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Understanding Early Civilizations: A Comparative Study eHer contributions to our lives over and above her acting ability As I said by not rereading the synopsis I was delighted by the surprises I came upon in this booknjoyed the story and As Deusas as Bruxas E a Igreja Seculos de Perseguicao ended up happy I read it I wanted so much from this book Hedy Lamarr was a brilliant fascinating woman and while Benedict hit the highlights of her life that s all she did hit the highlights This is a biographical novel that fell short on the novel side Perhaps Benedict was wary ofmbellishingfictionalizing too much of the life of someone about whom so much is known but it resulted in a novel that was a bit flat Another fifty to one hundred pages to add texture and detail to the incidents depicted or to include Hedy s childhood or something to add depth and richness to a story that never uite sparked and sparkled in a manner worthy of its subject This is a novel based on the life of Hedy Lamarr 1914 2000 She was primarily known as an actress but she was also an inventor She developed along with George Antheil a radio guidance system for torpedoes The navy did not implement her system until the 1960s She also developed the principle of Bluetooth technology She also had patents for various microphone and sound systems innovations She had many patents in her name She was a Jew and fled Austria ahead of the Nazis I found Hedy s fight against the Nazis and role as an inventor most interesting She was a very intelligent woman and I wonder how much she could have achieved in today s world I The I Ching on Love enjoyed the novel because it was based on factI read this as an audiobook downloaded from Audible The book isight hours and fifty four minutes Suzanne Toren Does An Excellent does an Prince of Thorns excellent narrating the book Toren is a well known narrator For over thirty years she was a key narrator for The American Foundation for the Blind In 1988 she won the Narrator of the year for the American Foundation for the Blind In 2009 she won the Best Voice in Non Fiction by Audiofile Magazine What should have been a fascinating story suffered from boring writing Also the whole point was to show how Lamarr was a multi faceted woman inventor actresstc but the majority of the book is about her clothes looks and acting Occasionally it s mentioned that she read a book about physics but not much lse is given to help us understand her scientific side A disappointing book about a fascinating woman 25 Remarkable woman unremarkable book I wish a different author had written this story Hedy Lamarr was not only a Hollywood bombshell starring alongside the likes of Clark Gable and Spencer Tracy but also a self taught scientist who helped develop the technology we use in wireless communications today In this book however details are glossed over in favor of schmaltz the genesis of her scientific mind is buried and an intelligent and complicated woman is treated like a cardboard cutout in a tawdry melodrama Add to it dull writing and a first person narrative with overblown phrasing that tells rather than shows and there were numerous times I wanted to fling this book against a wallThe first 150 pages read like a romance novel turned domestic drama then her life s work from her arrival in Hollywood to America s ntrance into WWII is condensed to 100 pages nding abruptly in 1950 most of which is tripe missing and often changing some salient facts In addition to spread spectrum technology she is also credited with a number of other inventions and Howard Hughes put a team of scientists at her disposal All of inventions and Howard Hughes put a team of scientists at her disposal All of is given short shrift with one sentence One sentence This book fails on short shrift with one sentence One sentence This book fails on many levels the most disheartening of whch is that it misses an opportunity to provide a portrait of a woman ahead of her time Hedy deserves to be known but not as the vacuous femme fatale Benedict depicts in this bookDo yourself a favor search her name and spend the time you would have spent with this book reading about her achievements from other sources Or watch the PBS documentary Or if you must wait for the Showtime miniseries starring Gal Godot Bu. Nd's side understanding than anyone would guess She devised a plan to flee in disguise from their castle and the whirlwind scape landed her in Hollywood She became Hedy Lamarr screen starBut she kept a secret shocking than her heritage or her marriage she was a scientist And she knew a few secrets. I should have looked closely at this title because I thought that I was picking up a biography instead of historical fiction I found it disappointing The author s attempt to reflect Hedy Lamarr s thoughts and xperiences was lackluster and oddly repetitive Interesting details from Hedy s life as a film star and a self as a film star and a self scientist could have filled out the story but did not appear At the nd I m left wanting the biography I thought I was choosing DNF at 20% I just can t with this I picked this up as it was the Barnes Nobel monthly book club selection This is just rubbish I am surprised at how many high starred reviews there are I got to 20% of this book and we had only just gotten Hedy married off With only 200 or so pages left this thing is just lingering on the less interesting partsmade up parts of Hedy s life But my biggest problem here with as far as I ve gotten is the sheer amount of this book that is focused on random crap We spend ages talking about the colors of the roses Fritz sends to her and way too much added stuff from the author I understand this is historical fiction not an outright biography but when you are piling that much into it that cannot be confirmed you basically should admit that this is as accurate as the based on true vents Hollywood movies So far I ve hardly read anything that could be backed up with a simple google search it s all just the author superimposing thoughts and feelings onto Hedy which leads to the GIGANTIC problem How the hell do you make Hedy Lamarr boring How Seriously That s an actual legitimate uestion I want answeredThere is no way with 200 pages left we can get through her want answeredThere is no way with 200 pages left we can get through her or the next five she had her scape from said marriage Austria fascism through the Hollywood career and the invention which frankly is just a precursor to Wifi that she helped with based on her munitions knowledge and wasn t The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Vol. 2 evenmployed on Navy ships until much later not some groundbreaking WWII nding invention a la the publisher s blurb And with the way this writing is going I m gonna hazard a guess that we spend time talking about how beautiful Hedy Is And Which Dress She and which dress she to wear today than anything of importance If you wanna know about Hedy Lamarr and don t mind a bit of fictionalization try the Wikipedia page It s a better read and much faster 35 stars Thanks to NetGalley and Sourcebooks Landmark for allowing me to read and review this ARC Published Jan 8 2019I put off reading this book because I could not bring myself to read another WWII Nazi book I kept waiting to be in the mood to read this one Finally three days after publication I started the book Even with my reluctance to read this book I thought it started off at a pretty good pace I knew that I liked the author and her style of writing so I gave myself over to the story It did not take me long to get absorbed into the characters and flow of the story After the first half dozen chapters I realized that I was njoying it and settled right into the cadence Having not reread the synopsis of the book since choosing it which is my preference I had forgotten the detail it gave So blindly plunging into this story I was met with some nice surprises Being introduced to Hedy Kiesler a young woman married off to a much older man Freidrich Mandl an arms dealer for the safety and surety of both herself and her Jewish parents as Hitler knocked on the door of Austria Having made the decision to be an actress this marriage was a life altering Searle's Cats event for Hedy for she now became hostess to the most powerful man in Austria Expected to be only that hostess to the most important men in Europe Hedy overheard some of the most detailed plans of WWII and Hitlers regime while uickly getting bored of not only her lifestyle but of her marriage Taking her secrets with her Hedy devised a plan toscape her marriage and her homeland for a free future in America Not only was this story based on a prevalent 1950 s Three Wise Cats A Christmas Story elite actress but the Afterword gave greater detail about her life and. She possessed a stunning beauty She also possessed a stunning mind Could the world handle both Her beauty almost certainly saved her from the rising Nazi party and led to marriage with an Austrian arms dealer Underestimated inverything Caillou else she overheard the Third Reich's plans while at her husba. T save yourself the aggravation if younjoy historical fiction with some actual history that Microprocess 90 elevates not marginalizes strong women 4 brilliant stars to this story of Hedy Lamarr I read andnjoyed Carnegie s Maid and I have been looking forward to reading Marie Benedict s latest fictional portrayal of a strong woman In this instance she has written about Hedy Kiesler Lamarr Born Jewish Hedy Kiesler later finds herself an actress married to an Austrian arms dealer Hedy is able to use her powerful position to avoid Nazi persecution At the same time her husband is controlling and difficult and one vening in 1937 she disguises herself and flees Where does she land None other than Hollywood and this Where does she land None other than Hollywood and this where she becomes the notorious Hedy Lamarr famous movie st An inspiring book about a remarkable woman This is a fictionalised account of screen siren Hedy Lamarr known for her beauty but not recognised until recently for her outstanding contribution to science The first part of the book is set in pre WW2 Austria where as an aspiring actress she is forced into marriage with a notorious arms dealer As the trophy wife she is privy to many dinner parties and clandestine meetings between powerful heads of state and with her amazing intelligence she takes in a lot than those that dismissed her as an airhead realise Fast forward to the second part of the book she has scaped Austria and her abusive marriage She lands in Hollywood where she soon becomes a famous screen star but behind the fa ade hides a guilt about the plight of her people in Austria during WW2 that she feels she didn t do Forbidden Journey: The Life of Alexandra David-Neel enough to try to save before she fled So using the knowledge of those pre war meetings she starts to devise a weapon to try to bring annd to the war swiftlyHonestly before I read this book I didn t know much about Hedy Lamarr xcept for being a Hollywood starlet Marie Benedict tells a well researched tale about a woman that the world owes a lot to Not a lot is known about her days in Austria but Benedict s version could well be very close to the truth I for one have a newfound respect for Lamarr and will have to look out for some of her movies A recommended read for those who love inspirational womenMy thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for those who love inspirational womenMy thanks to NetGalley and the publisher an ARC in xchange for an honest review 325 stars This is the third historical fiction book I have read by the author and while I did MH370: Mystery Solved enjoy this one I thought it had some flaws I don t normally use uarter stars in my ratings but this is a case of knowing I rated the other books at 35 stars and feeling like this one wasn t uite at that level but also wasn t really a straight 3 starsither So 325 stars is where I landedPrior to reading I ll admit I didn t know much about the subject of this book Hedy Lamarr other than she was an actress and inventor The time period covered in the book is the 1930s and 40s and features Hedy s life living in Austria while married to a powerful arms dealer her big break in Hollywood and her invention that is very much relevant in today s time This is one of the few instances in which I wish the book was longer as it felt somewhat incomplete I thought the topics of her marriage and acting career were well covered but the invention portion felt like it was glossed over I Room to Breathe ended up feeling disappointed when I finished reading the book because I feel like there was so much potential there and it came up short The book clocks in at 250 pages and I definitely think some attention to this part of her life would have greatlynhanced the story Overall I do like the subjects and stories the author chooses to feature in her stories However they are library type reads rather than ones I would go out and actually purchase myself They fall ones I would go out and actually purchase myself They fall the category of comfy reads in which they aren t a bad way to pass the time but there are better historical fiction books on the market that pack of a punchI won a free copy of this book in a giveaway but was under no obligation to post a review All views Down Dirty Dirty Angels MC expressed are my honest opinio. About thenemy She had an idea that might help the country fight the Nazisif anyone would listen to herA powerful novel based on the incredible true story of the glamour icon and scientist whose groundbreaking invention revolutionized modern communication The Only Woman in the Room is a masterpie. ,

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