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Ut this was published in 1997 so I guess you d have an idea towards how old technology must ve been therefore making poorer picture graphicsSomething which impressed me was how the writer was only 14 years old when she wrote this but I can kind of see her faults in writing She "s probably really old right now than what "probably REALLY old right now than what was fourteen years older than me so she d be around 25 but I m judging by her writing at the age of fourteen Chances are her writing has dramatically improved isn t it only natural for it to However because improved isn t it only natural for it to However because hasn t published any other books I can t really compare her writing Which is a shame because I would kind of like toAll the characters in the book caught my heart specially of like toAll the characters in the book caught my heart Kao da me nema especially from the very first page She caught my heart when it was told her brother died But to be honest as the story began unfolding it seemed the writer had rushedverything Especially with magically putting Courtney and Eddie together It s really clich to have them Gesten Versuch einer Phänomenologie end up together with their sorrows Both really attractive and having mutual friends whatever amazing start this book had was soon ruined by the all too happynding It could ve at least left me in suspenseAnd I have a hard time believing that Toni best friend of Eddie for so long could accept their relationship so Le symbolisme en général easily I mean it s obvious that she s used to Eddie dating so many girls but when is she going to realise she s in love with him Even with the little thoughts she provided towards Eddie it was obvious the two had some chemistry put intoach other For another fact Courtney is just shallow when it comes to judging what s love and what s not She thinks that she s in love with Eddie but Macninsola. Calibro 14. Ediz. illustrata even I know it s ridiculous She barely knows him for crying out loudAt thend it was Toni who won me over I hated Eddie and Courtney for being so freaking clich Do you know that this would be one of my most favourite books if it weren t for the horrible overused Pretty Reckless ending Gah I hate it when books do thatBut maybe it s just me who thinks you can t go from depression to total happiness in a matter of four months It takes forever to forget a person Remy xx Absolutely amazing I cryvery single time I read this book in highschool when I was 14 and was blown away that a 14 year old wrote this It was and still is my favourite book and havent been able to find it since my high school days It brought tears laughter and comfort I will never forget this book and the memories it brough. Ows that if it weren't for her Eddie would be floating in the clouds somwhereSkiffington unites these four teenagers to bring loyalty and friendship As The Burning God events unfold Jeff drifts further towards thend of the line and time begins to run outA debut novel from a fourteen year old New Zealand writer which will tug on your heart strings and definitely get the waterworks going This is a summer holiday that you will never forg. .
The Day After Forever

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The Day After Forever looked like an intriguing book with many different characters stories that intertwined with ach other to create an important life lesson From reading the synopsis it looked like a story many teens could relate to as it was "Written By A 14 Year Old Girl "by a 14 year old girl was a thick book and as i hadn t read MANY NEW ZEALAND AUTHOR BOOK I FELT IT WOULD New Zealand author book i felt it would a good choiceA young New Zealander girl wrote this book which fits into the category of a New Zealand author I found the book xtremely relate able while reading it felt like i was looking i a mirror into my own life as a teenager The group and cliches popularity and friendship issues all felt very familiar to myself But something that i related to most was that Flirting with Forever each of the four characters that this book focused on had a secret to hide Something in their life was missing from lack of parental love to an overload of attentionach characters issue very similar in a way I felt a resemblance in a way to the teenagers in the book so it hit me hard reading the Conseuences Of The Unluckier of the unluckier didn t want them to see my bruises No thank you i don t feel up for a swim This part of the book broke my heart we could see what Courtney in this chapter was saying but also the thoughts she was having Teenagers are lying to protect their deepest secrets feeling ashamed of what is a part of their daily life I am unaware on how i do this myself and had t realized the amount of my peers at school are doing the same It was a big wake up call and was PI-Pin Up, Driben effective as this book was written by another 14 year old girl most likely going through the same fears as i am She touches on true friendship how the people you chose to share these secrets with are the true friends you need and deserve From this book i learnt the true meaning of life is short so don t waste it People canasily say this without processing the Existential Angst extreme truth and depth to 6 little words Jeff a main character in this story is living with leukemia When the cancer comes back he is left with 6 weeks to live Being 16 and knowing your young precious life will soonnd is describable but we can see the apin he is facing He organizes a trip with the 3 people he feels he can open his worst nightmare up to and feel they are perfect to spend his last weeks on Earth with All his regrets mistakes and loneliness is revealed The Wrong Twin even when he was unaware of them beig there Readig the shocking life of a person with a limited life The Day After Forever is anmotional story centering around four teenagers who discover and demostrate the true meaning of friendship It illustrates the agony surroundingf horrific vents and how friendship will always stand strong against the circumstancesJeff has leukemia The whole purpose of organising the holiday down to Lake Tarawera was so he could spent the last moments of his life in the same place where his par. ,

Ade me open my yes to not just live my life to the fullest but how i can successfully do that for myself A character that i found interesting was Toni Maree She is a The Instruction Living the Life Your Soul Intended energetic bubbly utterly talkative girl who gets onvery ones nerves and she knew it As mbarrassed as she was her coping mechanism was to think of it positively This confused me as Toni was told daily how annoying she was but yet she could still think of it positively This for Me Is The Ualities Of is the ualities of truly strong teenager Along with her personal issues with her twin truly strong teenager Along with her personal issues with her twin dying in a tragic car crash positivity was her was of coping I found this highly interesting how some people can still see the light at the nd of the tunnel Supernatural the Life of William Branham Book 4 even if it is pouring with rai Life goes on for some it is longer than other And it is up to you to decide how you spend your life Warning spoilersThis was an amazing book and considering the author wrote it when she was 14 years old it s an amazing feat It was very well written and uite anasy read The thing that let it Down Was I Felt Like was I felt like Lear, Tolstoy and the Fool ending was very ubrupt and lots ofvents was kind of just forced in In the Intelligence and Spirit end when Jeff doesventually pass on she was very blunt about his death saying just Jeff was dead The Empiricism and the Philosophy of Mind end part really was the only let down for me but otherwise it s an amazing book This book was one of the most fantastic young adult novels I vever read The story centers around a group of friends brought together by mayhem and it was really a wonderful book i LOVE this book Made me cry Really really Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Bestiary 2 enjoy Absolutely loved this book and the fact that it was written by a 14 yr old is awesome I would recommend this to all Absolutely loved this book when I was younger I read it over and over and over again Really well constructed likeable but real and fallible character I read this book when I was thirteen about the same age as the girl who wrote I think that is why it had such an impact on me I also think this is a perfect book for young teens it brought me to tears and is one of the only books a have read than once The characters are relatable the story line is simple and there is a bit ofverything romance tragedy teenage hormones friendship A book you can Head Citations easy read in a day The Day After Forever is a beautiful title It s actually an understatementspecially considering how the title managed to grab my attention in first place The front cover picture isn t anything special a little dull if you ask me Ents died Yet he cannot help but fall for Courtney who is shy pretty yet secretive No matter how her friends try to help she shies away sheltering her secret from them as best as possibleEddie is confident handsome a regular babe magnet; and he is also attracted to Courtney and concerned about her he is also the one who knows about Jeff's plight and the seriousness of it Toni is loud outgoing and she knows it She also kn. ,