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The Elves and the OtterskinOddly in the proverbial press Of Life I Lost Track life I lost track her work especially since she stopped writing Most of her books are still on my shelves but now I #THINK I M ABOUT TO BEGIN #I m about to begin search to be sure I haven t missed anyHere Ivarr who was sold to a witch having been loosed by the witch s death finds the only way to get out of the lands of the Elves is to become a heroGood book This is an old fantasy book that belonged to my dad Ivarr is tired of being stuck at home so when he gets the chance to work for a witch he takes it He finds that he really enjoys the work until a powerful necromancer kills his teacher Ivarr is stuck in the Other World but he s not leaving until he gets revenge Then he meets up with a group of elves who need his help It Seems The Same Necromancer Named Lorimer Has Gotten Them Into the same necromancer named Lorimer has gotten them into tooWicked trolls a disembodied head an enchanted maze and a fire breathing dragon this book has it all It was good fun I understand that she wrote but they might be hard to find Recommended and thanks to Dad 35 stars The first book I read by Elizabeth Boyer I couldn t put down The one wasn t uite as good The characters weren t uite as believable as far as fantasy characters go And I had a harder time getting into it once the main character crossed over into the other realm Another interesting but flawed book from Boyer that is strong on mythic Nordic influences but lacking in character development This is not a seuel except in spirit with completely different characters and taking place in a different land but with enough references to the Sword and the Satchel that it s clearly in the same world with the same rules in plac. Ust somehow find and destroy a terrible dragon And finally he would have to overcome the power of Lorimer and an army of dark elves Ivarr knew nothing about being a hero and the he heard the less he liked the idea But a hero he'd be or els. An engrossing tale in the Norse tradition13 August 2014 There are only a few things that I remember about this book the first being that it was about a group of inept elves who are given a uest to fill an otterskin full of gold The catch was who are given a uest to fill an otterskin full of gold The catch was every time you put a gold piece onto the otterskin it would grow meaning that it was impossible to ever complete the uest I believe they did manage to do it because from what I can remember the book did have a happy ending but I cannot remember how and if I did I would probably have to enclose it in spoilers otherwise I am likely to get into trouble The other thing that I remember about this book is that I really enjoyed it Okay there are probably a number of other books back then that I also really enjoyed but when I look back #upon them I ask the uestion why On the other hand #them I ask the uestion why On the other hand guess with many of the books that I read back I never actually considered them to be any good not that I was rating books back then I was ust readi This is possibly my favorite story of all time next to Star Wars I enjoy Elizabeth Boyer s style of story telling The sword and sorcery elements are dramatic and engaging But the best part is the character development of the seemingly useless elves that really caught my interest most profoundly I recommend this book very highly Five stars Well I m usually pretty stingy with them

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than 20 ago closer to 30 I came across Elizabeth Boyer I enjoyed her books immensely Built on Norse mythology my favorite of the mythological schools as it was for that Tolkien guy and others Fire Giants Trolls Dark elves and others I snatched up most anything I could find by her. Cast incompetent elves and a wizard of doubtful ualifications As he discovered being a hero was a little difficult First he had to seek out a magic sword concealed somewhere in the land of the fire giants Then to seize a horde of gold he

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This was much better than The Wizard and the Warlord which is a Bit Of A Relief of a relief teenage self who bought these books was not in fact totally without good taste in books There are fools and incompetents in this story but they re the mangy group of spies our hero finds himself roped into helping not the hero himself This is much fun The story draws heavily on classic Norse mythology which is particularly fun if you re the kind of person with an excessive knowledge of such things If not it s all internally #Logical So You Re #so you re good Loved as a teen as still love it today some 30 years laterOnce I pick it up I have to finish A fun and uirky lighthearted readAn amusing take on the traditional swords and sorcery of high fantasy This novel had all the elements of a traditional fantasy novel elves dwarves wizards dragons and a seemingly impossible uest thrown in for good measure However it manages to turn it all into an entertaining and comical progression of events mainly through the help of several inept elves that I have not really seen in too many other novels in the genre Augmenting its uniueness is the Norse themes and language used throughout I think this novel may have been written Augmenting its uniueness is the Norse themes and language used throughout I think this novel may have been written for a YA audience and sometimes comes off a little too simplistic in a number of places but it was one I nevertheless enjoyed discovering having never encountered any of Elizabeth Boyer s works before and look forward to reading in the future Read this whole series as a teenager and loved it I ve been trying to think of the author s name for at least a month and it finally came to me yesterdayMedieval fantasy with a Scandinavian setting. THE RELUCTANT HEROIvarr had been sold to the witch Birna But now Birna was dead slain by the evil sorcerer Lorimer Ivarr was stranded in the land of the elves His only chance to return to his own realm was to become a hero for group of out.