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P and stuff but he s the kind of like the master mind behind It In Previous Battles We Ve Seen In previous battles we ve seen Rangers usually stand back and pull the strings during a battle Instead of Halt doing this Will did He was like the leader of the group at that point protecting the emperor he s that point protecting the Emperor He s a mini Halt I love itThe writing was as usual spectacular Flanagan can really write a battle scene He s done a great job staying true to the characters all this time The banter between them all is as enjoyable as ever and is always one of my avorite elements of the book I really do hope this isn t the last book in the series The endings always make the whole book that much better It s got such a home vibe swirling through its pages 333While I have overall problems with this book and the whole series I won t mention them right now If I go back and give detailed reviews RMS Olympic for the whole series then I will Until that happens if that ever happens I will leave it at this KONA 710 Probably my other leastavourite of the series but the new setting of a whole new country was interesting just a little uneventful and a bit of an abrupt ending But still a very good book I think I just have to accept the Tu tueras le père: Colomba Caselli & Dante Torre 1 fact that I m over this series I probably should have stopped reading aboutive books ago or soI m just not invested any not in the characters not in the stories and certainly not in the hardly original worldbuilding. Can restore the emperor to the throne Victory lies in the hands of an inexperienced group of La fuite de Monsieur Monde fighters and it's anybody's guess who will make the journey home to Aralue. Ace and Shigerulee along with Shigeru s cousin and guard Shukin Their only hope is to RoumanieAu carrefour des empires find to theabled Kaleb, Saison II (Kaleb, fortress of Ran Koshi which is mentioned in a legend and said to have impossibly high walls The three lead their small entourage of 50 Senshi around the native villages recruiting Kikori lumberjacks native to the area 2018 John Flanagan always amazes me He is a very talented author There are veryew series I would read to the very End If They Had Than if they had than books Until Now The Only now the only series I ve read that have been longer than Bouge ton pied ue je voie la mer five books are Harry Potter and theirst twelve books of The Secrets of Droon My point For me to read a series The Spear for this long and be willing to read the author has to be pretty darn goodThe Emperor of Nihon Ja was great I absolutely loved the drama between Evalyn and Alyss It was really awesome when they had to work together without anyone else s supervision This bookocused a little bit on everyone which I liked and didn t like at the same time I miss the story having of an emphasis on Will like in the ifth Or Sixth Books At The sixth books At the time though I liked how the story had a even ocus on everyone Will is so blind when it comes to girls it makes me laugh But that s part of his character As you can imagine there s a big battle at the end of the book One of the best parts about the battle is that Palomino fact that Will leads it He s the commander Yes he has hel. E A kingdom teeters on the edge of chaos when the Nihon Ja emperor a defender of the common man isorcibly overthrown and only Horace Will and his Araluen companions. ,
The Emperor of Nihon Ja Ranger s Apprentice 10 John FlanaganThe name Nihon Ja is based on the name of Japan Nihon Koku The Emperor of Nihon Ja is the tenth installment of the Ranger s Apprentice book series by Australian author John Flanagan The book was released in Australia on 1 November 2010Horace the knight is missing Months have passed since he was sent on a military mission to the court of the Emperor of Nihon Ja with his A Love So Strong friendormer wardmate and Scribeschool apprentice George but he has ailed to return Meanwhile Halt a legendary Ranger Will another legendary Ranger Selethen the leader of the Arridi a nomadic desert tribe and Alyss a Diplomatic Service Courier are in Toscana overseeing a demonstration using tight ormations to overcome skilled opponents When Evanlyn also known as the Crown Princess Cassandra arrives telling of Horace s absence The Araluens and Selethen embark on a Skandian duty ship to ማሕሌት find HoraceTheyind that Horace has become embroiled in Nihon Ja politics The arrogant Senshi sect the Nihon Ja warrior class has rebelled against the rightful Emperor Shigeru out of ear he will usurp their influence in the country Shigeru though a Senshi himself is also a man of the people and has been trying to reform his nation s strict social system Horace has chosen to stay and lend support to the deposed ruler Pursued by the rebel leader master swordsman Arisaka Hor. When Horace travels to the exotic land of Nihon Ja it long before he inds himself pulled into a battle is land of Nihon Ja it isn't long before he inds himself pulled into a battle that is his one he knows in his heart he must wag. The Emperor of Nihon Ja