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The Race of the Birkebeiners jThis is a young adult gay romance that isn t afraid to tackle some difficult issues yet will warm your heart with the depth of the characters feelings In the end that is what it is all about Growing up and being a teenager is tough but the problems Daniel and Jamie have to deal with areust that bit extra difficult The angst almost killed me parts of the book were hard to read through my tears but overall the way these two guys grow up and deal with their situation is amazing Not that I expected anything less from RJThe very first sentence of the book already set the tone Do you think he loves Star Wars or crappy Transformers like Mark

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the uestion has ust before Daniel arrives to Become Part Of The Family And part of the Walkers family And a family it is They are all about making Daniel feel welcome and Daniel trying to deal with the loss of his biological parents has a hard time accepting all the love he is being given That part and later on the family s support truly reads like a fairy taleThe interesting part is how the boys feelings for each other change over time Since they are foster brothers yet not biologically related this isn t easy for them They know what they feel well Daniel does but he is afraid to admit it Jamie takes a lot longer to come to terms with the fact he loves Daniel in an entirely un brotherly way The issue of how others will see them needs to be acknowledged and dealt with and it is I felt for them since not only are they teenagers tough enough they are gay talk about making life almost impossible and they feel romantically attracted to each other They sure have a lot to overcomeIf you like angst y stories if the task of growing up in today s world baffles you but you re curious Daniel Keyes is an orphan fostered by the Walkers The product of a lonely childhood he is thrown into the chaos of the Walker family and. Bout the way kids deal with it and if you think you can survive one heck of an emotional roller coaster ride then give this book a chance I don t think you ll regret it I certainly didn tNOTE This book was provided by the think you ll regret it I certainly didn tNOTE This book was provided by the for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews Mark I think I m gay Kind of gay for DanielThe bulk of this story is about Jamie and Daniel foster brothers Daniel was fostered by Jamie s family when he was 9 years old and eventually first time lovers Although there are two other kids in Jamie Walker s family Mark who is older and Megan who is younger it is always Jamie that is closed to Daniel mainly because of their similar age Growing up Daniel feels the attraction towards Jamie While Jamie he first puts himself as Daniel s protector Daniel is the geek while Jamie is the ock but he cannot deny that Daniel is his best friend and what he wants is to be with Daniel Then Jamie is attacked at school which left him scarred and both have to make decisions that will affect their lives Another MM Young Adult from the pen of RJ Scott after Love In The series got me all choked up in several scenes The scene in the hospital is getting my eyes all teary eyed I can imagine some readers probably get annoyed with the angst and the drama and the tears shared but I find it touching and my heart gets all with the angst and the drama and the tears shared but I find it touching and my heart gets all reading how these two first struggle with their feeling most especially Daniel who is afraid that he will lose his place in the wonderful Walker familyThe supporting casts in form of Jamie s family are wonderful The whole family is a portrayal of a lovely amazing family Mark the older brother is my favorite in this I love how he takes the news about Jamie and Daniel My favorite Into the life of his new foster brother Jamie This story is the ourney of Daniel and Jamie finding their place in the world Through Ja. ,
The Decisions We MakeCene of his is when he actually HELPS Jamie to Do Research About Gay Sex You Go Big BrotherIf I research about gay sex you go big brotherIf I complaints it might be due to one or two editing errors but I can forgive that and personally the evil wanna be girlfriend who gets her own scenes several time takes away the story from our main heroes She also feels like a cartoonish villain and several time takes away the story from our main heroes She also feels like a cartoonish villain and scenes disrupt my flow of reading which is why the story can t get higher rating from me 45 starsThe story is what the blurb said In summary it s about Danny who s raised by the Walkers falling for Jammie his foster brotherI usually don t like reading young adult romance particularly highschoolers The main reason is statistics in both for gay and het relationships they don t last long I feel sad thinking about main charaters that I enjoy reading would split soon Mostly because they re still young and new opportunities or new people in college would pull them apart An exception however is given when the Mcs grow up together like in this book Somehow I m hoping such relation can last This is a cheese grater book Take one heart yoursRip it outSwipe it back and forthReinsertThank god for the ending Didn t actually cry but probably would feel better if I had I don t normally read books with teenagers characters because the stories are not my cup of teaI m so glad I kept an eye on the reviews and decide to read it if you are like me not very keen to read about immature teens I advice you to read this storyit is Fantastic and you won t be disappointedThe 2 MC are charming the whole family is ust perfectI really hope RJ is already sitting down writing a seuelShe could not possible leave us with such a wonderful characters and not knowing what will happen next. Mie being a victim of hate crime to coming out to family and friends there are many decisions the boys have to make before they become

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