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Dear Alice This is a very interesting story It was much different "What I Expecting "I was expecting the looks of the cover Very creative interesting clever and a bit weird This is a good period piece that makes me grateful that life provided me with options than 1 getting married or 2 being an oppressed nanny for the rest of my life The author could have taken the path of making the husband out as a horrible person but iit is that much better of a book bc she didn t A librarian friend recommended Ingpen s books to me Exuisite illustrations but the story line was less gripping An imaginative concept however I agree with the other reviewers who said that the story was blah but with the other reviewers who said that the story was blah but pictures wonderful Some of the pictures were downright scary The story needed about. Somewhere in the place between being awake and asleep lives the Dreamkeeper who uses tricks and maps to lure and capture the creat. .

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The DreamkeeperD 5 year olds who enjoyed it but I think
it may be 
may be suited to children a little older Beautiful dreamlike illustrations and a letter like story addressed to the author s granddaughter explaining where bad dreams come from and how they ept under control This fantastical The DreamKeeper written and illustrated by Robert Ingpen is a definite Goodread full of magic and wonderMagnificently illustrated and wonderfully written as a letter from a grandfather to his granddaughter the story reveals the journeys of a mysterious DreamKeeper who cleverly ventures after the runaway spirits t This was another book that the illustrations were definitely 5 stars but the story was not all that exciting In fact rather boring My ids listened the whole time but I think th. Ailed illustrations are infused with The Magic Of Dreams Full Color Robert magic of dreams Full color Robert is the WINNER of the Hans Christian Andersen Awa. The dreamkeeper and what it really MEANS TO KEEP DREAM CREATURES NOT to keep dream creatures not much about the creatures Well tbh I did not dream creatures not much about the creatures Well tbh I did not carefully and I might have missed something But yeah I m not overly impressedWhat I want to now is why it s hard for me to find examples of his best art in my libraries Imaginative work of the fantastic rendered realistically A nice John Galsworthy - The Little Dream kids book The phenomenally done illustrations deserve five stars while the story only three This tale of the Dreamkeeper has a wonderful around the camp story type feel and needs a much stronger orator than myself to make for a captivating read The amazing art was a mixture of Stephen Gamell and Pieter Bruegel Amazing illustrations and an inspired theory of where dreams come from I ve read it to groups of 4 an. Ures of our dreams before they can escape to reality Presented as a letter to his granddaughter Robert Ingpen's breathtakingly det.