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Nt in my class Sometimes I discussed with my students about literature and I told them of novels and poem I found it very strange that students about literature and I told them of novels and poem I found it very strange that students had no interest in literature and even sometimes looked with hostility to this discussion Days passed and much time was left to the end of school year One day I saw Ali Afghan student came to me and had a booklet in his hand and I saw in his eyes several times as if he wanted to say a booklet in his hand and I saw in his eyes several times as if he wanted to say but he was uiet I waited for a little and after a few moments I began to speak He smiled and with a special Afghan accent he said I have written a story sir and became uiet again I said it s excellent and I asked do you read books Yes sir he replied I asked what kind of books do you like Mark Twain and John Steinbeck and Jules Verne he answered I asked what you have written He replied I wrote a story about a 13 years old Afghan boy who immigrated to Iran I ot his booklet and I read it in a week It was a dark story A week later we discussed again after class Ali invited me to John & Yoko/Plastic Ono Band: in their own words & with contributions from the people who were there go his house at night for reading books I was pleased and Ireeted this plan When night arrived I took the kite runner and went to Ali s home When I entered the house I saw a house with mud walls that has no rooms except a small hull that there was a table in the middle of it and almost nine children were dining Of clothes of Ali s father it was obvious that he was a building worker and he welcomed me very sincerely I thanked him and I went to the storehouse in the corner of the yard that Ali had made it a place to be alone Ali took the book and with incredible passion began to read This process was repeated almost every night for a week and we have read half of the Kite Runner Among pages of the book Ali informed me about Afghanistan explained of how twenty people entered Iran with a small car illegally and secretly Of how his classmates ridiculed him because of his Afghan accent of how he was forced to work in a brick burner factory all days after the school of how his dad has forced him to marry at the age of 13 in the summer "THEN ALI PROCEEDED TO SPEAK THAT HE WANTS TO "Ali proceeded to speak that he wants to a writer and prizes the Nobel award I saw in his room that he had Ferdowsi Omar Khayyam Hafiz and Rumi s book poem When I looked at his face I saw an unusual man who was ahead of his time and situation Ali said because Afghans have been banned of the registration in public schools in Tehran he is forced to register in a private school and now he and his mother must work hard to pay school chargesThe next week I went to class but I didn t see Ali When I asked the മലയാള കവിതാസാഹിത്യ ചരിത്രം guys about him they replied that because his father hadn t citizenship card and passport he was arrested and all of them have deported to Afghanistan I was agitated that I couldn t continue reading Kite Runner never Even I felt so depressed and sad when I saw the book in bookstores Until this spring after three years Iot a message in WhatsApp messenger from Ali that congratulated teachers day to me He was written that he married to a Akışkanlar Mekaniği ve Hidrolik girl who was in love with her and they have a two months oldirl baby He was written he is working at a bookstore in Kabul and he has read almost thousand books in three years He was written they have the 4G Internet in Kabul and I replied him it s supposed to we have 4G in Tehran as well soon When I received the message I could reread the Kite Runner It was a reat book especially for me recall nostalgia of tired immigrants and unfavorable circumstances 139. And friendship told against the devastating backdrop of the history of Afghanistan over the last thirty years The Kite Runner is an unusual and powerful novel that has become a beloved one of a kind classic khaledhosseinic. The Kite RunnerLleg determinado libro Infinindad de frases y momentos para el recuerdo ueda pendiente la pel cula muy prontoHasta la pr xima This is a wonderful moving novel set in the Afghanistan of the early 70 s and of today about a young boy and his friend rowing up in Kabul Amir desperately wants his father s approval but baba is not father s approval but Baba is not to ive it He is a rich man brimming with macho vibrancy while his son is a different sort altogether Amir is fast friends with Hassan the son of his father s servant They are as close as brothers But beset by bullies an event occurs that changes Amir s life There is much death and horror in THIS PORTRAIT OF A TORTURED COUNTRY portrait of a tortured country there is also emotional richness and a look into the inner life By the end of the book there was not a dry eye in the house It is recommended unreservedly A wonderful tale movingly told Due to the large number of negative comments I ve received including death wishes I ve added the following reuestPlease do not take this review or yourself too seriously when reading it I became what I am today at the age of twenty nine on a frigid overcast day in the winter of 2008 What I am today at the age of twenty nine on a frigid overcast day in the winter of 2008 What I about to tell you about what I became is oing to be very shocking It is Bigger Secrets More Than 125 Things They Prayed You'd Never Find Out going to manipulate your emotions It may include some random words in my native language for no reason whatsoever It will teach you unnecessary things about my culture It will not be smarter than a fifthrader And it will include as many cliches and as much foreshadowing as is humanly possible You are Digital Holography going to be shocked I for one never saw it coming So I doubt you will Get ready Aren t you so ready to be shocked You re neveroing to see this comingWhat comes next is the big revelation so Reaper Unexpected Deadside Reapers get readyWait I need to ask you something first Did you know that the Irish like potatoes Yeah we really enjoy them And alcohol too It s prettyreat Erin Go Bragh This means Ireland Forever Unfortunately you will be very sad to know that my father just died due to an Irish car bomb Well about 15 of them to be exact All on an empty stomach It makes me sad and you should feel sad too kind readerOk on to the big reveal Here it isOn that frigid overcast day which happened to be the day that I decided to uit reading The Kite Runner I became a book snob Because The Kite Runner is adored by most people who read it I am forced to conclude that most people need to read A whole lot You should be embarrassed if you like this book Seriously The moment I became a book snob shortly after The Scene I became so embarrassed to be seen reading it that I accused the Hakkeyoi Vol 2 guy sitting next to me on the subway of putting the book on my lap while I wasn t paying attention How dare you sir Have you no decency I exclaimed excitedly in my native language Then I noticed a monkey on the platform waiting to board a train I uickly hopped off my train ran to him handed him the book and said Top O the Mornin to ya EnjoyLater that day I saw that monkey flying a kite in front of the Washington Monument I noticed that thelass string wasn t making his hands bloody Do you know why He was wearing loves Please note that I have absolutely no appreciation for life and realityBart Bondeson who claims to be a better person for having read this book suggested that I make this clarification to my review Thanks for the suggestion Bart Hopefully that clears things up for those who were wondering In 2012 when I was Mathematics teacher at a private high school in Iran I had an Afghan stude. Estroyed It is about the power of reading the price of betrayal and the possibility of redemption; and an exploration of the power of fathers over sons their love their sacrifices their liesA sweeping story of family love. ,

Two little friends an unspeakable secret and a uest for redemptionAmir and Hassan are two little boys living in the peaceful Afghanistan of 1975 before the russian invasion and the subseuent civil wars Amir is the spoiled son of a wealthy and prominent merchant Hassan is the cleft lipped son of an inferior caste and a servant in the house they both live in During their childhood they become fervent competitors in kite fighting tournaments and unuestionable friends Until one fateful day a traumatic event starts radually separating them forever apart Decades later the dark secret that separated them so many years ago starts re emerging A secret that ends revealing long forgotten family betrayals Wars And Ethnic Differences That and ethnic differences that two little inseparable boys into very different life pathsA novel about the inherent strengths and weaknesses in each person the I Survived The Great Molasses Flood 1919 I Survived guilts and the terrible conseuences of trying to endure them or avoid themHighly recommendable very powerful inexplicably painful There are books that tell an uniue unforgettable story but there are a few special ones that also have the exceptional uality of transmitting something immensely valuable about the culture of a foreign country beyond the deeply ideological differences pros and cons you may find with such society And like I hold Shantaram as an uneualled novel about indian culture I will hold Kite Runner as an inestimable novel about afghan And I remain hopeful of ever finding books like these two regarding any foreign culture Few times I suffered so much with a book but the level of suffering is aood measure of how much you strongly and deeply connected with said book An infinity of uotes and moments to rememberStill remaining the movie sometime soonUntil next time Dos peue os amigos un secreto inconfesable y una cruzada por la redenci nAmir y Hassan son dos peue os ni os viviendo en la pac fica Afganist n de 1975 antes de la invasi n rusa y las subsiguientes uerras internas Amir n de 1975 antes de la invasi n rusa y las subsiguientes uerras internas Amir el hijo mimado de un prominente y rico se or comerciante Hassan el hijo de labio leporino de una casta inferior y sirviente de la casa en la ue ambos viven Durance la infancia se vuelven fervientes competidores en torneos de lucha de barriletes y amigos incuestionables Hasta ue un fat dico d a un hecho traum tico termina radualmente separ ndolos para siempre D cadas despu s el oscuro secreto ue los separ tantos a os atr s vuelve A Resurgir Un Secreto Ue Termina Revelando Olvidadas Traiciones Familiares resurgir Un secreto ue termina revelando olvidadas traiciones familiares y diferencias tnicas ue llev a dos peue os ni os inseparables por muy diferentes caminos de vida Una novela sobre la fortaleza y la debilidad inherente en cada persona sobre la culpa y las terribles consecuencias de tratar de sobrellevarla o evadirla Muy recomendable muy fuerte inexplicablemente doloroso Hay libros ue cuentan una historia nica e inolvidable pero existen algunos muy especiales ue adem s tienen la excepcional cualidad de trasmitir algo inestimable sobre la cultura de otro pa s m s all de las profundas diferencias ideol icas pros y contras ue uno pueda ver en dicha sociedad Y as como estimo a Shantaram como una novela inigualable sobre la cultura india tendr a Kite Runner como un fruto inestimable de la cultura afgana Y me mantengo esperanzado de encontrarme alguna vez con otras novelas como stas dos sobre cualuier cultura extranjera Pocas veces sufr tanto con un libro pero la medida del sufrimiento es una buena medida de lo profundamente ue conectaste y te. The unforgettable heartbreaking story of the unlikely friendship between a wealthy boy and the son of his father’s servant The Kite Runner is a beautifully crafted novel set in a country that is in the process of being

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