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The Gravity of UsO beautiful and thought provokingCal is a successful social media journalist with over half a million followers But he oesn t just make wry or cynical observations or talk about the latest trends or restaurants in his Brooklyn neighborhood or in NYC He really uses social media to make a ifference and played a huge part in getting younger people interested in the last presidential election And people noticed he landed an interns Might be of a 25 but I m rounding up because while I idn t love this I also idn t full on hate it The writing style was Just Not Really My not really my and honestly "I Was Also Not A Huge Fan "was also not a huge fan the main character This was truly just like the epitome of meh for me Big womp One small step for man one giant leap for the gay agenda and their mission to conuer the universe The Gravity of Us was one of many upcoming ueer releases that I was really looking forward to It is an OwnVoices novel it s ueer it has a beautiful cover it ticks all the boxes The main character is Cal a teenage boy about to finish his last year of high school with ambitious plans he wants to become a journalist Already he has half a million followers on a platform where he regularly posts live videos about politics his hometown Brooklyn and the NASA s newest mission Orpheus V For the first time humans will set foot on Mars and Cal s own father might be one of them As exciting as it sounds Cal isn t too happy about his ad s involvement in the mission It means he has to move to Texas away from his best friend away from a promising internship It also means that he has to play his part in a trashy reality show that Red Tails Black Wings The Men of America's Black Air Force documents the lives of the astronauts and their families The only silver lining is Leon the extremely cute son of another astronaut on the Orpheus projectI loved the idea of combining NASA reality show ueer romance To be honest the reality show part was less exciting than I thought it would be and while the ueer romance was cute it also felt a touch to insta lovey for me Somehow Cal s and Leon s fates are alreadyecided before they even meet and their relationship goes from Hello to We re a couple in what feels like a matter of chapters I also couldn t make myself root for Cal He often acted in an extremely selfish way and was a straight up twat I had a hard time forgiving him for some of the things he said and Wolfgang Borchert In Selbstzeugnissen und Bilddokumenten did to his friendsOn the other hand Iid like the iscussion of mental health and the simple fact that you cannot fix people that we need to learn and grow and heal that there is no simple solution that will suddenly make a person happy and healthy again I also think it s great that the author wrote about parents whose relationship is complicated and messy who love each other but fight a lot And who hopefully find a way to overcome their issues But what I loved the most about the book and that s what I have in common with Cal s followers is all that geeky NASA stuff No matter if it s about soil anten. Houston and are thrust into a media circusAmidst the chaos Cal meets sensitive and mysterious Leon another “Astrokid” and finds himself falling head over heels fast As the frenzy around the mission grows so oes their connection But when secrets about. .

We always knew the space was gay Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestSo I actually ended up loving this book a lot because it oes a lot of things that I would love to see of in YABut on that in a hot minuteCal is a popular video blogger who is becoming well known for his Refinery29 like exposes and journalism He lives in Brooklyn and loves the fast paced color of the "city life That s why when his father makes a announcement that not only has he been hired as "life s why when his father makes a surprise announcement that not only has he been hired as astronaut but they re all being uprooted to Texas Cal is utterly evastated To make matters worse the reality TV channel filming the astronauts and their families has a gag order on any media streaming Medioevo da leggere Guida allo studio delle testimonianze scritte del Medioevo italiano Piccola biblioteca Einaudi done by the astros or their familiesOnce in Texas Cal meets one of the other astronaut children an ex gymnast named Leon He feels an instant connection to Leon but Leon hasepression and is learning to set boundaries and stand up for himself in therapy and warns Cal that he An Honorable Assassin doesn to things by halves and won t be with someone who can t accept himTensions rise as the fate of the current project becomes uncertain and Cal s clash with the TV channel becomes heated All he really wants to Romanik zwischen Speyer Mainz und Heidelberg do is find certainty in his future both with regard to love and his would be career but fate rarely makes things easy and sometimes we have toeal with a few curveballs before we finally hit that home runI loved the romance between Leon and Cal I liked that Leon set boundaries and Cal respected them I liked the steam between them I liked that it Body Language didn t feel exploitative the way a lot of MM stories especially ones written by some women can feel This was just a beautiful love story between characters you feel like you could meet on the everyay and I loved that I also liked that Cal uestioned his sexuality like Leon and how we get a bit of backstory on his one girl friend who he used to Shine dateI liked Cal s blogging a lot too which surprised me because a lot of authorson t know what they re talking about when they write about blogger or influencer culture But Stamper nailed it Cal reminded me a lot of other male YouTubers I really like YouTubers like Danny Gonzalez or Jarvis Johnson who use their authenticity to bring attention to important issues and ebunk fake factsI liked the positive rep to bring attention to important issues and ebunk fake factsI liked the positive rep science in this book I just read yet another book with evil scientists so it s always nice to see a book that gives the sciences the positive rep it so sorely needs The ending with the interviews with the astronauts was one of my favorite parts and no Fasting Opening the door to a deeperintimatepowerful relationship with God don t worry that s not a spoilerThis was a really great book It s a fluffy light hearted romance that also manages toeal with real world issues and isn t afraid to be steamy and use foul language while also making a beautiful point about what it truly means to be authentic and find love while also learning to love yourself Thanks to the publisher for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review 4 stars This was As a successful social media journalist with half a million followers seventeen year old Cal is used to sharing his life online But when his pilot father is selected for a highly publicized NASA mission to Mars Cal and his family relocate from Brooklyn to.

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Nae or spaceships the scenes that show Cal live streaming the preparations for the Orpheus mission are exciting and informativeOverall a fun geeky ueer OwnVoices novel that hopefully leads to Phil Stamper books in the futureFind of my books on Instagram Another Booktube video this time all about the Top 10 Books of 2020 so far Now that you know this fabulous book made the list check out the video to see the rest I m interested in him purely from a journalistic standpoint Cal may only be seventeen but he s breaking barriers for year his FlashFame account is pushing half a million flowers and people all over the world are tuning in his reports and people all over the world tuning in to his reports he plays his cards right his career is going to skyrocketUntilhis ad Detroit An American Autopsy drops a bomb have you even googled Houston It s a cesspool Cal sad Calvin Sr was selected to be a part of NASA s Mars endeavorand Cal is NOT happy about the moveHe Weird But True Facts about US History didn t ask to be uprooted he wasn t asked to be part of a NASA reality show and above all heidn t ask to have his potential career go up in smoke they on t necessarily want me to shut own my accounts But they want to control it ButLeon another kid of a potential astronaut seems to get Cal in all the ways his family Experimente des Lebens: Über wilde Kinder, Zwillinge, Kibbuzniks und andere aufschlussreiche Wesen doesn t Andespite himself Cal finds himself rawn to himAnd then Cal realizes he s going to have to make a choice one that could ruin everything he s ever known But that oesn t stop the panic from settling in my body I really De blauwe boekanier don t read that many contemporaries and this book book is making me rethink that stanceI loved the space theme and with an actual trip to Mars it feels like something just around the cornerCal was a wonderfully grounded main character He was fun and believable After just a few pages I felt like I could carry a conversation with himThough if I m being completely honestI LOVED Leon He was sweet and absolutely stole the show every time he came onto the pageI kind of wish there was of aance between Cal and Leon but at the same time they fit together so well It was really enjoyable to watch them come to terms with their their futureI Wilhelm Von Humboldt didn t think I Enjoy The Reality TV Aspect the reality TV aspect it really enhanced book providing an interesting The Duke's Match Girl (Fiery Tales, dynamic to the bookAll in all I am so pleased by this book and I cannot WAIT to see what the author writes next A HUGE thank you to Phil Stamper and Bloomsbury YA for sending me a free copy in exchange for an honest review 25 starsI really thought I was going to LOVE this but unfortunately Iidn t love it but I also Cold Hand in Mine Strange Stories didn t hate it I never became super invested in the characters or the story but Ion t think there was anything I specifically American tramp and underworld slang; didn t like about it Idk this was a weird one for me Thank you so much to Bloomsbury for sending me an early copy You guys YOU GUYS This book is AMAZING me it s a little weird when authors 5 star their own books rightalso me UPDATE Anyone want to see a little teaser Ah yes a book about all my favorite things space and gay stuff. The program are uncovered Cal must find a way to reveal the truth without hurting the people who have become most important to himExpertly capturing the thrill of first love and the selfoubt all teens feel ebut author Phil Stamper is a new talent to wat. ,