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Utes their claim The Eagles defense had their worst game of the season the patriots were game of the season The Patriots were able to capitalize with any offense except to Gronkowski who is currently mulling retirement having an incredible performance would be offense except to Gronkowski who is currently mulling retirement having an incredible performance would be terrific out for this future Hall Of Famer But the Eagles breaking their Super Bowl curse the underdogs beating the hated champions sure makes uite a story sounds like a perfect addition to this book But none of this is solid proof anything was underhanded Personally I will believe it was plucky courage that our troops rallied to defeat the greater foe and that is what keeps my heart bumping Kelly green blood And my reaction is probably why Sport s Organizations will continue to cheat Finally the book like my above example doesn t give me any clear cut evidence I was familiar with most of the stories and there are many stories with the exception of some of Paul Hornung s admissions That guy didn t know when to shut up I am certain and was convinced before I read this that Super Bowl 3 probably 4 were fixed The combining of the NFL AFL and that union s success absolutely hinged on a Jets win The book went through all the facts Laid them out well and showed why manipulations occur It also all the facts Laid them out well and showed why manipulations occur It also the point that scripting an outcome isn t illegal Sporting events are ust entertainmentI was hoping for some tips on how to spot and bet on some of these games but this book only deals in history not on how to capitalize on it Enlightenment Maybe I m naive than I think or the scandalous events he actually provides evidence for are already baked into my sports consciousness or his speculation about every fucking Super Bowl being rigged is absurd It s probably all three One of the reasons sports continue to maintain their popularity because we perceive the outcome to be organic and not manufact. Ingly examines the sordid underbelly of the American sports industryBrian Tuohy maintains the website thefixisinnet and is a freuent contributor to the CBS Sports website bleacherreportcom where he chronicles sports scandals and conspiracies as the stories break Brian has been interviewed by The New York Times ESPN Fox Sports and The Power Hour radio program. .

Him that sports are rigged and not worth watching The Philadelphia franchise on their second trip met the NE Patriots This book clearly shows the improper intimate relationship of the Patriots with the NFL managementBut in 2017 Philadelphia hosted the NFL draft It was a very positive experience And the NFL management saw Eagle s fans as than our notorious Santa Abusing hooliganism reputation Then as NBC confirmed before the game Jeff Lurie the Eagles owner gave a very impassioned speech in "an owner s meeting in the early part of the season "owner s meeting in the early part of the season player s taking a knee during the anthem The NFL was facing criticism from the President and some people were calling for a boycott of the games Lurie s speech helped the owners and the NFL to decide how they were going to handle this issue Finally in the last month of the season and the loss of Carson Wentz the Eagles started beating their chests screaming Under dog as most of the country thought Philly was done The team played as under dogs the remaining games including all their playoff games despite being ranked 1 in the NFC So the Eagles Being From Philly Were being from Philly were given a Rocky type of story Even a popular YouTube video showed the Rocky 4 trailer with Nick Foles head on Rocky and Tom Brady s on Drago Another trailer with Nick Foles head on Rocky and Tom Brady s on Drago Another I spotted expressed the country s exasperation with the Patriots making it to yet another SB ESPN had even cited unrest among the owner the coach and the uarterback The Pats denied this stating ESPN was ust trying to sell their drivel if they thought that would sell shows USA s annoyance with them My Eagle s won with no one in this market breathing until a passed football hit the turf with no time left on the clock Since the game some analyst s state the play in which Nick Foles caught the touchdown pass was from an illegal formation The NFL disp. That has infected the storied histories of the NBA MLB NFL NHL and NASCARWith reality obscured by a complacent and often complicit sports media The Fix Is In shines a light on a hidden history of clandestine arrangements between television networks and sports leagues all against a background of drinking drugging and crimeFinally here’s a book that unflinch. This started out with some potential AND WAS EVEN CONVINCING BUT BY was even convincing But by last chapter the author went Though All The Major Sports all the major sports and pointed out tons of specific games and his opinions of why and how they could have been completely fixed What started as a good well written book ended with something that really sounded like the paranoid ramblings of someone who is uite convinced that the whole sports world is nothing but a sham I think the author overdoes it a bit in this book The author Brian Tuohy does a great ob using actual data "To Show The Cast Of All Sports "show the cast of all sports dubious the media as its watchdog is impotent and certain outcomes lead to better bettor paydays for the sport He also states not all games are fixed ust some important ones He makes the case that for marketing purposes it makes sense to have series go to games so sweeps will become uncommon He spends most of the early book going through arrests and gambling charges of players refs and owners After showcasing the ineffective media why gambling is involved and how TV contracts are pushing the teams to highest paydays ever he examines certain games to show how they were probably manipulated Here is an example of my own experiences using the author s type of arguments I bought this book as soon as the Eagles won the NFC Championship I didn t get it until after the Super Bowl I bleed green for my team I wanted a positive outcome in the Super Bowl So I wanted to know how the Patriots were going to cheat this time I remember the Eagles first 2 trips The Monday after their first trip to the Super Bowl in 1980 a friend of my father told me while in a bar on Saturday he met a gambler on his way to AC who proclaimed an Oakland win on Sunday asserting it was already decided My father s friend was not a sports enthusiast and that meeting confirmed for. Professional sports in America it’s all about fair play and the goal of winning championships At least that’s the spin But could it be a massive showbiz operation filled with greedy owners crooked referees and coddled players all with the unstated goal of grabbing as much money as possibleAuthor Brian Tuohy provides a full sourced saga of the corruption. .

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