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The Good News We Almost ForgotIcisms against the Reformed tradition that it grants moral license to sin and that it rovides no incentive for evangelism and graciously rebukes Calvinists who give legitimacy to these criticisms by continuing in sin and not evangelizingBy far the best art of the book is its epilogue entitled The Crust and the Core Here he gives the best explanation I ve ever read for striking the balance between being a discerning intellectually informed theologian and being a warmhearted approachable loving evangelistic Christian A slightly different version of this section of evangelistic Christian A slightly different version of this section of book was ublished on DeYoung s blog last year and you can read it in its entirety by clicking here Highly recommended But you should buy the book anyway even though I said this was the best artI am thankful to have received a free copy of this book from the 2010 Band of Bloggers gathering PS For further reading for Baptists check out A Baptist Catechism originally ublished in 1689 but now adapted by John Piper and also Kim Riddlebarger s article on The Need to Recover the Practise of Catechism Before I say anything else I must offer a big thanks to Moody Publishing for their Dragonhaven patience in waiting for this review I took my time with this book and read it as a devotional which incidentally the book iserfectly laid out for More on that in a momentWho would have guessed that a catechism from the 16th century could be anything but dry Mr Peters' Connections propositional and boring Yet Kevin An enjoyable commentary on the Heidelberg Catechism which is itself largely a commentary on the Apostles Creed Ten Commandments and Lord s Prayer This book is definitely a book on theology but it has a very devotional feel and couldrobably be used as a devotional I found some of the chapters uplifting #OR EVEN AWE INSPIRING AWE INSPIRING BECAUSE OF WHAT # even awe inspiring awe inspiring because of what spoke of God not because of the uality of the writing Although that too was fine Who could not be moved by the first uestion of the catechism after all What is your only comfort in life and in deathA That I am not my own but belong body and soul in life and in death to my faithful Savior Jesus Christ He has fully House of Spies: A Novel paid for all my sins with Hisrecious blood and has set me free from the tyranny of the devil He also watches over me in such a way that not a hair can fall from my head without the will of my Father in heaven in fact all things must work together for my salvation Because I belong to Him Christ by His Holy Spirit assures me of eternal life and makes me wholeheartedly willing and ready from now on to live for Him I ll accept any excuse to uote that I found other chapters convicting of the imperfect ways in which I live my own life the impure motives that lie behind my even good actions Consider an excerpt from a chapter on Nkomo The Story of My Life part of the Lord s PrayerFew of us haverobably stopped to a chapter on Cary Grant A Biography part of the Lord s PrayerFew of us haverobably stopped to what radical reorientation flows from this first etition of the Lord s Prayer By utting hallowed by Your name first Jesus would have us understand that the Tall StrangerLast Stand at Papago Wells point ofrayer is God s glory Yes we may legitimately ask for other things but our overriding concern is for the fame of God s name It s as if we Silks prayed Our Father in heaven the concern nearest to my heart and the one that shapes all other reuests is that Your name would be regarded as holy that Your fame would be heralded on the earth that You would be honored among the nations that Your glory would be magnified for all to see O Lord beleased to cause men everywhere to take 33 pleasure in You that You might beraised now and forever I don t think I could claim that that is usually the concern nearest my heart or my first concern in Cavalier A Tale of Chivalry Passion and Great Houses prayerThe book also addresses some common intellectual uestions for example is oath taking always bad Didn t Jesus speak against it Can I really swear an oath to tell the truth when I go to courtSome topics of disagreement among Christians are also discussed including infant baptism the Lord s Supper and the Keys of the Kingdom And of course no DeYoung book would be complete without some criticism of Rob Bell said criticism occurs onage 77 of this book OK I tease I tease But Velvet Elvis really is critiued on age 77Highly recommende. Evers and deep enough for mature believers DeYoung writes The gospel summarized in the Heidelberg Catechism is glorious its Christ gracious its comfort rich its Spirit strong its God Sovereign and its truth timeless Come and see how your soul can be warmed by the elegantly and logically stated doctrine that matters most We are great sinners and Christ is a greater Savi. ,
A very good entry level read on the Heidelberg Catechism Would be good to use for study in a high school class with the average church member who does not have a lot of theological background or a read aloud and discussion for family devotions DeYoung has good understanding of basic reformed theology He also has a great concern that his The Dreamers people grow in holiness Both the theology and theiety are held in balance throughout the book He keeps the chapters short and to the oint which makes it easily accessible He does not dive in deep but what he gives you is solid and gets You Headed In The Right Direction This headed in the right direction This the first book by Kevin DeYoung that I have read The reason I bought the book was to learn about the Heidleberg Catechism I had not heard of it We now belong to a church that is a art of the CRC Christian Reformed Churches and it is one of the confessions of faith that helps communicate and remind us of what we believe I started out reading it by myself and once I asked Dan if I could read some of it to him we ended up reading it together Just a few uotes from the introduction in order to whet your appetiteWe must remember the old old story We must remember the faith once delivered to the saints We must remember the truths that spark reformation revival and regenerationAll of us kids and adults need to know the Bible better than we know the Heidelberg Catechism No doubt about that But all of us kids and adults can have our faith strengthened our knowledge broadened and our love for Jesus deepened by devoting ourselves to reading rich truth like the kind found in the Heidelberg Catechism After two introductory uestions the Catechism deals with man s misery uestions 3 11 man s deliverance uestions 12 85 and finally man s response 86 129 or to ut it memorably guilt grace and gratitude The subtitle of the book is what drew me in Rediscovering the Gospel in the 16th Century Catechism It is a great to have these uestions and answers organized in such a way that it once again renews my love for the One who has bought me and made me his own The first uestion addresses one of the main concerns of us that live in the West and specifically for me the US Comfort Spiritually blind eyes do not want to hear it and deyoung not want to hear it and DeYoung the first uestion in his devotion What is your solace in life What is your only security He continues it also oses the most important uestion we will ever face What enables you to endure life and face death unafraid Is it that you read your Bible every day That you attend church every Sunday That you give to the La suma de los días poor That you have a cushy retirement account saved up That you haven t committed any of the big sins in life We live in a world where we expect to find comfort inossessions ride ower and C position But the Catechism teaches us that our only true comfort comes from the fact that we don t even belong to ourselvesWe can endure suffering and disappointment in life and face death and the life to come without fear of judgment not because of what we ve done or what we own or what we are but because of what we do notossess namely our own selves Overall it is a great read both encouraging and challenging calling all Christians to take heart and to The Greek's Convenient Wife Harleuin Presents press on in this life and look with hope toward the next and to keep an eye open for the Lord s return Chances areretty good that many Die molekulare Manufraktur people reading this are wondering What in the world is a catechism The short answer is that it is a method of teaching Biblical truth in an orderly way The word catechize comes from the Greek word katecheo which is the word Paul used several times in the New Testament translated instruct or teach see for example 1 Cor 1419 Gal 66 and Acts 1825 Typically a catechism teaches the doctrines held by the church through a series of uestions and answers with references to supporting ScripturesMore specifically the Heidelberg Catechism is one of several historic church documentsroduced around the time of the Reformation for the Missing Assumed Dead purposes of instructing children and adults in the doctrines of the new Protestant faith It wasublished in 1563 written The Mask of the Enchantress / The Secret Woman primarily by Zacharias Ursinus who was arofes. If there is nothing new under the sun erhaps the main task now facing the Western church is not to reinvent or be relevant but to remember The truth of the gospel is still contained within vintage faith statements Within creeds and catechisms we can have our faith strengthened our knowledge broadened and our love for Jesus deepened   In The Good News We Almost Forg. .
Sor at the University of Heidelberg The catechism contains 129 uestions Answers arranged into 52 Lord s Days The idea was that students being taught the catechism would memorize a set of A s each week reciting them in their catechism class a redecessor of Sunday School on the lord s day you can find the entire s Day You can find the entire online hereThe Heidelberg is divided into three main sections The Misery of Man Man s Deliverance and Thankfulness three main sections The Misery of Man Man s Deliverance and Thankfulness as the sections are commonly known Guilt Grace and Gratitude These sections teach us systematically our need for salvation God s work in accomplishing our salvation and the Christian s response to salvation The catechism also focuses largely on three elements The Apostle s Creed the Ten Commandments and the Lord s PrayerIf you ve never read a book on the Heidelberg Catechism before you re not alone In fact CJ Mahaney mentioned this in his endorsement of the book I m sure this will be the best book on the Heidelberg Catechism I ve ever read I know it will be the first After reading the book though I am convinced that this would rank among the best books written on the subject even if there were manyThe format of the book is simple but effective There are 52 chapters corresponding to the 52 Lord s Days In each chapter DeYoung offers a short exposition of the A s for that week and the Scripture verses on which the answers are based This would make the book an ideal tool for aiding in the teaching of the catechism or for a weekly family devotionalDeYoung does tend to use a lot of big intimidating theological words in his writing but balances this out very well with analogies that explain those concepts in layman s terms though always with the goal of building the theological vocabulary of the layman For instance here is his explanation of imputation one of the complicated components of our doctrine of salvationJesus was not unished because He actually Honored Guest Stories possessed sin in himself just as we are not justified because we actuallyossess righteousness in ourselves Rather both things happen by imputation Imputation means instead of holding 500 in your hand someone else wires it to your account The money is not actually in your Orcs et Gobelins physicalossession but it is legally and truthfully considered to be yours This is what imputation is all about God counting to us a Florence of Arabia perfect life of obedience richer than we ve ever lived Thus He grants us aerfect righteousness we have no chance to ever achieveThe foreword states that there are likely things in this book with which readers will not agree This will be Guns of the Timberlands particularly true of Baptists as the Heidelberg Catechismresents a very ReformedPresbyterian understanding of the sacraments That being said I as a Baptist greatly appreciated DeYoung s treatment of baptism and other High Five potentially divisive doctrines In the chapter for the first of two Lord s Days dealing with baptism DeYoungresents a Bible saturated explanation of the Brainiac Adventures in the Curious Competitive Compulsive World of Trivia Buffs purpose of baptism highlighting the many Truths shared in common byaedo infant baptism and credobaptists believer s baptism Any Baptist Presbyterian or any other Protestant should be able to affirm everything he says hereIn the following chapter winsomely titled Vivacious Baby Baptizing he then lays out a very thorough and unapologetic defense of infant baptism Personally I uite enjoyed reading this chapter as it answered a lot of misconceptions about the Reformed as opposed to the Roman Catholic : Grammatica italiana per stranieri con esercizi e testi autentici paedobaptistosition that I have had While I am still not in 100% agreement with DeYoung on this issue I am in full agreement that this is a eripheral doctrine where there is room for disagreement and healthy debate within the realm of orthodoxyDespite this and a few other areas where non Reformed Christians may have differences this is a book that will benefit every Christian DeYoung is robably the erfect author for a book of this nature He is gladly Reformed and firm on the theological distinctions that make him so but focuses on the vast number of doctrines including the essential doctrines on which all Christians should agree rather than the few secondary doctrines on which we may not He acknowledges the largest crit. Ot Kevin DeYoung explores the Heidelberg Catechism and writes 52 brief chapters on what it has shown him The Heidelberg is largely a commentary on the Apostle's Creed the Ten Commandments and the Lord's Prayer and deals with man's guilt God's grace and believers' gratitude This book is a clear headed warm hearted exploration of the faith simple enough for young beli. .