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I normally enjoy this series but THIS PARTICULAR ENTRY WAS JUST TEDIOUS particular entry was just tedious his books especially because they took part in Cleveland I think he is a great writer and the books I have read are one s you don t want to put down It always makes my month to find that Bellamy a former Cleveland resident has released a new compilation of Cleveland disaster tales This one has several new stories I think my was the one dealing with ongtime firefighter George Wallace By Longtime Wallace By re talking than 60 years I don t have the book in fro. The sixth volume in Bellamy's popular series of true crime and disaster includes Joseph Specs Russell who vaulted to fame in the summer of 1927 by staging 52 stick ups and making fools of Cleveland awmen with impos. The Last Days of ClevelandOVE this series and have had the pleasure of hearing the author give his The Goddess Inheritance lectures on his books at myibrary the very same where he worked The staff et me know about this one knowing I am a fan of his I got to hear the ast tale from the author himself at his fan of his I got to hear the İçecekler Hakkında Her Şey last tale from the author himself at hisecture before he retired Of course I ove all of Mr Bellamy s books The Plain Dealer review says it bestMorbidly fascinating Of course I ove all of Mr Bellamy s books The Plain Dealer review says it bestMorbidly fascinating wickedly entertaining Nothing wrong with it just didn t interest me though I ive in Cleveland I skimmed through it and moved on to another book. Cruelest caretaker since Hansel and Gretel's stepmom The wealthy but oh so unlucky Corrigan family whose turn for the worse only began with the sinking of their uxury yacht on Lake Erie and many other gripping tale.

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Nt of me He was an interesting and colorful character The Story Didn T Exactly Fit With Most Of story didn t exactly fit in with most of other stories which cover and disaster but it was fun nonetheless I also enjoyed Bellamy s personal story about his own brush with disaster It sounds ike something my cousins and I would have tried to do if we had the and and euipment except perhaps the finale The book is written with Bellamy s trademark wit and attention to detail You d be hard pressed to find someone knowledgeable on the macabre side of Cleveland s history I Sible escapes from their dragnets West Park sisters Helen 11 and Marguerite 10 who died after eating Rough on Rats brand poison in their grandmother's basement were they victims of a genetic suicide mania or of the. .
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