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Consumir Preferentemente gRadio host Glenn Beck explains the Federalist Papers in plain ordinary language so that it is understandable to today s studentsHe does a fairlyood job even though his reputation is so damaged many will read this Wow it only took me a few MONTHS to The Riss Accession The Riss Series get through this I miving this translation of the Federalist Papers five stars not because of a couldn t put it down plot or amazing characters but for its importance every American should read this It s the what why and how of our Constitution The Federalist Papers explain WHAT it says do high schools still make kids read the Constitution I highly doubt it they explain WHY this or that was included in the Constitution and also explain HOW each Article and Section is supposed to work or be put into action The Federalist Papers let s say FP were written by Hamilton Madison and John Jay under the name Publius in 1787 88 defending their months of work during the Constitutional Convention and their result a Lean Six SIGMA groundbreaking original document that literallyave power to the people They had a voice without the threat of violence a MAJOR difference from Typographie - Typography: Un manuel de Cration - A manual of designAllemand/Anglais/Franais governments around the world Yet many Americans were hesitant of putting this document into action though afraid that the few powersiven to the federal Down to Earth Spirituality government would result in a monarchy They had valid reason to be afraid of course having fought hard for years and paid a terrible price to extricate themselves from that very thingBut before Iet too far into the details I must say that at first I was afraid of a translation that would have Beck s opinion hidden inside that he d somehow alter the words in a way to include his own personal thoughts Not so Each section or FP discussed has two original uotes and after finding those same uotes in the translation it s clear that Beck literally translated or dumbed it down into modern day language For example here s an original uote Allowing the utmost latitude to the love of power which any reasonable man can reuire I confess I am at a loss to discover what temptation the persons entrusted with administration of the 变形记 generalovernment could ever feel to divest the States of the authorities of that description And the translation However even if I allowed for the Triple Best Friend Heat: A Cowboy Reverse Harem Romance (Cowboy Heat Series) greatest amount of love of power possible in a reasonable man I confess that I don t know of any reason why those in authority within the Generalovernment would wish to take for themselves any of the states powers Not as beautifully written but easier to understand rightOn to the meat While reading through these papers there were a few things that really surprised me1 The federal Lo Hizo Por Ti government was allowed only a handful of powers Literally You can count them on two hands That has been reversed immensely these days with the fedov t etting their fingers into everything from education to health care to what food we eat and what kind of light bulbs are in our homes Ridiculous The people were to rely on their local ov t for everything related to their everyday lives except for things like coining money navy and military needs foreign commerce etc You Eight Upanisads get the idea Now our states are dependent on and can t even function without federal help Which leads me to2 The States were to hold powers that allowed them to function without the fedov t but the fed Egalias døtre gov t could not function without the states For example the people elect their state representatives the state reps elect who serves in the fedov t etc Not the other way around The powers The "Antichrist" Training Manual given to the fedov t were listed specifically in the Constitution the States retained EVERYTHING else The people are disposed to be loyal to their local leaders not leaders who are a thousand miles away and don t know their local situations There were SO many advantages The Baby Clause given to the states and powers to hold the fedov t in check It s alarming to see this so reversed and the people not standing up to keep Washington in check From FP 46 Madison Ambitious encroachments of the fed ov t on the authority of the State ov ts would not excite the opposition of a single State or of a few States only They would be signals of සාපේක්ෂනී 2 general alarmBut what degree of madness could ever drive the fedov t to such an extremity My thoughts exactly The founders could never conceive of the states losing as much power as they have3 There originally was to be NO Bill of Rights our Constitution itself was meant TO BE the Bill of Rights The things listed in our Bill of Rights were SO obvious to the Founders and God Fortress RochesterThe Inside Story of the IBM IseriesThe Inside Story of the IBM Iseries given that they found it completely unnecessary and it would dangerously imply that what WASN T listed wasn t a right Or what WAS listed was listed because the fedov t somehow had the power to take it away which is definitely NOT the case See the logic Instead they were overruled a Bill of Rights exists and each right listed has been a source of intense major debate for years now I liked this section of FP 84 Hamilton In this country the People surrender nothing and since they retain everything they have no need for a Bill of Rights4 The separation of powers between the executive legislative and judicial branches are very delicate but each would have enough power and enough safeguards built into the Constitution to not take powers from the others Yet our leaders skirt these separations and create laws or declare war while calling it something else Even the judicial branch legislates from the bench creating rights for welfare and abortion among others 5 Article 1 Section 8 Clause 18 the necessary and proper clause I cringe to think how often this clause is stated as the proof that the fed ov t can do anything it wants or create any law it wants ahem universal health care This was a clause very narrow in scope and only allowing the ov t to create laws necessary to carry out other laws I like Beck s analogy of iving someone a un but not telling them where the bullets are You need both un and bullets to exert force or in other words carry out a law When it comes down to it this law essentially has no meaning Its purpose was just to make sure that the overnment set down in the Constitution would actually happen That s it6 The importance of holding our leaders responsible and making sure they adhere to the same laws we abide by If they don t pay taxes or feel they re above the law that s starting to sound like aristocracy isn t it Something America desperately wanted to et rid of FP 57 Madison says I love this There is an additional restraint that will prevent the Representatives from becoming oppressive Any law they make will be just as applicable to themselves and their friends as it is to the rest of society This has always been considered one of the strongest ties by which men can bind the People and their rulers togetherFew overnments have provided this example but all overnments degenerate into tyranny without it If someone asked What will keep the House of Rep from engaging in any sort of legal discrimination in favor of themselves and a particular class of society I would answer the enius of the whole system the nature of just and constitutional laws and above all the vigilant and courageous spirit that stirs the American People a spirit that nourishes freedom and is in return nourished by itThere were so many other reat points in the book but the few above were the ones that really struck me The Federalist Papers are so relevant to the present their case being FOR the Constitution back when it s existence hung in the balance but written with wisdom for today when it s being torn apart Politicians have figured out how to change the meaning of the language in the Constitution finding that it s easier than changing the Constitution itself Patrick Henry said The Constitution is not an instrument for the overnment to restrain the people It is an instrument for the people to restrain the overnment lest it come to dominate our

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and interests Sounds today And what s also relevant is that the Papers keep this insight in mind ALWAYS that people are people and politicians are politicians Checks and safety nets needed to be in place and around every corner for this new overnment to work I ll leave you this novel length review sorry with some uotes I really likedFP 62 Madison A lack of confidence in the Die Letzten Legionen Konstantinopels government prevents every useful beneficial or entrepreneurial undertaking from ever taking placeUnstableovernment s most disastrous effect is its negative effect on the attachment and reverence the People have for their political system a system that not only exhibits signs of weakness but also disappoints their deeply held hopes Just like an individual no PC Game Programming EXplorer The Easiest Way to Blast through the Mysteries of Game Programming government can be respected for very long without being respectable nor respectable without possessing a certain amount of order and stabilityThe obstacles to usurpation and the facilities of resistance increase with the increased extent of the state provided the citizens understand their rights and are disposed to defend them Alexander HamiltonDo we know our rights Can we defend themTo the people of the State of New York Let us also be mindful that the cause of freedomreatly depends on the use we make of the singular opportunities we enjoy of The Parables the Sentences (Cistercian Fathers Series) governing ourselves wisely If the people of our nation instead of consenting to beoverned by laws of their own making and rulers of their own choosing should let licentiousness disorder and confusion reign over them the minds of men everywhere will insensibly become alienated from republican forms and prepared to prefer and acuiesce in overnments which though less friendly to liberty afford peace and security Receive this address with the same candor with which it is written and may the spirit of wisdom and patriotism direct and distinguish your councils and conduct John Jay A pretty faithful English to well English translation of the original Federalist Papers It does make them easier to read but I still suggest reading the originals In any event the book is pretty ood at its task of iving you an insight into what the Framers originally intended when coming up with the Constitution Here s a Hint It S Most It s most not what you ve been told Did you know Hamilton argued against the Bill of Rights Do you know why Do you know what the necessary and proper clause actually means It s probably #Because Madison Jay And Especially #Madison Jay and especially were proponents of a strong central overnment relatively speaking which is why you should also read the Anti Federalist Papers that they couldn t see how badly things would have been mangled or how the Federal മലയാള കവിതാസാഹിത്യ ചരിത്രം government would have swelled this far beyond the constraints the Framers had put in place Actually there are than a few times that Publius argued that what we now know has come to pass would never come to pass My only realripe is that the Papers aren t presented in order but instead rouped by subject It s well worth reading and for less than ten bucks it Glenn Beck revisited Thomas Paine’s famous pre Revolutionary War call to action in his #1 New York Times bestseller Glenn Beck’s Common Sense Now he brings his historical acumen and political savvy to this fresh new interpretation of The Federalist Papers the 18th century collection of political essays that defined and shaped our Constitution and laid bare the “original argument” between states’ rights and big feder. The Original Argument

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List Papers Try though I did it was difficult to hear Madison Hamilton and Jay through the personal emphasis of Beck and his style which seems to be take a concept and pound the reader over the head with it by repeating it 35 times is vexing He does have an excellent command of English and I jotted down many phrases to add to my active vocabulary On a positive note I admire Beck s support of Israel and the Israeli people which is why I was eager to read his book but his political support of Israelis has no connection to the disappointment that is this book I find it difficult to take seriously a person who pins the weight and truth of his arguments on God is on my side Such a position reuires no comment and no serious consideration It is difficult to convey just how bad this version of the Federalist Papers is to anyone who has not struggled with the original majestic language of Hamilton Madison and Jay and spent hours digesting their carefully crafted arguments Anybody who has however will be appalled at the ineptness of this translation the shallowness of the commentary and the almost pathological historical ignorance that Mr Beck and Mr Charles have brought to one of our nation s reat literary and philosophical treasuresI A Peace to End All Peace: The Fall of the Ottoman Empire and the Creation of the Modern Middle East generally think that people should read things like the Federalist Papers the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence in their original versions The language of the late eighteenth century is not as different from the language of today as Beck protests in his introduction and we owe it to the Founders we revere to read what they had to say in their own words There are manyood editions of the Federalist Papers that provide Dark Moon glosses and footnotes for the difficult words and passages the occasional antiuated usage should not be a bar to reading America s original founding documentsHowever if one isoing to revise the words of the Founders into a youth friendly 21st century idiom one had better know something about the language of the time period and the context of the documents The Mary Webster edition in fact does this and presents an updated version of the papers that is as accurate and as informed as a careful scholar can make themGlenn Beck and his collaborator Joshua Charles on the other hand simply are not up to the task that they set for themselves in revising this workI have seen enough of Mr Beck that I did not come to the book with very high expectations I was fairly sure for example that the introductory material and the commentary would wrench Publius s words out of context and apply them simplistically to every plank of the Modern Tea Party s platform which in fact it does I also suspected that some of the original papers that did not conform to this agenda would be eliminated entirely which in fact they were the book updates only 33 of the 85 Federalist Papers and Hamilton s vital 30 and 31 which argue for virtually unlimited taxation power for the federal overnment are nowhere to be found All of this I was prepared forNothing however could have prepared me for the utter ineptness of the translation itself As a professional scholar of the 18th century albeit the British 18th century I have had some exposure to the way that people wrote 230 years ago And as an avid admirer and freuent reader of the Federalist Papers I have put a lot of effort into understanding and appreciating what its three authors meant to say When I read this purportedly accurate updating of the language I was appalled Nearly every page contains at least one major paraphrasing error sometimes altering and sometimes completely reversing the intent of the original Substitutions are made for perfectly ood English words for no apparent reason And important phrases sentences and whole paragraphs simply disappear in the updating exerciseA catalog of the clear paraphrasing errors of this translation would reuire many pages but I can t resist sharing a few First compare the following rather important passage from Hamilton s Federalist 1 first in the original and then in the updated versionORIGINAL A dangerous ambition often lurks behind the specious mask of zeal for the rights of the people than under the forbidden appearance of zeal for the firmness and efficiency of Digital Holography government History will teach us that the former has been found a much certain road to the introduction of despotism than the latter and that of those men who have overturned the liberties of republics thereatest number have begun their career by paying an obseuious court to the people commencing demagogues and ending tyrantsBECK Dangerous ambition often lurks in those who have excessive enthusiasm for the rights of the People than those who believe in a firm and efficient Reaper Unexpected Deadside Reapers government History proves that the former often leads to tyranny than the latter and that the people who have trampled on the liberties of a republic often began their campaigns by being overly concerned with the rights of the People and helping to end tyrannyNotice what the updater has done with the final part of this passage Hamilton was launching an all out attack on the Anti Federalists Patrick Henry George Mason George Clinton etc who had been arguing that a strong federalovernment would abrogate the rights of the people Hamilton said that historically despotic rulers start out as demagogues and end up as tyrants In the translation however demagoguery is excised entirely from the text hmm wonder why and Hamilton s ending tyrants by which he very clearly means ending up tyrants becomes helping to end tyranny I doubt if there could be a conseuential mistake in representing the opinions of the
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Fathers than confusing to end tyranny with ending up a tyrantMy second illustration comes from the opening passage of Madison s magisterial Federalist 10 perhaps the best known of all the Federalist PapersORIGINAL Among the numerous advantages promised by a well constructed Union none deserves to be accurately developed than its tendency to break and control the violence of faction The friend of popular overnments never finds himself so much alarmed for their character and fate as when he contemplates their propensity to this dangerous vice He will not fail therefore to set a due value on any plan which without violating the principles to which he is attached provides a proper cure for itBECK None of the benefits that a well constructed Union brings deserves to be considered than its tendency to decrease and control the violence that considered than its tendency to decrease and control the violence that comes with opposing political factionsThe friends of popular overnment are understandably alarmed by the tendency of the factions within any The Wandering Scholars of the Middle Ages government to engage in violence Violence always puts both the character and the fate of theovernment at risk If this is the case then these friends of popular I Survived The Great Molasses Flood 1919 I Survived government would be wise to carefully consider a Plan that far from violating their principles actually provides a cure for this problemThe errors here stem from not understanding how Madison used the term violence of faction which the updater naively translates as engage in violence the way that fifthraders do on the playground after school Madison of course meant nothing of the sort Rather he was arguing that factions or special interest The Cutthroat groups constituted a kind of political violence on the entire body politic When people combine into factions he explains in the same introduction then the publicood is disregarded in the conflicts of rival parties and measures are decided not according to the rules of justice and the rights of the minor party but by the superior force of an interested and overbearing majorityOne of the major clues that Madison is not talking about physical violence in this essay is that he never brings it up again He does though talk at Guide To Italy great length about the metaphorical violence that a permanent majority can inflict on a minority To reduce his brilliant analysis to a warning against the outbreak of physical violence is to miss the beauty and the importance of what thereat man was sayingIn his introduction to this edition Beck strongly recommends that we do NOT read the original Federalist Papers Let s be honest he says they re written in terribly hard to read eighteenth century English they reference things that most of us have never heard about and let s just say it They seem irrelevantA few pages later however he launches into a fairly predictable broadside against the liberal elite who don t want you to read the works of the Founding Fathers Even today some people would prefer that you not read the Federalist Papers Instead they would rather contort Publius s words to serve their own narrow ideological endsExactly Seth and I listened to this book on a road trip right before the election and we wished that Americans were aware of this helpful book It takes many of the federalist papers and makes them easier to understand with modern English writing Though I may have slept through one chapter I The Impending Crisis 1848 1861 got theeneral idea and now understand the original purpose of our The New Oxford Guide to Writing government from which America has sadly strayed very far I wasiven this book after a speech I was presenting A person from the audiance left it for me as a Forgotten Kingdom gift It is a wonderful book I tried to read The Federalist Papers in their raw form and it was difficult But Josh Charles has made the old language that The Federalist Papers were written with easy to understand in this update of the letters that formed the Constitution of The United States Since reading this book I have come to know Josh and he hasiven my own latest novel a novel his own review Rich Hoffman has very skillfully and with the obvious storyteller s touch expressed some of the They Can't Kill Us Until They Kill Us great challenges that we face as a society today in a way that anyone can understand and enjoy within the context of areat story Tail of the Dragon will enlighten all who read it young and old and I highly recommend it Joshua Charles co author of the 1 New York Times Best Seller The Original Argument with Glenn BeckI would still The Complete Idiot's Guide to Sleep Training your Child Complete Idiot's Guide to give Josh areat review even if he didn t Fractured by Deceit (PSY-IV Teams give me such areat blurb but it helps I have read Glenn s previous books and listen to his radio show regularlySo I am pretty familiar with his opinionsWhile the introduction has some opinion in it the translations of the Articles themselves had no opinion that I could discernAfter reading a translation from the book I went and read the actual Article from the Library of Congress website The translations made the real versions accessible and from what I could tell the translations were as accurate as possible while updating the language to the language of todayGreat job Josh for all the hard work in translating must have taken a long timeI would recommend this to anyone who wants to understand the arguments behind our Constitution but doesn t have the time to decode the original papers themselvesWell worth the few bucks it sells for. Ers’ intent and meaning when laying the Nag-assume, Nagmahal, Naiwan, Nasaktan groundwork of ourovernment Beck provides his own illuminating commentary and annotations and for a number of the essays has brought together the viewpoints of both liberal and conservative historians and scholars making this a fair and insightful perspective on the historical works that remain the primary source for interpreting Constitutional law and the rights of American citizens. Affordable Or hit up someplace like Project Gutenberg and The DevOps Handbook get the original Federalist Papers for free I suggest both and suggest these just be the start A Tale of Two BecksSeveral years ago I was out and about on a Saturday and happened to turn the radio on to the talk radio station I know I m somewhat masochistic like that When I feel I ve been particularly sinful I may even make myself listen to 15 minutes of Sean Hannity for penance The voice thatreeted me on the radio was one I was unfamiliar with during my weekday perusals of the station In fact the person was talking about American history and showing a clear understanding of the motivations and thoughts of the founders and a clarity of expression unusual in the typical Straw Man ing Red Herring ing Ad Hominem ing talk radio hosts He was also witty and clever which are plusses in my book At the commercial I learned that this man s name was Glenn Beck Cut to a few months later I was in a restaurant and saw on the television a red faced man in histrionics raving like a lunatic and weeping openly into the camera Who is this loser I thought I soon learned via box at the bottom of the screen that his name was Glenn Beck as well which I thought at the time was somewhat odd You know odd that there would be two conservative leaning media personalities with the same name Sometimes even now I have a hard time convincing myself that radio Glenn Beck and TV Glenn Beck are the same person Beck can veer from the height of lucidity to the depths of insanity Fortunately it is the radio Glenn Beck that shows up for the book The Original ArgumentAn Original IdeaThe Original Argument is based on a simple premise all Americans should understand the arguments and ideas that drove our founding fathers to pen the Constitution It is not enough to know what the Constitution says but to understand why it says what it says From personal experience I can say that I learned in my high school overnment class all about our bicameral legislation our balance of powers and the roles of the three branches of overnment However I did not learn a thing about the Arian A2.2 Lan-koadernoa ( erantzunak) great debates that set these structures in place and the reasoning behind them At the school where I teach now Veritas Press Scholars Academy students in both the ninth and twelfthrades are expected to read extensively from the Federalist and Anti Federalist papers and to be able to discuss the differing perspectives presented However I realize that many people never encounter these arguments and even if they did they would be put off by the archaic language I would be lying if I said that none of our students are put off by the archaic languageThis is the premise that makes The Original Argument so intriguing A selection of the most important Federalist Papers have been translated into modern English in a very faithful way so as to Exploring Arduino give modern Americans an understandableuide to the thought of our founding fathers The credit for most of the work in this book oes to a young man named Joshua Charles who actually did the work of translation However as the name Joshua Charles is not likely to sell many books it is Beck s name that appears on the cover Beck writes essays at the beginning of each section of the book summarizing a particular aspect of the Federalist Papers and also writes notes on each paper showing the main ideas and issues dealt with in that particular paperThe PapersOverall the papers are well selected and arranged and are representative of the thoughts of the writers of the papers The book is divided into seven sections covering broadly 1 the vision of the constitution 2 the delicate balance between a national overnment which the federalists were attempting to avoid by the way and a confederacy Reinas y princesas sufridoras government which is too weak to accomplish what the authors say aovernment ought to accomplish 3 The overall nature of the republic 4 the balance of powers within the Cutlass government 5 the freedoms of the states and people 6 the rights of theovernment with regard to taxation and 7 the specific powers and limitations of the judicial branch of Solar Electricity Handbook – 2019 Edition: A simple, practical guide to solar energy – designing and installing solar photovoltaic systems. government Beck s notes on the papers and his essays are surprisingly nonpartisan criticizing conservatives and democrats alike for departing from Constitutional principles and co opting our nation s history for personalain I appreciated his essays and even when I disagreed with him I felt that the issues of debate were made clearer by his explanationsAs far as my thoughts on the papers themselves I suppose I have to tip my hand here I am an Anti Federalist right up there with my Virginian forbear Patrick Henry I think the Constitution had and has many weaknesses and that the writers of the Federalist papers were terribly na ve at many crucial junctures For example in paper 41 we read It is a fact of our political system that the state Afterglow governments will always be able to provide complete security against invasions of the public liberty by the Federalovernment Why is this Because the bulk of the military will always be made up of the state militias There will never be a standing Federal army That would be ridiculousIn paper 44 Madison defends the article No Ifs, Ands, or Bears About It (Grayslake, giving the federalovernment the power to make all laws which are necessary and proper for carrying into execution the foregoing powers When the anti Federalists complained that this Hello World Being Human in the Age of Algorithms gave theovernment too much power Madison responded with the idea that if we stuck to the Articles of Confederation then the overnment would have no power at all They could have copied Article II of the Articles of Confederation which would have prohibited #the exercise of any power that was not explicitly iven in the Constitution Showing how #exercise of any power that was not explicitly Red Land Yellow River A Story from the Cultural Revolution given in the Constitution Showing how Rousseauian nonsense Hamilton had imbibed he argues that changing circumstances reuire theovernment to be able to accrue new powers to itself as time changes Thankfully the anti Federalists won this battle and thus the 9th and 10th amendments to the Constitution were written Unfortunately the proper and necessary clause has been used by the Federal It's Here Now Are You? government time and again toive the Highlander's Unwanted Bride: A Steamy Scottish Medieval Historical Romance (Sassenach Brides Book 1) government unconstitutional power in spite of the Bill of RightsThese shortcomings aside there is areat deal of thought in the Federalist Papers of which the many if not most Americans are ignorant This ignorance is shown in people who think The Seventeenth Amendment Was A Good Idea Seventeenth Amendment was a ood idea who wish to abolish the Electoral College This ignorance is even better shown in people who have no idea what the Seventeenth Amendment is and have never heard of the Electoral CollegeSummaryI wholeheartedly recommend this book for anyone and everyone as an introduction to the Federalist Papers #I still believe that people should try to read the papers in their # still believe that people should try to read the papers in their language after all they were originally eared to New York farmers not to some elite intelligentsia Everyone should understand why our Verwandel dein Auto in einen Minicamper: Bauanleitung für den Camping- Ausbau deines Fahrzeugs In einfachen Schritten zum Campervan (German Edition) government is structured the way it is and what powers the Federalovernment actually has under the current Constitution We need to understand that the American revolutionaries sought to create a nation ruled by laws and not a nation ruled by men like the French during their revolution We need to understand that certain impediments were intentionally placed in the way of the My American Football Dream government to keep it from being too efficient to the detriment of the peopleI thoroughly enjoyed this book and would love to see a similar book released based on the Anti Federalist papers Until that time though it would bereat for everyone to Il libro degli esseri a malapena immaginabili get a copy of The Original Argument for their home library55 stars So this took me forever to readi lost interest half way through and then I picked it up a year later and this time I finished Anywho the actual federalist papers and their modern translation was really interesting The sections in which Glenn Beck wrote whatever it was he wrote was annoying because of his political opinions about Obama and Bush and blah blah blah I did not like that he had to write that he didn t like the Congress or the current President No Mr Beck things are a bit different and so they should have to change Or maybe I just don t l This book The Original Argument is a veryood idea namely translate The Federalist Papers into modern English thus rendering it accessible to the contemporary reader It is obvious that Glenn Beck or a Brain Games - Sudoku Large Print ghost writer put a lot of energy into this 400 page work However it is often difficult to know when James Madison Alexander Hamilton and John Jay are speaking and when it is a commentary emphasis underscore exaggeration or distortion on the part of Glenn BeckFrom the beginning the reader is treated to Beck s unswerving and dedicated beliefs to his version of God and he is very transparent about his feelings though he doesn t use the term sacred he clearly sees The Federalist papers as the work of God or inspired by him He makes very passionate arguments that one should see the intent of God in the documents While I admire his conviction what about those who do not share his version of God Are we on the wrong side It appears that they are Beck doesn t seem to understand speaking and writing conventions Nearly every time the writers refer to Providence Beck comments then or later about the writer s deep conviction to God In today s world people regardless of their beliefs or disbeliefs say Oh my God God Bless You and the like Yet these exclamations are not intended as a proclamation of faith Fact is the three men in uestion Madison Hamilton and Jay though one could argue that Jay was somewhat religious by today s standards were Renaissance men and Deists Beck implies that the Founding Fathers ineneral were deeply religious having a personal relationship with God Such talk is atavistic The Mad Trapper: Unearthing a Mystery given the beliefs of these men There is much to say about this and I would expect a prominent and educated man like Beck to understand the role of Providence within a RenaissanceDeist frameworkBefore being a special education teacher I taught US history so I am familiar with the Federalist and anti Federalist positions though I am certainly not an expert Beck in my view builds a strawman argument by repeatedly focusing on the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation Of course its weaknesses included the inability to print universal currency and conscript soldiers for national defense etc But there were positive things about the Articles of Confederacy that Glenn refuses to comment on as if the Federalist argument is the only one Indeed our Federalovernment is currently engaged in activities to which the writers of the Articles of Confederacy would most assuredly have pointed out Ah ha that s what we didn t want to happen It felt very unbalanced like partisan politicsThis book though a very The Sweet Sins good idea struck me as a distortion par excellance What is it read like a treatise of Glenn Beck s personal ideologies rather than a translation of The Federa. Alovernment a debate as relevant and urgent today as it was at the birth of our nationAdapting a selection of these essential essays pseudonymously authored by the now well documented triumvirate of Alexander Hamilton James Madison and John Jay for a contemporary audience Glenn Beck has had them reworked into “modern” English so as to be thoroughly accessible to anyone seeking a better understanding of the Founding Fath.