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Kers really Muslim Al aeda personnel or are they CIAMosad agentsSo I gathered that he was a Pakistani Professor of the Humanities who was based in London he talks about Pakistan and London a lot and who was sick and tired of two extremes He disliked social scientists and post structural theorists who advocated material SCIENCE AS MUCH AS HE HATED RELIGIOUS FUNDAMENTALISTS WHO as much as he hated religious fundamentalists who scientific facts such as evolution And he kept saying join s But how Seriously The Illuminati is supposedly a secret cult How can one join it How can one discover their Lodges or phone numbersI completed this book thinking I should have spent my time actually reading Critical Theory instead The author not only hails Nietzsche but he talks about the niverse in a constant state of becoming Deleuze he criticizes capitalism and calls for a euitable distribution of wealth he mocks the hypperality of the world we live in and champions a meritocracy and so on and so forth A single Introduction to Critical Theory is a thousand times beneficial than reading this book So don t waste your time on it thinking you ll learn a few key scientific or philosophical conceptsAs for my knowledge about the Illuminati well it s as cloudy as it was starting the bookAt the end I found myself asking the same estions that led me to purchasing the book in the first place Who
Were The Illuminati Of 
the Illuminati of past Who are the Illuminati of the present What is the Illuminati s relationship to secularism What is the Illuminati s relationship to paganism The book says the society plans to rule the world to build a meritocracy And it also says it will make many small communities each with their own government For instance a community of Muslims A community of Christians A community of Atheists Then according to the book all these diverse communities will somehow magically realize that they are all retarded an. Rich just keep getting richer and the poor poorer 100% tax restores the law of nature; it brings healthy social euilibrium It prevents the formation of family dynasties that bestride the globe for centuries It gives everyone a fair chance in life The world should turn at last to meritocracy where people get ahead on the basis of what they know rather than who they know; where hard work and talent count for infinitely than having the right name and connections We live in a two tier world of privilege where all those who do not belong to the charmed inner circle are second class citizens How much longer will you tolerate being pushed ar. ,
Inverting The ParadigmThis book forces the reader to reconsider all he or she has been taught to believe I recommend strongly to anyone looking for a shift in paradigmatic perception I am tterly disappointed in this bookFirst off Adam Weishaupt is the name of the Illuminati s founder and thus it is "merely a pseudonym as this book was published "a pseudonym as this book was published The book is called The Illuminati Paradigm Shift so I was at least expecting1 A decent historical overview of the society2 A decent summary of current events3 A decent proposal for a new "Paradigm Shift According To " shift according to Illuminati s principlesHowever it didn t deliver It is rather a violent and oftentimes puerile attack on Abrahamic religions especially Islam The very brief expositions on material culture dealt with England and Pakistan While wading through the countless WTF and Are you fucking insane and lets not forget retarded I got the impression that the writer was not a member of the Illuminati but a drunk Pakistani professor of the Humanities who happened to be based in LondonThe gist of the book is the followingThe Illuminati believes in the Nietzschean concept of the Superman Its members hate all people of religious faith atheists and agnostics They only respect people who believe that human beings are God like entities and that our job is to achieve this power More than 90% of our body is composed of microbes says the book which means that we have within s entities of the divineIn a series of short disconnected sections the book discusses the garden variety subjects of scientific and philosophical interest What is the transcendental dimensions of the Big Bang Which is the better system to govern our lives Capitalism or Socialism How are people divided according to personality types And so on and so forth At the end it even included a comical discussion of 911 conspiracy theories Are the hijac. What is the nature of the New World Order proposed by the Pythagorean Illuminati the world's most ancient and controversial secret societyThe Illuminati advocate the replacement of democracy by meritocracy the abolition of all monarchies dynastic families and privileged elites How can the corrupt reign of the Old World Order finally be brought to an end The Illuminati have proposed the most radical and revolutionary redistributive policy of all time 100% inheritance tax With this single measure the iniuitous rule of elite families such as the Rothschilds and Bushes would be terminatedThe super rich defy the natural law of the regression to the mean The. .

D that they will want to embrace meritocracy as a system Now we all know that the Illuminati relates to a New World Order I very much doubt that this is what they had in mind But even if they did the book does not tell s how they propose to achieve their paradigm shift What did the book does not tell s how they propose to achieve their paradigm shift What the Illuminati s relationship to the Church of Satan the Baphomet The Knights Templar or Muslims Baphomet shift What the Illuminati s relationship to the Church of Satan the Baphomet The Knights Templar or Muslims Baphomet all is the corruption of Muhammad in Old French which means that it has a connection to the Crusades and the Christian s feud with Muslims throughout the Middle Ages What is the Illuminati s connection to mind control the Nazi s and CIA s experiments MK ULtra or Monarch Programming How is the Illuminati sing various industries both locally and globally to instigate the paradigm shift whatever it is What is the Illuminati s views on reality fantasy the real world and the the ideal world hyperreality mechanical production the digital age the age of the spectacle 3D audio visuals touch screens infrared technology and satellites And eually as important what is the Illuminati s relationship to drug culture The Illuminati for example are said to have originated during the Age of Enlightenment and their intention was to awaken the people from the darkness of the Middle Ages which was they claim propagated by the Church s enslavement of rational thought When the Illuminati say they bring the light or truth it means that they bring reality where fantasy or false reality had originally clouded one s judgment So how does the Illuminati regard mass culture which is seen by Marx for example as false consciousness And how do its members regard drugs Does a state of intoxication bring one closer to Godliness and therefore to truth and illumination or does it cause "BLINDNESS THE WAY THAT POP MUSIC FOR INSTANCE DULLS "the way that pop music for instance dulls senses and stupefies peopleFinal thoughts waste of time and money. Ound by the elite If you don't want to be a slave all of your life get off your knees Stand p to the privileged criminals who run the world When they die strip them of all their ill gotten assets and return them to the Commonwealth to the people from whom they were stolen in the first placeIt's time for the most radical paradigm shift It's time for meritocracyDo not read this book if you are a closed minded Abrahamist conspiracy theorist or freeloader The material provided by the Pythagorean Illuminati is not for petty cheap narrow minded religious fanatics and those who believe in ReptiliansIt's time to get real It's time for the Illuminati Revolutio.