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Eugen Kogon in Der Fr�hen Bundesrepublik eHe book which I felt should have been packed into a chapter or two It is annoying when a remark about a characters past is made and it is not revealed for the next 30 40 pages This has been repeated throughout The fantasylements in this book are admirable The Ashvins Maruts Andhaka Swords of Hellfire Dangerous Alliance etc will make you crave for and fantasy The story would have been dull if not for these fantasylements One plus about the story is that it تحرير المرأة في عصر الرسالة effortlessly moves from one plot to another It s not thatasy when you have hundreds of characters and places in one story The flaws I found may not be of great importance to many But I certainly thought they could have turned this into a much better book The first was the annoying bombardment of unfamiliar words It just breaks the flow of reading a thriller Author doesn t have to impress the reader by diction but by the art of story telling Secondly There is a huge scope for humor in this story which hasn t been She Changing Sex and Changing Clothes Dress Body Culture exploited much It s like that one piece of cashew in good day cashew biscuits More would have made it tastierAt thend of it I won t be able to resist reading the next book in this trilogy I ll have to put down Bad Company Part 1 everythinglse and read it I doubt it will be limited to trilogy as there is scope for 5 books at least Prepare to be blown away if you consider reading thisPS Where there s Vikram there s Betaal D D For the uninitiated Halahala is the poison that was churned from the oceans Aimez vous Brahms expecting Amrit instead It was deemed to be so potent that it could destroy the three universes and who better than the destroyer himself to consume the poison and saveveryone If the Halahala didn t Dreaming Water exist any what s the story about You have to read to find out because it has been crafted so beautifully Kudos to Shatrujeet Nath for bringing back Mythology and Fantasy in my reading habitat Recommended forveryone Mademoiselle Else especially for young adults to get familiar with our mythology which is mostly verbally passed on through generationsRead the full review here Epic Indian set fantasy with kings demons deadly MacGuffin pending apocalyse betrayals politics conspiracies and one meeellion characters All the fun of the fair in fact Injoyed this a lot as an Degete mici epic romp the massive cast somewhat overstretched my mental faculties at points but I got to gripsventually and liked the team of Guardians and the concept a lot There s a lot of Whiplash exposition and the writing is workmanlike but it s a good big twisty story with a vivid setting and lots of violent fantasy funEDIT Dear sweet Jesus only book 1 is available on Kobo What is the POINT of putting book 1 on Kobo and then making the others Kindle only Why do publishersven 2nd Grade Math Textbook exist Oh my God Deceived by hordes of positive reviews and being a fan of Indian Mythology I picked The Guardians Of Halahala the book one of Vikaramaditya Veergatha written by Shatrujeet NathAs I started reading the book the start was slow the pace remained slow throughout It felt like I was reading story of a Indian TV serial The book ualifiesvery uality to be a perfect Indian daily soap Useless conversations nothing happening in many chapters half of the chapters were wasted in character introduction too many characters the characters were not well built Author describes an Nursing Delegation Setting Priorities and Making Patient Care Assignments event and forgets it for a long time and then reintroduce thatvent again later in the book Even in fantasy I am reading this first time that Holika was consort of Hiranyaksh they actully were siblings and Andhak the blind Asura son of Lord Shiv worked under Hiranyaksh Disappointing Done with the series1 Star I have to admit at the very beginning that I accepted a review copy of this book from the author without The Handmade Silver Gelatin Emulsion Print even reading the blurb The reason behind it is the Author s debut novel The Karachi Deception I had absolutely loved it for his writing style Then again once I accepted and realized that this is a fantasy mythological book instead of a gritty thriller I felt apprehensive what if the author isn t as good in writing in a different genre from what I have already read and appreciated I need not have feared Shatrujeet Nath follows up his stunning thriller with anually Winter In Tokyo When Another Winter Comes enthralling fantasy bookDuring the Samudramanthan which produced a lot of treasure and Amrit in thend also produced a poison Halahala so potent that ven the fumes of it dropped the bodies of devas and Asuras alike Lord Shiva had swallowed it in order to save fumes of it dropped the bodies of devas and Asuras alike Lord Shiva had swallowed it in order to save universe from xtinction But what many people do not know is that a small amount remains and the owner of it could have a huge advantage in any battle Both Devas and Asuras are in search for it But Lord Shiva who knows the potential of it The Cat Encyclopedia: The Definitive Visual Guide entrusts Vikramaditya and his Navaratnas to guard it with their lifeI found the plot uitengrossing and different from anything that I have read from an Indian author so far We all know of the Samudramanthan and Halahala and we also know of Vikramaditya and his various tales When put together they indeed form something uniue Complimentary to the plot is its characterization The author has taken the age old characters and presented them in a new avatar The Gods Kao da me nema especially Lord Shiva seem so human in the story that one can almost identify with them But I have to say that Vikramaditya stands out among all of them With a wide choice of Devas and Asuras available I choose team human because Vikramaditya as the wielder of the Hellfires is really a formidable personality The author s style of writing is opulent andasy to get into at the same time He has not only maintained uality in writing but has also improved upon it I would recommend it to all mythology and fantasy lovers as it guarantees ntertainment with its plot action and twistshttpwwwb00kr3vi3wsin201501The Edit Added Author Interview linkEver since I read The Immortal of Meluha I became huge fan of the alternate history or mythology genre Half of my wishlist books are filled with this genre The Guardians of the Halahala was in my wishlist for than a year I got my hands on the book few weeks back And I considered myself lucky that I got author signed copyIndian mythological literature is pretty rich and deep During our college times we used to think why Indian authors were not recreating those stories Soon a trend of alternate history mythology stories started Today we find than 300 books in the genre But one has to put nough Le symbolisme en général effort to leave an impact on readers By combining stories of Samudra Manthan and Vikramaditya Shatrujeet has created mind bogglingpic The Vikramaditya Veerghatha Trilogy revolves around poison called Halahala In this first part the Lord Shiva himself has given responsibility of the Halahala sealed dagger to Vikramaditya As task was assigned by omniscient himself Vikramaditya being the Samrat of the Bharatvarsha and the king of Avanti considered the responsibility as illustriousness Vikramaditya didn t know why Shiva chosen him and Shiva didn t reveal it to him His t know why Shiva chosen him and Shiva didn t reveal it to him His of Nine had wholeheartedly accepted their kings decision to protect dagger Before accepting dagger Shindhuvrata was having threat from barbaric Huna Saka from the west After accepting dagger Maghadh became aggressive and started taking military actions in the ast to increase their prowess Avanti started getting attacks from Devas Asuras Counsellor of Avanti with their power and technology were able to counter those attacks but the devastation brought by attacks had already taken heavy toll on Ujjaini the CAPITAL OF AVANTI WITH HEAVY ANTICIPATION of Avanti With heavy anticipation few xciting revelation author finished the first part on high peak It is not possible for someone who liked the first part to not check second one Shatrujeet was able to match my xpectations It is a sure shot best read of this year in the mytho action thriller I will dig into second part ASAPDetailed review link interview lin. Hes It is now up to Samrat Vikramaditya and his Council of Nine to uell the supernatural hordes – and prevent the universe from tumbling into chaosA sweeping tale of honour and courage in the face of infinite danger greed and deceit The Guardians of the Halahala is a fantastical journey into a time of myth and legen. The Guardians of the Halahala Vikramaditya Veergatha #1The title and the cover of the book is fierce and dominates the appearance a dagger looking royal and pristine but bold nough to hint what the book beholdsWhile many may contemptuously flick history as tales of the dead and gone it has in recent times merged a one of the best received genre The art of combining fascinating history with appetizing mythology has not really been around but the Author seems to have carved his way in and has come to stay with a lasting impression The recipe remains a guarded secret for all you must know its voluminous amount of research and caliber served hot The Author has fused legend mythology the known the unknown and the lesser known with an applaud worthy lement of mystery He has sketched the characters of the tale racing against time and has maintained a generous pace Bon App titThe mythological The Scottish Companion element in the book is placed in a very contemporary setting which runs parallel to the VikramadityaraThe tale runs a narration across an honour the legendary King Vikramaditya upholds interknitted with although debatable yet an indelible incident of mythology the Amritmanthan The tale opens with an intriguing narration and holds the reader to a cliff hanger until the Greenlights end The Guardian of Halahala is themed on an unexpected plot It s a tale of courage wisdom passion kingship deceit defeat greed and victory The Vikramaditya trilogy sets off with a tale from mythology and historyReview Epic narrates that Lord Shiva the supreme god had swallowed the deadly all destructive poison The Halahala that was thrown out during the churning of the White Lake Halahala holds the capacity to annihilate thevil and the good the Devas and the Asuras to nilBut what remained untold and unknown was that a diminutive portion of the Halahala was stolen by a conniving asura and was hidden in a dagger What unfurls in this tale of strength and courage is the war to poses the poison coz the one who owns the lethal poison could destroy his Flirting with Forever enemy Overpowered by greed and thirst for power the Devas and Asuras havembarked upon a fierce battle Lord Shiva had acuired the poison and had guarded it for a time unknown now it was time to bestow the guardianship of the Halahala upon a protector safekeeper the king of his words the guard of honour King Vikramaditya and his council of nine priceless courtmen Duty bound to battle the Devas and Asuras the King and his council aboard a journey to PI-Pin Up, Driben exploit their intellect and strength to guard the poisonFrom the plots of the forces of Indra and Shukracharya only mankind can contest the mystic powers to save the universeShatrujeet Nath has created a very compelling and intriguing character sketch of Lord Shivavery arch in the narration brings him to life However to me the portrayal of King Vikramaditya was the awe worthy his might his intellect the courage the wisdom is very richly narrated The language is affluent and the book speaks to the readers There was no moment when the tale missed a beatWhat I loved The ntire novel is a fast pace thriller read Although there are multiple characters and depiction ach one stands distinct of the other A perfectly crafted hard hitting intense tale that takes readers to a time undiscovered Shatrujeet Nath commendably blends reality and fiction into one compelling tale maintaining steady and unexpected twist in the plotWhat could have been better There isn t anything The Wrong Twin essentially a put off in the book But I believe there was a tiny scope where the Author could have spiced up the political angle of the tale However with the lastingffect that the book has created this bit can be ignoredAll in All The story is interknitted with action brilliant storytelling and insightful of mythological and legendary lements that get under your skin and challenges the way you perceive history as only few of the talented authors can This was the book 1 of the Vikramaditya Triologylooking forward to the the book two in the seriesRead full review at Rightly named Vikramaditya Veerkadha the story happens after thousand years when Lord Shiva swallows Halahala a portion that gives victory to whoever has it Lord Shiva failed to drink the last portion of the Halahala and he can t drink it again to safeguard the universe from depletion as He nearly died the first time and he can t drink it again to safeguard the universe from depletion as He nearly died the first time this point of time I found Mahadeva Lord Shiva to be powerless when he sought help from VikramadityaHe is just like us needing help from trusted people once in a whileIt makes me wonder from an atheist point of view if there is any God is he powerless tooWhat is stopping HimHer to help the needy and downtrodden people I understand the author s way of thinking which is God has given the power to choose between right and wrong So if we are doing bad thingsgood things Karma will decide whether the we are doing bad thingsgood things Karma will decide whether the of heaven is open for us or we are going to be pushed into hell despite our likes and dislikes But playing with one s life is not a right behavior ven it is God Himself After reading the novel my perspective of looking at God changed totally I was uestioning my beliefNow coming on to the Halahala the angels of Devaloka and demons of Patala compete among themselves to get it which is stored in a dagger s hilt Who is going to win It is a battle between the good and the The Instruction Living the Life Your Soul Intended evilVikramaditya and his nine councilmen who are all humans arentrusted by Lord Shiva to guard the dagger that contains a small amount of Halahala Will they succeed despite so many odds Because their lives are at stake How can they save themselves from Asuras and Devas and also from hunas and sakasWe all have read the mighty king Vikramaditya s story in our childhood days but this one is a totally different take from the books we have all read The nine councilmen who accompany Vikramaditya on his journey to succeedThat is why the novel is called The guardians of Halahala Not only these people are in this book there are so many intriguing characters which occasionally makes us forget who is who only in the first half Second half is fineWhen I started reading the novel I had a feeling I will not like it The prologue was not that impressive to capture my mind though it did give me a glimpse of what I already know that is Vikramaditya is the chosen one to do the job given by Lord Shiva Will he succeedHell yesIf the author changes his mind in the next series just forgive me please The novel is very simple but the suspense of what we are going to find next the hardships that Vikramaditya and his nine council men are going to undergo the mystery unraveling itself gave me a satisfactory readI have read mythological thrillers before and watched movies tooLord of the rings but not like this one I can t believe how the author managed to write a book that readers of all ages love If you like mythological thrillers this one is tailor made for you Each #character speaks volumeThere are lots of twists and turns in this well plotted story I #speaks volumeThere are lots of twists and turns in this well plotted story I this book is written basically around Hindu myths I am still in the learning process but I can do a comparison of certain things like omniscient Lord demons angels witches flesh The Merovingian Mythos and the Mystery of Rennes le Chateau eating pishachas and spirits as no human knows the full story of how the universe was formed with proofAs the book is 400 pages long I took breaks to read it That doesn t mean the book is not a compelling read Indeed it is the opposite I devouredach page so much that will feel like bragging to some of you King Vikramaditya is loyal down to Supernatural the Life of William Branham Book 4 earth and valiantnough to lead the nine council men towards brighter future for himself and his people His love for Vishaka Lear, Tolstoy and the Fool even though she is in a vegetative state for almost two years is heart touching Let me start by stating the obviousThe Guardians of the Halahala is unlike any book you have read in the Indian historical fiction genre till date The beginning of. A good work of mytho fiction Anand NeelakantanTHE PRICE OF A PROMISE PAID IN BLOODThe deadly Halahala the all devouring poison churned from the depths of the White Lake by the devas and asuras was swallowed by Shiva to save the universe fromxtinctionBut was the Halahala truly destroyedA small portion still remains A trilogy it Intelligence and Spirit effortlessly combines religion legend history andven one of the most iconic characters from our fables bringing a uniue perspective to their storyreview Godyears bookIt all begins with one of Lord Shiva s most iconic moments one that reuires not just the devas and asuras but also Lord Vishnu to work beside Empiricism and the Philosophy of Mind each other The churning of the Ocean of milk to attain the nectar of immortality Amrit first produces somethinglse though the deadly Halahala poison which is swallowed whole by Lord Shiva as per mythologyOnly that is not Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Bestiary 2 entirely accurate A small portion of the Halahala was in fact siphoned away by an alert asura who hides it within an object When Shiva finally gets his hands on it he is faced with a conundrum neither does he wish to retain possession of the object nor does he trust the devas or asuras where safekeeping of such a potentially dangerous weapon capable of mass destruction is concernedThe one he finally chooses is no deva or asura but a mere mortal Chandragupta Vikramaditya the king of Avanti aided by his Navaratnas the nine gems of his court Vikramaditya will find out that being the titular Guardian of the Halahala is not nearly as simple as concealing the destructive object as he becomes the centre of attention not just of his mortalnemies but also the devas and asurasWhat stood out for me in this book1 Attention to detailThat is Head Citations essential in any novel but almost paramount when youndeavour to write historical fiction because the characters already xist in some form in the minds of the reader unlike uniue new characters we create in normal fiction And that is where Shatrujeet Nath shows his class Each character is immaculately fleshed out and precise thought is given to world building for a larger narrative There is a map at the beginning to visualise the world you are ntering and a glossary at the كتاب تنقيح المناظر لذوى الأبصار والبصائر end to aid you in knowing places and people from history who grace the storyline2 CharacterisationIn a good story the characters are neverasily defined as good and 1000 essential movies on video evil Never is that apparent than here as you get to see the various shades of morality depicted in the Gods and demons alike both in a race to get this deadly power for their own selfish reasons Vikramaditya and his loyal posse will win your heart as they stand out here fighting the just fight against odds that on paper should be stacked heavily against them Avanti vs the devasasuras Hunst al gulp Even the Lord Shiva you meet is very different from what you imagined3 PaceThe author brings in the same frenetic Disarm energy from his previous book here With so many characters at his disposal he still does not allow things to slow down as he moves across scenarios and settings making this a pure thriller for the reader as opposed to just a tale of historical fiction The battle seuences too work brilliantly here as you canasily visualize them as you read4 Twists in the taleThe little twists and unexpected turns in the tale are First Drop of Crimson essential to make the reader nod in appreciation In a storyline of this magnitude you need to have a few tricks in the bag to grant Vikramaditya the upper hand in his battle against the asuras and devas Also look out for a face we are all familiar with as you traverse the transitional land between life and death That and the utilisation of the character is a mark of pure creativity5 LanguageWith his first book Shatrujeet Neet had already shown that he knew how to tell a tale well Here too you do not need to worry as the same fluency andase with language come into play A big shout out to the The Poet editor too for a job well done hereA couple of years ago I had the pleasure of reviewing the author s first book The Karachi Deception and had found it to be one of the best spy thrillers by an Indian author A part of me had been a little disappointed then when I had realised he was transitioning towards historical fiction because I really loved his style in the former genre and wanted I am happy to say that Shatrujeet Nath has made me a convert this is an author who handles his devas asuras and kings just as deftly and confidently as he had previously done with the various army men and spies across both sides of the border whilexecuting Project Abhimanyu in his first bookThe Guardians of the Halahala by Jaico Publishing is a wonderful new world for you to nter a thriller set in a world which seems familiar when you hear the names of the characters within it and yet will make you realise there is to them as you get to know themI am going with a Maximum Rating Of 5 rating of 5 of 5 for this book Anyone who can successfully combine the nergy of an action thriller while creating a new iteration of a world that we thought we knew deserves no less than thathttpwwwgodyearsnet201503book I had my Eleven eye on this book since long and finally I got chance to read it and I am really glad that I picked up this book My favourite genres are mythology and fiction and this book is perfect combination of both The story begins with the scene of Samudramanthan My grandparents used to tell me the stories regarding mythology and I have heard few stories regarding it Halahala is the most powerful poison that has been derived from this process So the Deva and Danava reuested the lord Shiva and Shiva drank that poison to save thearth The book is first part of Vikramaditya VeergathaI loved the book The story is written so wonderfully It has very different and uniue plot Well written Authors has done really nice job Amazing use of vocabulary and language Page turner All the characters have been portrayed well And I loved the politics woven around the plot There are number of characters that holds the interest of the reader Unexpected twists and turns take place So plot is #Completely Unpredictable During Whole #unpredictable During whole I felt like I was watching a nice movie and I would definitely love to see movie based on this book As this is the first book of the triology I cannot wait to read other two books Indeed nice one A must read for all the mythology and fiction lovers When I was 10 I was introduced to this story of King Vikramaditya and Betaal or Vikram aur Betaal I was fascinated by both the characters Vikram for being human and yet having courage to carry a ghost on his back and Betaal For His Wicked Sense his wicked sense humor Some years later I was introduced to one story of Vikramaditya ie Singhasan Battisi Since then I have seen him as a courageous and righteous king like no one He was like Ram of modern world My interest in this characters made me read this bookI had read a great deal of praise about this book and I wanted to finish this last year Somehow I couldn t It s for the good because it has given me a great start for this year Long time back during the Smaudra Manthan Halahala a deadly poison was released Devas and Asuras were both affected from the Halahala and it posed great thread to the whole creation Both Devas and asuras approached Lord Mahadev to save them Lord Mahadev decided to drink all the Halahala to save the world But a small potion of the Halahala was stolen by an asura named Veeshada who had traps it safely inside a dagger The dagger was under safe custody of Shiva who is no one but Mahadeva himself living in the Himalayas Shiva decided to hand over the dagger to Vikramaditya so that he could meditate in peace Now it is Vikramaditya s responsibility to protect the dagger from both Devas and asuras who want to possess it to have an upper hand over their Intermediate ROBLOX Programming enemyThe story is powerfully weaved never letting the grip loosen once the introduction part is over The characters Navratnas or the nine councilors or Vikramaditya play major role in this book There is of them than Vikramaditya himself It works so well that you ll love at least two of the characters from the Navratnas Their background stories have been scattered over ?? a weapon powerfulnough to guarantee victory to whoever possesses it And both asuras and devas locked in battle for supremacy will stop at nothing to claim itAs the forces of Devaloka and Patala led by Indra and Shukracharya plot to possess the Halahala Shiva turns to mankind to guard it from their murderous clutc. ,