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The Karmadont Chess Set The Way of the Shaman #5The end Building Blocks for Planning Functional Library Space has enraged me I am furious that I must wait for resoloution admist thisate filled cloud of discontent F K YOU Phoenix The ending utterly ruined this series for me It feels like a cheap way to amp up the drama of the series to keep the reader invested by basically pressing the RESET BUTTON ON THE POV CHARACTER S PERSPECTIVE OF button on the POV character s perspective of game world and everyone in itUpdateI ighly recommend reading The Hour of Pain which is a short story follow up to this book It makes The Ending To The ending to The Chess Set much bearable I m not going to change my score because the ending is still really bad and this short story very short should ave been put at the end of the book rather than sold separately Stacy is a troglodyteThe first 4 books in this series were fun light reads that Les Derniers Hommes had me shaking myead at the MC s stupidity and the easy way things Золотые яблоки Гесперид happened forim This book isn t like that About 14 through I started dreading what new way Stacy was going to betray Meathook Seed [Uk Only] him and atalf way through I was putting the book down and walking away from it for a day All of the joy and fun ad vanished I will give the author credit for making me feel strongly but I usually try to avoid feeling what I felt reading this book The only reason I m usually try to avoid feeling what I felt reading this book The only reason I m the 6th book is I want to see Plinto and the Mahan smash that unprintable Stacy out of the game Plinto and the zombie are the only ones who don t betray Mahan Sorry if that is a spoiler but you really need to know that someone is true to Mahan My usband telling me that is the only reason I finished this book and started the next one 47 The twist at the end was so great before it Diamond Setting The Professional Approach happened the book was at best H Shamanates the daily grind He wants a new apprentice then TCM Classic Movie Trivia he'd better find someone whoas no right to summon Spirits A new ship it's going to be one of a kind A new love Well we'll ave to see won't. ,

Aman level which incidentally included taking a pupil and develop is clan Thanks to some of 25 Etudes faciles Opus 100 --- Piano his initial clan memberse managed to avoid all the bureaucratic jobs his clan Thanks to some of My Education A Book of Dreams his initial clan memberse managed to avoid all the bureaucratic jobs them to capable people instead Everything was fine and dandy except for some very minor but very suspicious The Zoo Gang happenings that Mahan did notave time to think about being always busy Who would Narada’s Bhakti Sutra: Verses on Connecting with the Divine Infinite Through the Path of Love and Surrender have thought a MMORPG would keep a guy busier than normal soul draining 9 to 5 job does In any way some insignificant events can lead to a global cataclysm if unattended as we all knowStarting with the previous book the amount of influential players became too big for me to memorize all their names This fact began bothering me I was passively following the flow of the story without bothering to think about it tooard At this point the plot became somewhat repetitive not to the point of being boring but enough for me to realize its repetitiveness I was ready to give 3 stars and then the ending cameDat ending For people that say it was totally unexpected and out of character please reread the previous books starting with the
*third where this *
where this subplot appeared All the signs were there if you look for them So yes the last chapter alone bumped the rating by one star and made me start the next book right away this was in the middle of the night by the way I was staying late to finish last chapters of this book I could not stop Still people were so upset that the author Starting Over at Acorn Cottage: a heartwarming and uplifting romance had to write a short story The Hour of Pain just to explain what exactlyappened Yes I Candlestick Charts have read it too It was a retelling of exactly the same events but from a different point of view Loved ItThe betrayal at. Its new owner while Geranika is nursing new schemes of global destruction Would Mahan beappy with this predictable old life We think not New storylines new monsters new dungeons and a new status our Hig.

Summary The Karmadont Chess Set The Way of the Shaman #5

I am not in a good place right now to nope nope *Fuck That Ending Can *That ending Can wait for 6 Worst ending to a series I ve ever readIf the goal was to alienate your entire audience well done You ve successfully trashe One of the best LitRPG series out thereThis is one of the best LitRPG series out there My ONLY complaint is that while books 6 and 7 are finished alas they are awaiting translation into English So not a real complaint I ate just waiting and wish I could Read Russian So I Russian so I read them right now Otherwise great addition to the series and I can t wait to see what the Shaman will do next It doesnt appen often that I finish a book and ave no idea ow I feel about it I love this series I The Sea of Light have devoured every volume so far and this was no exception but that ending The worst part is probably that the next book isnt available and it will likely be months at least before the next installment is translated and published The ending of this book was just such auge Kochen fr Kinder (GU Familienkche) hammerblow to everything that sappened so far that it left me shellshockedI won t go into spoilers as far as the ending goes but suffice it to say that I did not see this coming perhaps the ints were there but ending goes but suffice it to say that I did not see this coming perhaps the ints were there but ve seldom encountered any writer willing to blow such bomb in their stories I will pick up the next installment when it comes out and I will likely even pay the money to read the 20 pages short story that s been published about that ending but damn I ve taken uite a blow in my love for this series and all I can say is that the author better make it up to me Mahan The Shadow of the Torturer had to tackle several problems at the same time finish some uniue uests developis castle develop Nietzsche's New Darwinism his sh. Mahan's ready for new adventures just as the gaming world of Barliona thought it was about to re enter its old comfortable rut The winds of the Dark Forestave finally died down; Altameda زهرة التفاسير has recognized.