PDF/EBOOK [The Immortal Vow (Rite World: Rite of the Vampire Saga, #3; Rite World #3)] BY Juliana Haygert

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Si Kaitlin at ang Game Machine dMain male character and love interest of Thea I loved Drake a lot in this book He was again seriously hot and very very protective of Thea He had even reason to be in this book Drake also always stood by Thea and he supported her with herecisions This made me have a lot of respect for him Drake had also come a long way from the first book and I Felt Like He Knew Himself And Found What He Was like he knew himself and found what he was looking for I loved that this "book was written from both Thea and Drake s point of views "was written from both Thea and Drake s point of views the first two books were The synopsis made it sound like it was only going to be written from Thea s point of view but the first two books were written from ual point of view so I m really happy that this book was too It allowed for me to connect and understand both characters and it allowed for things to happen in the plot especially as the characters spent a small bit of time apart I m also really sad this book is the final book in this series I ve really enjoyed this series and it s been a bit of a roller coaster journey for the characters so I m sad that their journey is over The ending was left at the perfect place though and summed up the characters romance beautifully I now can t wait to check out this author s other books that I haven t read yet and give them a read I can t wait to see what she s going to release next too The cover for this book is also perfect for it I loved it as soon as I saw it and it suits the other covers in the series perfectly I love that it has both Thea and Drake on it and the models are again perfect representations of them Big thank you to Juliana for an ARC of The Immortal Vow The Immortal Vow by Julianna Haygert a five star read you will vow to love This is the third book in the Rite of the Vampire saga and they have gone from strength to strength we have seen Thea Harrington and Drake DuMoir come together and become so much stronger but will they be strong enough to win a

war add to 
add to Thea s sickness and probable eath if they To Kill a Mockingbird don t figure a way to save her before time runs out it creates a thrilling read that will have you reading each page uicker than the last it s a compelling read and you will need to finish this book once you start it soon t start reading it if you Exit Berlin don t have time t finish it in one sitting Thank you Julianna Haygertyou re your amazing words. ?llie soonI just hope it’s after we win this warAn exciting and mysterious paranormal romance novel The Immortal Vow is an exuisite new adult fantasy featuring a brooding vampire prince and a spirited witch ueen Fans of A Shade of Vampire by Bella Forrest and The Vampire Diaries will become addicted to this seri. .
The Immortal Vow (Rite World: Rite of the Vampire Saga, #3; Rite World #3)Holy Immortal LoveI m in awe of the epic conclusion of the Rite Of The Vampire Saga Juliana brought love war intrigue magic Incredibly written characters a strong powerful storyline that keeps you turning the pages late into the nightI Finding God in the Waves don t think Juliana plans for a spin off if sheid I would be first in line to buy a copy Amazing read Wow this story is amazing Drake Thea face everything that s thrown at them and still manage to smile This entire series is full of twists and turns that you on t see coming but I couldn t stop reading I received "An ARC In Return For An Honest "ARC in return for an honest but I will be buying it when it s released A truly satisfying conclusion to this trilogy I ve read the first 2 of this series and eagerly awaited this final installment and it oesn t isappoint The romance between witch Thea and vampire Drake is further complicated in this installment as the paranormal world is in upheaval They and their friends a werewolf a ghost and a warlock are in hiding from the other powerful being around them This story is full of suspense And Emotion With A Fulfilling emotion with a fulfilling to the saga A wonderful end to such a great story Thea and Drake are such a strong couple and very evoted to each other Together they face no matter what is thrown at them and try to prevail There s a lot of surprises and action that keep you turning the page wanting to know what happens next As the plot unravels uickly it makes you feel like you re at the edge of the seat as each character must The Animus determine who are friend or foe This book wasefinitely well written with strong characters and an intriguing plot it s Worth The Read I Highly Recommend It the read I highly recommend it to the author for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Boy oh boy A Reason to Breathe The Friessens does Juliana Haygert s Rite of the Vampire series get better and better I ve now finished book 3 The Immortal Vow and let me just say wow This novel truly is uite simply wonderful This tale had just what I wanted and was well written and with a great plot and great cast of characters Thea the lead here is perfectly crafted and her supporting cast especially her beloved Drake is also superb It s an emotional rollercoaster of a story this time but well worth the ride But for the fact that I m literallyictating this review to my husband from my hospital bed I could go on and A young woman facing Vinte Mil Léguas Submarinas death A man racing against time And an upcoming war that might be the end of it all When Drake and I arrived at our new home I could pretend it had been all aream A nightmare Here we are safe and happy and togetherOur safety and comfort are only temporaryDrake and I know that to reach the peac. N with praises the book efinitely "deserves it Since I can t o that I will simply note that the book is most efinitely "it Since I can t o that I will simply note that the book is most Marking Time Memoir of a Vietnam Veteran Against the War definitely to read it is easy to highly recommend This book was issued by the author An honest review was given by choice not in exchange for anythingWhat a fitting end to this series I wondered often where this story was headed What would happen to everyone I m so pleased and happy elation is a word that comes to mind This book had so many ups andowns that I couldn t begin to guess what the outcome would be These 5 characters eserved some peace Juliana is truly gifted Read the series from start to end I absolutely loved every moment of reading this story from the very I absolutely loved every moment of reading this story from the very book to this one I am really hoping there will be of this story to come But even if there isn t the ending was wonderful anyways It s by far one of my favorite reads I highly recommend this series It s super addicting and leaves you wanting The characters are kickass and the romance is swoon worthy It s AWESOME Author Juliana Haygert has made me a fan I received ARCs of the first two books in this series and really enjoyed them so I was excited to receive an email from the author offering me an ARC of this book Luckily I was able to start reading this book as soon as I received it because I had just finished my current read I also could sort of remember what happened at the end of the last book but this book id a fantastic job of reminding you what happened and continuing the characters story The plot also La agonía de Europa developed at a fast pace and only took me a few sittings to read because it was so short I loved theirection that the author took the plot in and she put in a few twist and took the plot in and she put in a few twist and too These changed the plot a lot and explained a lot of things There were a few hot scenes in the plot too and they were really really hot The characters were also amazing and made this book even better Thea was again the main female character and in this book she was sort of all over the place and was having a hard time catching a break This made me feel sorry for her Thea also The Compleat Invocation discovered uite a few big secrets in this book and these had a big impact on her and her future Thea was strong though and tried her best to keep going She was alsoetermined in this book and just wanted to win the war and have peace Drake was again the. E we seek to be really free of the past we need to return and fight back We need to put an end to this chaos and madness We need to face the vampires the witches the werewolves and we need to winBut since fleeing the last battle I’ve been sick and it’s only getting worse If we can’t find a way of saving me I?.