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A baby Who in hell would write a "story where a poor Baby is murdered Something is wrong with C FowlerSecond Victim an embezzling accountant who "where a poor Baby is murdered Something is wrong with C FowlerSecond Victim an embezzling accountant who t too excited about life anyway He lost the embezzeled money and his girlfriend is a nagThird victim An actress who is near retirement age but is still surviving and has a great attitude Dies like a rockstar Dies by choking on her own vomitFourth victim the original target His name is R Kramer I think our author has a problem with both Jewish people and women There is no reason Kramer needed to be named Kramer His name could have been any name Before dying Kramer admits his irst The Temperaments and the Arts fun victory in life When he was a teen he went to a Punch and Judy show andound himself sitting behind a pretty girl He licked the back of her neck and after she slapped him he ollowed her home assaulted her by beating her ace with a rock and then he raped her Yikes Our author Definitely has a little woman hating thing going onOne interesting note the murderer didn t actually TRY to murder anyone except the accountant What kind of bad luck streak was going on there Or maybe he did have plans to murder the baby but it went wrong I dunno I stopped caring near the end Just wanted to inish this icky book hide spoiler I enjoyed this mystery elt it was one of the better ones EXCEPT or hide spoiler I enjoyed this mystery elt it was one of the better ones EXCEPT Micro Machines for baby getting killed Iound that very Disturbing Thus The Lack thus the lack starsI enjoyed the history behind the Punch and Judy and the history of London Th. Young Noah Kramer was thrown Le terrorisme intellectuel from the building but the child was strangled and the marks of the puppet's hands are clearly on his throatwhat's there was a witnessIt's a perfect caseor the Peculiar Crimes Unit As John May and his team interrogate the guests Arthur Bryant heads into the secret world of automata and stagecraft illusions and effects His suspicions all on the staff of Kramer's company who have been employed to stage a gruesome new thrill.

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The Peculiar Crimes Unit delves The World Of The world of the as they investigate the death of a baby removed rom his cot strangled and thrown out of the window of a room locked rom the inside while downstairs the launch party or a new play has assembled numerous members of a theatre company all the launch party Dictionnaire amoureux de Montaigne for a new play has assembled numerous members of a theatre company all whom are now suspects Examining the body and what little evidence was left behind it soon becomes apparent that the crime scene was an elaborately staged display meant to indicate that the child was strangled not by a human but by an antiue puppet of Mr Punch left lying next to the cot which is impossible rightMy secondoray into the uirky and most definitely peculiar world of the PCU and its cases and just as entertaining and intriguing as the Pièces rosesHumulus le muet ; Le Bal des voleurs ; Le rendez vous de Senlis ; Léocadia first I ll definitely be reading of these I m beginning to lose patience with our beloved old guy detectives In this novel I do not approve of the murder victims except one of them and when that one dies I wish he had died in a much horribleashion and slowlyAnd it really bothers me how crucial details are kept away Dictionnaire amoureux et savant des couleurs de Venise from readers until the last minute But I ll give one extra star because at least the killer had been a suspect all along not some stranger who was never in the story until being miraculously presented as the murderer I REALLY hate it when mystery stories do thatOh and another bonus half staror being the Only Book I have read To date that eatures the blessed word culs de sacview spoilerFirst victim. On a rainswept London night the wealthy unscrupulous Robert Kramer hosts a party in his penthouse just off Trafalgar Suare But something is wrong The atmosphere is uncomfortable the guests are on edge And when Kramer's new young wife goes to check on their baby boy she inds the nursery door locked rom the insideBreaking in the Kramers are aced with an open window an empty cot and a grotesue antiue puppet of Mr Punch lying on the Aller Retour New York floor It seems that. EaterMadame Blavatsky was a hoot Myavorite uote in the book was one of her ortunes Nobody Does Yoga in Wales There was also another murder not really relating to the case It is a definitely to be continued thread I am determined to read all the Bryant and May Peculiar Crimes Unit books This series is so delightful and is somewhat like the Nero Wolfe in that the story is Secondary To The Perfectly Characters The Author Is A to the perfectly drawn characters The author is a of the ingenious and slightly cock eyed style of writing that makes each book a joy even if the plot is totally insane and could never happen in the real worldIn this Book The Peculiar Crimes Unit the Peculiar Crimes Unit called into a case which seems to revolve around the historic puppets Punch and Judy and has dark ties to the British theater Several murders occur and the pressure is on the Unit rom the Home Office since high ranking persons are dying like Addict of the Wasteland (Wasteland, flies Neverear the murderer will be revealed by the way she smokes a cigarette That seems like a spoiler but trust me it isn tAnother winner C'est Facile De Jouer! Les Tubes De Disney Piano Facile from Christopher Fowler Reviewro BadelyngeChristopher Fowler s wonderful creations elderly detectives Bryant and May and the Peculiar Crimes Unit are called in to investigate the brutal killing of a young baby taken Treasure Island from its cot in a locked room shaken to death and callously thrown out the window And on theloor next to the cot lies a life size Mr Punch doll As ever Bryant dives into the esoteric aspects of the case while May employs. Er in the West End As a second impossible death occurs the detectives uncover Loup et les hommes forgotten museums and London eccentrics and take a trip to a seaside Punch Judy showThen Bryant's biographer suddenly dies Was it a tragic accident or could the circumstances of her death be related to the case There's just one hour left to solve the crime but Bryant has buried himself away with his esoteric books The stage is setor a race against time with a surprising twi. The Memory of Blood