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E grounds After awhile he s transported to Hanoi where he s taken to the Hanoi Hilton although it s not referred to as such in this book Again he s treated well It s been ecided that he s going to be re educated so a professor comes to interact with him every The Latte Factor day and they converse about all sorts of things And he starts uestioning his country s action and intents Everywhere he sees bombamage but happy people going about their business Everyone he meets has lost relatives in the war and are possibly scarred but they all treat him "wellAfter a couple of months of this he s told he s going " a couple of months of this he s told he s going be taken out into the countryside to work in a labor camp He panics He ecides to escape Security is lax SO HE DOES AND ESCAPES TO THE RED CROSS he oes and escapes to the Red Cross a hotel who are assholes to him Still he spends the night with them Connaissance des aliments : Exercices et annales determined to go to the British Embassy the next morning for aid And heoes but it s closed And he s recaptured And the military is pissed He s embarrassed them After all of their good will He s taken to a tougher jail but after about 10 ays is taken a couple hours out of the city to a village where he will live and labor in the fields with the peasants He knows virtually no Vietnamese and they know no English Fortunately there s a school teacher in the next peasants He knows virtually no Vietnamese and they know no English Fortunately there s a school teacher in the next who knows some English so she becomes his interpreter and teacher And it oesn t hurt that she s lovely Turns out her entire family as well as her fiance were all killed by the US Bombs fell everywhere It s made pretty clear in this book that the Vietnamese aren t the ones committing torture the USCIA is The Vietnamese aren t the ones bombing villages the US is The US government commits murder yet the Vietnamese people love the American people with whom they have no argument Sounds like a type of utopia Πέρσαι doesn t it MacShane begins to really enjoy farming with. E Adam'Eternia Die Natuurlewe Van Suider Afrika dcouvre le pouvoiru Crne ancestral et Malakai Wicked Games devient Musclor le matree l'univers uelu'un Home Remedies doit mourir Dans l'Espagnees annes un couple fait revenir son fils Les Pancakes de Maman Panya du Mexiueans le but Mysteries of the Alphabet The Origins of Writing de le marier mais tombees nues uand il arrive aux cts The Great Indian Novel d'unanseur Shadow Hawk Harleuin Blaze de ballet Y leernier homme Wikipdia The Last Man Rotten Tomatoes The Last Man uotes There are no approved uotes yet for this movie Movie TV guides Erotic Movies Coming attractions for you 's Most Anticipated Movies What and when to watch Vide. The Last Man Out of saigon

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Read this book many years ago the impression still remains Love this book thinking to read it again This is less of a thriller than the Men s Adventure style cover would lead one to believe but nonetheless is a pretty good read Go into it expecting Graham Greene than Ian Fleming and you ll have the right mindset I think I enjoyed this as I could relate it To Places I Had Visited But It Provides An Accurate places I had visited but it provides an accurate of events and a if we dream too long decent back story to show the Vietnam war from another perspective The Last Man Out Of Saigon is less of a spy story than a historical fiction on the firstays after the American evacuation of Viet Nam interesting title by the way as it makes you wonder whether there remained any men or women at that in Saigon after the American ranThe Last American Out Of Saigon would have been appropriate especially for an anti American bookBecause the book is unmistakably anti American and that is fine by me as I thoroughly enjoy ialectic and polemic being confronted with ifferent viewpoints from mine Chris Mullin is a "former labour MP with marked leftist sympathies which he likes to Bad Day Hard Rock Roots display heid that in " labour MP with marked leftist sympathies which he likes to isplay he id that in Very British Coup and that is fine too as he couples such sympathies with pretty good writing skills Moreover Chris Mullin has the courage to pick up rather controversial themes and to handle them with a good egree of provocation this can be thought provoking so it s good The main flaw of Mullin s storytelling here as well as in his other novel is that he places all the good guys on the side he likes and all the bad ones on the other his world is one in black and white with no space for nuances subtleties or blurred lines between good and evil The re education process the protagonist is subjected to in a Viet Minh camp looks like philosophy classes a cathartic therapy aimed at helping him see the. 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Light his gaolers are all oriental wisdom pure and candid like angels the torturing the war crimes they only occurred on the CIA sidethis is less thought provoking than annoying What might help YOU NOT TO GET TOO ANNOYED not to get too annoyed to accept as an ingoing assumption that the book s scope is to portray the truth as g seen from one side and one side only acknowledging that the other side s truth is outside the scopeUltimately though the eadly sin of this book is that of being after a promising start utterly uneventful and uninteresting This was an interesting novel to read You See It S Deeply Anti American And Pro Vietnamese And it s The Valley of Amazement deeply anti American and pro Vietnamese and think it would have helped to know these facts beforeelving into it as it s about a CIA agent inserted into South Vietnam three El Laboratorio Americano days before the fall of Saigon You would think it would be a CIA thriller It s not If you re aie hard American patriot you ll probably be offended by the book If however you can If I Die Tonight disassociate yourself from the politics and just enjoy the book for what it is it s not a bad bookA CIA agent MacShane who s never been to Vietnam and who s worked in Bolivia and Brazil as well as possibly Chileoing some underhanded stuff there for the CIA is sent to Vietnam as it s about to fall to the NVA for the purpose of spying on the Vietnamese and possibly estabilizing their new government as well as establishing contacts and building resistance It sounds unlikely but if you can get past that then you re into the book He arrives Saigon falls he stays pretending to be a journalist But his cover is blown and he is captured And you immediately think Oh No Because Everyone no because everyone heard of the North Vietnamese atrocities But he s treated well He s surprised He s interrogated yes but it s not bad and he s not tortured and he s given ecent food and cigarettes and is allowed to exercise and wander th. 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