an easy uick task Ugh an interesting premise falls flat on it s faceLots of descriptions of black leather weapons automobiles but stiff wooden characters the author has a painfully obvious agendaSpiritualism good Materialism badTechnology is evil because it s being used by the soulless evil Illuminati I mean the Tabula to control the mindless masses of the Matrix I mean of the current day cellphoneGPStwittering population Only a mystic who can cross over to the light and bring back spiritually enlightening messages like Jesus Buddha et al have can somehow save us all from world thought domination Throw in the age old battles between the evil overlords and the ancient race of guardians for the mystics May the Force be with you Maya and the evil twin who needs to be redeemed and there s something from everything you ve already readwatched in this book for everyoneI really disliked the author s ham fisted approach to shoving this creed down the reader s throat at every turn he is reiterating some point from it over and over and over and over I could probably deal with that if I liked and was invested in the characters but a cardboard set of them cannot be found unless you re looking in a writer s encyclopedia of stock stereotypical characters Between that and the derivative plot points ugh Overall I d recommend you not waste your time Great seuel of The Traveler. Ommerce and ideology to dictate their lives They are off the grid Gabriel Corrigan is one such man The system doesn't like it It says that you cannot opt out that you have to participate And it will do whatever it takes to return Gabriel to the fold alive or dead He can run but he can't hide forev. .

The Dark RiverI really didn t think it could be worse than the first one but sheesh was I wrong Absolutely NOTHING happens in this book sure a few characters die but the plot of this trilogy is not moved forward at all the backstory which it could use is not developed and random shit is thrown together just because it seemed like the author thought it was cool Parkour Cloistered nuns with a secret Fights in nightclubs And the Holy Grail of MacGuffins we literally have the Ark of the Covenant WTF Twelve Hawks writing is lazy full of lame metaphors and flat characters with such a contrived plot that he doesn t even seem
To Bother To Try To 
bother to try to it or make it worth a reader s time to invest I thought these books would be at worst lite escapism trash but it truly is terrible like some half baked sci fi premise that you d see on NBC and later cancelled after half a season I am completely fascinated by this series It has such a dark paranoid feel to itin some ways a flashback to my mentality in college and previous career I d say the series is well worth reading if only because anything that talks about ubiuitous monitoring of our lives ie police cameras in Balti and London ATM cameras store cameras as well as parkour deserves to be read by people The fact that the author is anonymous and that Neal Stephenson and Stephen Hawking have been proposed as legitimate possibilities just ices the cake THE DARK RIVER BY JOHN TWELVE HAWKS John Twelve Hawks returns with The Dark River the second of the trilogy after The Traveler in the Fourth Realm series We last left off with Gabriel on the run from the Tabula with his Harleuin Maya having just sabotaged the Tabula s uantum computer system which was part of the Virtual Panopticon the Tabula s effort to create a worldwide system to watch and Malakai Wicked Games know what everyone is doing all the time The Dark River continues the story of this dystopia in our near future as the Traveler fights for survival while the Tabula fights for dominationThe Traveler is a person who can travel to another realm learning from these others worlds he or she returns with a heightenednowledge that they can pass onto others They have existed for millennia many famous people in history are "believed to have been Travelers including Jesus Christ Then there is the "to have been Travelers including Jesus Christ Then there is the or the Tabula as they are Home Remedies known to Travelers who are out toill all the Travelers and have done so since the beginning Except in the modern age the true power of the Traveler has been realized by the Tabula and they wish to capture Travelers and use them for their own gain Finally there are the Harleuins a secret group who have existed just as long whose sworn duty is to protect the TravelersGabriel and his Brother Michael Are Travelers In The First Book Of The Michael are Travelers In the first book of the Michael was captured by the Tabula and has now become one of them an enemy to Gabriel So as the Tabula are both working on the Virtual Panopticon and looking for the Traveler Gabriel discovers that his father a renowned Traveler is alive and goes to England to search for him He finds his father s body on an island near Ireland barely alive while his father s consciousness is in another world another realm It is now up to Gabriel to travel to this other realm the First Realm better nown as Hell to find his father and bring him back At the same time they most not forget about the Tabula who are desperately looking for them using every means necessaryThe Dark River furthers the plot along but falls short of offering up any shocking realizations or reveals feeling like a chapter in the great saga of the Fourth Realm series It ends on a cliffhanger leaving the reader wondering how the enigmatic John Twelve Hawks which is obviously a pseudonym will complete the epic and growing series with just one book to goFor book reviews and author interviews go to BookBanter I absolutely LOVED The Traveler as can be seen by my 5 Star rating I couldn t put it down and I was actually greatly torn between going on to The Dark River or reading Book 7 of Harry Potter Yes that s how good The Traveler was Harry Potter won out naturally but as soon as I put it down and recovered I picked up The Dark RiverI have to say. ASIN B0031RS768 moved to the most recent edition hereFear stalks our lives In the press On the television Over the airwaves Across the internet Everywhere we go someone somewhere is always watching Waiting for the mistake that will reveal secrets truths lies the real story or what they want to bel. I was let down The story no longer felt as compelling the pace seemed to slow and there didn t seem to be a lot of new information "In fact I found myself freuently annoyed as the author ept stopping to explain things that "fact I found myself freuently annoyed as the author ept stopping to explain things that happened IN THE FIRST BOOK I M NOT REAL KEEN the first book I m not real een pandering to people who can t be bothered to read the first book first and it would tear me out of the story freuently these awkward moments of Oh this is what we re talking aboutEven with all of that I would have given it 4 stars out of sheer respect for the first book if I hadn t abruptly lost all respect for the character of Maya midway through the book An act of pure selfishness on her part with no justification whatsoever leaves many people vulnerable and exposed with the inevitable result of the unnecessary death of a vital characterI was disgusted by her decision and it affected my enjoyment of the bookRead The Traveler first it s an amazing book Read The Dark River only to find out what happens next don t expect the same caliber of read This is not your run of the mill story Conspiracies everywhere and Hindu worlds of the dead to bootThis one picks up not long after The Travelerand builds on the Maya Gabriel relationship as it sweeps around the world seeks to tie any and every religious event icon or idea into a sort of over all Buddhist cosmology It s a good to fair read i didn t get drawn in as thoroughly as I was in Traveler but than I stated about that book that I found the semi religious part of the book a weakness That segment takes center stage hereWe are getting of the author s view of the Realms as we start to learn about how the Travelers can access the gates and move from one realm to another and the possibility of getting trapped We ve seen the brothers split a I enjoyed The Traveler despite its cliches but with The Dark River I sometimes found myself embarrassed to be reading it This was most acute when the story suddenly turned into The Da Vinci Code Look I m not above reading fluff obviously but I do draw the line in some places which is why I ve never read The Da Vinci Code or Twilight so I felt ind of betrayed when my fluff turned into that other fluff out of the blue Some other issues1 Vicki went out like a bitch She was a good character a strong character and her death deserved to at least have some meaning like if her sacrifice had saved Matthew or something but no it was as if her life were worthless This happened with Lawrence in the last book so it shouldn t surprise me but it was still disappointing2 What was intriguingly prescient in the last book now seemed preachy with regard to the dangers of trading freedom for safety3 Similarly I felt like I was being given little lessons from time to time with no apparent point Like that women don t have it too bad in Ethiopia or that cappuccino shouldn t be ordered after 10am I like to learn things in novels but it should come as part of the overall story not as some preachy little side note Still at this point I ll read the last one just to see how it ends I expect to be embarrassed Thankfully on the Kindle no one will have to now my little secret My first encounter with Twelve Hawks was through Spark which I found pretty darned awesome enough so that I decided to try another of his works My library doesn t have the first in the Fourth Realm trilogy so I decided to try my luck with the secondUnfortunately the book s pair of forewords gave our relationship a rocky start In the first foreword Twelve Hawks praises the people who took the message of his book seriously and started fighting the Vast Machine In the second he recaps what happened in the last book I was taken aback by the first because while I understand the concerns about technology and its misuse I tend to prefer subtlety in my authors and the earnest tone rather suggests tin hats to me The second one on the other hand just pissed me off I m of the belief that readers should be able to pick up any book in a series and enjoy the ride A recap indicates that the author lacks the basic skill of summarizing previous events within the book itself Certainly no one would accuse Twelve Hawks of subtlety and given. IeveNo longer is anonymity a given rightWe are being controlled without our Shadow Hawk Harleuin Blaze knowledge and we don't appear to care Daily we sacrifice little freedoms that will never be returned We are all victimsThey are some who will fight to the death to protect those freedoms They will not allow the forces of