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NicelyUltimately I feel a weird "sort of Connection To Ackroyd Because He Knows And to Ackroyd because he nows and the historic fabric of London "of connection to Ackroyd because he The Isles A History knows and loves the historic fabric of London the same way that Inow and understand the historic fabric of Liverpool Watch out for the old cutlery switcheroo when Mary stabs Mummy dearest in the book she s wielding a fork but her weapon of choice in reality was a nife An odd to detail to change Mr Ackroyd Personally I d have gone for the spoon As Alan Rickman famously said in Robin Hood Prince of Thieves it ll hurt The Lambs of London despite the title is mostly about Ireland his foregery of Shakespeare s plays It is not a boring book but there is something lacking in it At times the writer feels one step removed from some of the characters in particular Mary Lamb who disappers for a section of the novel The real focus of Not having read Ackroyd before I WASN T TOO SURE WHAT TO EXPECT WITH THIS t too sure what to expect with this Secondly I new next to nothing about Charles and Mary Lamb or the life of Shakespeare However this novel is featured on the Boxall 1000 list so when I came across a copy I grabbed itThe story deals with brother and sister Charles and Mary Lamb the impact and subseuent fallout that Willian Ireland fellow lover of all matters Shakespeare had on their lives I initially felt some empathy for Mary who due to times and constraints didn t have the freedom or resources of her brother However I couldn t understand why William Ireland s motives and dealings didn t come under closer scrutiny at the timeThe descriptions of London street names I ve come across before a glimpse of London life were well presented I bought this book before travelling to London along with two others that fulfilled the criteria I had decided upon it must be a novel by an author I haven t read yet and it must feature London in the title Strange criteria to pick books I realise now and as I try to put into words what I think about this one I wonder how the other two picks Martin Amis London Fields and Iain Sinclair s London Orbital will fare Update I love hated bookLondon Fields 18830 and London Orbital has not managed to eep me within its orbit for than a page or two at a time so it is slow motion readingI started with The Lambs of London because I love 19th century London and am obsessed with the milieu of classical literature so I was convinced I would like the topic I did not now much about the historical background of the Lamb family so I read the story as pure fiction and caught up on the facts later I don t Effet domino Concarneau: Une enqute de Paul Capitaine (Enqutes Suspense) know if it had been better the other way round but as a piece of fiction I found the book rather shallow and lacking purpose and drive as well as a proper raison d tre It did not deliver any suspense or character analysis and everything unfolded with annoying predictability From the very first moment wenow the forger even though it is never explicitly shown the hints are so evident that a Middle School mystery book feels subtle We have to accept his rationale for the fraud a rather exaggerated father complex that he seems to accept as a valid motive for deceit We Overcomer know that the mentally weak heroine is passionately in love with the forger even though it is a complete mystery to the people she lives with as well as to herself at times I found it hard to build a reading relationship with any of the characters as they all are uite sketchy and appear on the stage one after the other without any evident red thread As for the forgeries themselves I had a hard time believing that people would have acted in that naive way even though Inow that William Ireland actually did get away with forgery The way it is shown in the novel seems just too stupid Within days of the presentation of a new completely unheard of Shakespeare document they accept it as genuine despite the fact that the source remains obscure and the self proclaimed medium transmitting the new text to the admiring public is a mere bookseller The honours he receives as the finder are out of place as well Why would people want to regard him as an author just because he found a manuscript The whole drama around him is built on the nowledge the readers have of his actual identity not the perceived role as a lucky bookseller People treat him as if they instinctively now he has written the pieces but at the same time they naively proclaim their absolute certainty of the authenticity of the Shakespeare papers How is that psychologically meaningful to the reader of today It would have made sense if the character had been shown in a elaborate way but he simply appears shows his forgeries gets the world to believe in them and confesses That is it Full storyI would not necessarily recommend this book but in a way I feel compelled to try at least one Peter Ackroyd to see if I might find some ualities in his work that I didn t grasp in The Lambs of London I did that very unsuccessfully with other authors I did not like for example reading Eleven Minutes after The Alchemist or Home after Gilea. Holars and entrepreneurs a world in which a clever son will stop at nothing to impress his showman father and no one nows uite what to believe Ingenious and vividly alive The Lambs of London is a poignant gripping novel of betrayal and deceit From the Trade Paperback editio. ,

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Nd their incredibly strong sibling relationship They fairly wealthy and educated the main of both of their lives literature I tend to find books about avid readers are usually lots of fun In particular I thought Mary was written very well I found it very easy to sympathise with her for many reasons One being that she is obviously as intelligent as her brother perhaps even but because she is a woman she has to remain at home in domesticity She also has a facial disfigurement in that her face is severely scarred from Small Pox and it is clear that throughout "The Novel She Is Becoming "novel she is becoming and her mental illness is controlling her and I found Charles harder to relate to probably because of how condescending he was to his sister He is very selfish and doesn t try to relate to his family at all he has a tendency to ignore problems like his deteriorating mental state He likes to treat her like a fictional character So she is Ophelia he said Wasting Why must you see everything as a drama Charles Mary is not a character in a play She is suffering All of this is probably understandable in the historical context but I found out it hard as a modern reader and a woman who has in the past struggled with her mental health to just his behavior in this novel As well as interestingly written sibling relationships the parental relationships are all strained differently William s Ireland s father always has to be the centre of attention Charles and Mary s father is suffering from dementia Although Mary and her mother have the most obviously fractured I felt like these connections were written very well and in a relateable wayWhat I didn t like The pacing was my biggest problem with the novel I actually found it uite hard to get into which i don t think was to do with the writing or the subject both of which I liked It was because of how slow the initial set up in the first 100 pages were The whole book was only 200 pages long and I felt like the most interesting events that happened in the book happened in the last 50 pages This just left me with a disjointed reading experience Rating 35 The story and the writing did interest me and if i was rating this book purely on the story it would be 45 but the pacing really stunted my enjoyment of this novel so I think 35 is a fair rating It s a nice easy read fairly entertaining falling a little flat at the end Apparently based on painstaking research though if it had been completely made up it would have made little difference to me There are two rather jarring sex scenes that have no connection with the story and which I felt where there just for the sake of it Other flashbacks and side tracks for example about the missing girl Anne also remain unconnected and unlike in a novel like Woolf s Mrs Dalloway they do not achieve the effect of showing how so many people live so close together yet apart which the author had perhaps aimed at The characters remain two dimensional throughoutWhat puzzles me is why this book is on the List of 1000 Unless I miss something it s just a run of the mill mystery book a little in the style of but a good deal less intriguing than the works of Joan Aiken none of which appear on the list A short sharp burst of creamy historical fiction goodness from Peter Ackroyd a man who is basically a big walking encyclopaedia of London in days of yore I ve read both Hawksmoor The Fall of Troy and The House of Dr Dee and although I wasn t that enamoured of Dr Dee Hawksmoor gets a big thumbs up and 1010 for effort research and all round weirdness against the magnificent backdrop of St Pauls both past and present The Lambs of London deals with Charles and Mary Lamb if you were expecting a story about anthropomorphic sheep then you need to look elsewhere They are best nown for sanitising Shakespeare and producing a nice tidy volume of stories based on the bards best work thus making it accessible to children Normally they are portrayed as a slightly fluffy brother sister duo who liked reading and wrote a nice book for iddy winks however they both had fraught personal lives and suffered from mental illness Mary went as far as to murder her own mother which probably goes a long way to making her less than child friendly fodder At best you re unlikely to have wanted to invite her round for dinner see cutlery reference belowThe Lambs of London is a little different because Ackroyd departs from the supernatural theme which he has inserted into his other historical fiction and instead juxtaposes the story of the Lambs with that of William Ireland Ireland was charming possibly shyster and charlatan who concocted new Shakespeare plays which were duly slurped up by the entertainment hungry peri wigged masses in London at the time I ve got no idea of Charles and Mary ever crossed paths with Ireland but the combination of the Lambs obsession with Shakespeare and Ireland s slightly less honest obsession with Shakespeare pull them together. Nd from whom Charles has purchased a book But this is no ordinary book it once belonged to William Shakespeare himself And William Ireland with his green eyes and red hair is no ordinary young manIn The Lambs of London Peter Ackroyd brilliantly creates an urban world of sc. ,
In The Lambs of London as with The Casebook of Victor Frankenstein Ackroyd delights in alternate realities for historically relevant literary people and having those interact with one another in a way that they never did in real life That being said Ackroyd so deftly interweaves historical fact with fiction that you have to be sure to read up on the actual accounts of people like Charles and Mary Lamb lest you end up saying something stupid and factually incorrect when trying to impress your literary friends Whenever I read Ackroyd s fiction I get the sense that he is a bit of a maker I think that after writing such weighty works as the biographies of London Thames and Venice he maker I think that after writing such weighty works as the biographies of London Thames and Venice he probably wants to have some fun I was looking for something to read so I walked to the A s in fiction and came across this book I did not realize until the end that it was based on real persons Charles and Mary Lamb actually Perhaps if I were familiar with the Lambs and Shakespeare s works I might have enjoyed it Although I read this short read pretty effortlessly I never became invested in any of the characters In the end I felt the book only hinted at the anguish and aspirations of some of its characters Mary merely seemed a sidebar of the story Charles a bystander Granted it seemed William Ireland was the main focus of the story but even in him I was left uninterested by the end He just seemed very one dimensionalThis story didn t enthrall me but it passed the time pleasantly A rather strange little book for a number of reasons In the first place the eponymous characters the brother and sister authors Charles and Mary Lamb 1775 1834 and 1764 1847 respectively were not the main characters of this story That honour belonged to one William Henry Ireland 1775 1835 famous as a forger of Shakespearean articles including a complete play Vortigern and Rowena which was actually produced The majority of the book tells the tale of Ireland s attempts to foist his handiwork on an unsuspecting public That he was a contemporary of the Lambs there is no doubt whether or not he even had any dealings with them has no basis in fact As it is many facts are obscured or ignored most disturbing of all being Mary Lamb s death at the end of the book before her brother whom she actually outlived by some dozen years Eually preposterous Mr Ackroyd attributes Mary Lamb s contribution to their co authored Tales from Shakespeare a children s book which simplifies the language and plots of twenty plays to Thomas de uincey the essayist best nown for his Confessions of an English Opium EaterBut this book is a work of fiction not of history or biography The conjoining of the story of Shakespeare s most infamous forger with his perhaps his most famous interpreters at least for children is a delightful and clever conceit The language is plain the descriptive exposition For My Legionaries The Iron Guard kept to a minimum The picture of the hurly burly of late eighteenth century London Ackroyd paints is appealing in its sualor and misery In general however I was disappointed Probably because of the title I actually expected about the Lambs though I had no previousnowledge of the story of William Ireland That could have been novel that would have stood on its own if it were fleshed out but that is not the novel Ackroyd wrote Riveting complex super well written The Lambs of London is yet another fully submersive foray into a previous age from Ackroyd whose magnum opus I feel ultimately to be Hawksmoor Here we deal not with gothic architecture but with the Bard himself ultimate emblem for all good British things But what is fascinating ends up in a predictable fashion this is my one sole bitch complaint As a whole it s elusive distinguished Plot This is the semi biographical story of Charles and Mary Lamb avid readers and fanatical in their love of Shakespeare as they meet William Ireland an antiuarian book dealer who has made an unusual discovery Since a lot of the events in this book are a matter of historical record you may An Authentic Hero Giffort Street know some of the events of this book before you read it I m still going to be as vague plot wise as possible because I went in with very littlenowledge and I enjoyed the surprises All I Realities knew of Charles and Mary Lamb was that they turned Shakespeare s plays into prose tales I had an illustrated collection that I loved as aid What I liked I thought this book evoked the time period well the writing was very immersive but not overly descriptiveFavourite uote Holborn Passage itself was little than alley one of those dark threads woven into the city s fabric which accumulate soot and dust over the centuries There was a pipe shop here as well as a carpenters workshop and a bookshop All of them wore with resignation the faded patima of age and abondonment The gowns were discoloured the pipes on display would never be smoked and the workshop seemed untended I also really liked how the author wrote the characters of Charles and Mary Mary Lamb is confined by the restrictions of domesticity her father is losing his mind her mother watchful and hostile The great solace of her life is her brother Charles an aspiring writer It is no surprise when Mary falls for the bookseller’s son antiuarian William Irela. The Lambs of London