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The Sunset Harbor School For Naughty Girls eD Montenegro all spawned from previous Ottoman provinces and proceeded to suabble over the spoils of a weakened stateThis book helps to refute the notion that the Ottoman s were the Sick Man of Europe by showing how they were attacked from all fronts for Imperialist purposes Any nation would have had difficulty defending from a combination of Great Powers in this time period and the Ottoman s were noxception Leading up to WWI the Central Powers Austria Hungary and Germany sought to beef up relations with the Sublime Porte in order to dilute the border with Russia and spread her armies thin As a result the Germans began to ship masses of men and material to the beaten and bruised Ottoman army which had been fighting wars in the Balkans for almost a decade leading up to WWI During the war the Ottoman s garnered victory and defeat on the battlefield failing to capture the Suez Canal and losing territory to Russia in the Caucus regions However the successful defense of Gallipoli and the closure of the Dardanelles to Russian fleets put the sueeze on the Entente powers and showed that the Sick Man of Europe could scrap with the best of themFollowing the war the Ottomans continued to fight resisting occupations by Greece France and Britain and beating the Soviets and Italians to strategic resources The Ottoman Empire lost millions of citizens during the war to flight to conflict and most disturbingly to inter Elric In the Dream Realms ethnic cleansing massacre and religious strife The Armenian massacres are well known in modern circles but Kurds Pontic Greeks and Muslims themselves were massacred by both Ottoman forces paramilitary groups and foreign armies With the modern political rhetoric that circles any talk of Turkish genocide I will leave it at thatSuffice to say this was anxcellent read that chronicles the transformation of the Ottoman Empire into nationalistic states like Turkey Armenia and Azerbaijan as well as the carving up of the Arab world and the beginning of the inter Avant Pukhtu ethnic conflict the Balkans and Middle East are synonymous with in the modern world The Ottoman warffort is chronicled in detail down to their troop operations on their multiple fronts and the naval Arcadie (FICTION) excursions into the Black Sea This is a really interesting look at WWI from the Ottoman viewpoint and helps to solidify the Ottomans as one of the powers of the war and not just the Sick Man of Europe sneer that is so often pointed in their directionven to this day A solid read and worth your time if your are a history or war buff The War Of The Ottoman SuccessionI read Sean McMeekin s new book The Ottoman Endgame War Revolution and the Making of the Modern Middle East 1908 1923 2015 because I have become interested in the history of the Middle East and its many current issues McMeekin s book is broader in scope than a history of WW I in the Middle East The book begins in 1876 with the installation of a new Sultan and a fledgling attempt at constitutional government The book Un vtrinaire en colre: Sur les chemins de la rdemption ends in 1923 with the Treaty of Lausanne and thestablishment of modern Turkey following a bitter war between Turkey and Greece The story of WW I is sandwiched between the two sections Thus McMeekin suggests that the final years of the Ottomans might be viewed as involving a War of Ottoman Sucession to stress the continuity of La ballade de Pern tome 1 - extrait offert events before during and after the Great War McMeekin a Professor of History at Bard College has writtenxtensively on WW I with Rhea emphasis on the roles of Tsarist Russia and the Soviet Union in the conflictThe Ottoman Endgame is lengthy detailed and sometimes difficult to follow The difficulty of the book for the most part is due to the complexity and unfamiliarity of thevents it recounts The book combines political and military history with a good deal of information about the internal workings of the Ottoman Empire Many different peoples nations and persons are involved A listing of different peoples nations and persons are involved A listing of Ottoman Empire Many different peoples nations and persons are involved A listing of of the characters in the book taken from the Introduction gives an idea of the volume s scope and purposeSo far from a sideshow to the First World War the Ottoman theater was central to both the outbreak of European war in 1914 and the peace settlement that truly nded it The War of the Ottoman Succession as we might call the broader conflict stretching from 1911 to 1923 Was An Epic Struggle an pic struggle seen in the larger than life figures it made famous Ismail Enver Ahmed Djemal and Mehmed Talat the three Young Turk triumvirs Kaiser Wilhelm II Admiral William Souchon and Otto Liman von Sanders on the German side Kitchner Churchill TE Lawrence and Lloyd George in Britain Sergei Sazonov Grand Duke Nicholas Nikolai Yudenich and Alexander Kolchak in Russia Sherif Hussein of Mecca and his sons Feisal and Abdullah along with Ibn Saud in Arabia Eleftherios Venizelos and King Constantine in Greece and not least Kazim Karabekir Ismet Inonu and Mustafa Kemal as fathers of the Republic of Turkey It was not Sykes and Picot but these far greater men who forged the modern Middle East in the crucible of war A century later with the opening of the last archives of the period their story can be told in fullWith so many participants and Devil Creek Crossfire events familiar and unfamiliar the book is bound to tell a complex story For the most part the writing is clear and concise At times McMeekin does not help the reader with long convoluted sentences poor proofing and a tendency to flip comments Still the book is thoroughly done well researched and documented and thoughtful McMeekin helped me understand thera he describes and to see different ways of thinking about itThe pre and post WW I sections of the book are likely to be less familiar to most readers than the long middle section dealing with the Great War They are thus harder to follow than the story of the War but the ffort is rewarding for readers with a serious interest in the time In the opening section McMeekin shows the Ottoman Empire the much maligned sick man of Europe struggling with internal problems as well as with European powers particularly Russia ager to pounce and divide the spoils The final portion of the book shows a beaten Ottoman Empire at the close of WW I nearly going to War with its former ally Germany and managing to turn the tables on its conuerors by winning a brutal war and stablishing the boundaries of modern Turkey The pre and post War sections of the book are integrated well with the story of WW I and add a perspective that I didn t have before my readingThe story of the Ottomans in WW I covers in good detail the decision to align with Germany The Ottomans substantial and surprising successes at Dardanelles Gallipoli Kut and lsewhere are covered as are the Empire s disastrous losses McKeekin puts a great deal of stress on Russia s Crossfire expansionist aims inxplaining the course of political and military Le rveur events in the Ears of groundbreaking research in newly opened Ottoman and Russian archives With great storytelling flair McMeekin makes new thepic stories we know from the Ottoman front from Gallipoli to the Hunger Games. La ballade du serpent et de l& exploits of Lawrence in Arabia and introduces a vast range of new stories to Western readers His accounts of the lead up to World War I and the Ottoman Empire’s central role in the war itself offers anntirely new and deeper vision of the conflict Harnessing not only Ottoman and Russian but also British German French American and Austro Hungarian sources the result is a truly pioneering work of scholarship that gives full justice to a multitiered war involving many belligerents McMeekin also brilliantly reconceives our inherited Anglo French unde. Note I received a free copy of this book through Goodreads First ReadsA history of the break up of the Ottoman Empire and the Exposing Alix emergence of the new nation of Turkey drawing upon long unavailable archives in Turkey and Russia The largest share of the book covers thevents of World War 1 and it s illuminating to see the war portrayed from the Turkish point of view not one often seen in the West I d venture to say that most Westerners are mostly familiar with the Ottoman role in WW1 for three things the Armenian genocide of 1915 the failed British invasion of the Dardanelles and Gallipoli and Lawrence of Arabia Even aficionados may be largely unfamiliar with other aspects the battles on the OttomanRussian front in Asia Minor for instance There s also a lot of interesting material concerning the confusing power shifts and strategic alliances in the Balkans in the years leading up to the WarAt least half the book is Burning uestions A Novel essentially a war chronicle and it suffers from the same problem as any such book unless you re deeply interested in military history thendless progression of troop movements commanders who fought whom and where uickly grows repetitive and dull In this case the problem is compounded by the fact that most names of people and places will be unfamiliar to most readersI found the Code Rousseau moto 2020 early portions of the book much interesting in which McMeekin familiarizes us with the state of the Ottoman Empire in the years leading up to the war One particularpisode is Dodge Rose especially fascinating relating the story of one powerful German warship caught in the Mediterranean Sea at the outbreak of the war and pursued by a British fleet which headed for Turkey seeking sanctuary It s the stuff of high drama not only for the sake of the German ship but because of itsffect on diplomatic negotiations the Ottomans at the time had not actually Mein Weg: Bilanz eines Grenzgngers entered the war and were not certain to do soBy contrast thending portions of the book in which from the wreckage of the war Turkish nationalists succeed in Naan Curries - Les meilleures recettes indiennes establishing a new nation despite opposition from powers intent on carving it into pieces feel a bit short and abrupt I d have liked detail on the new nation sarly yearsIt is in the Je rvise avec les P'tites Poules 6-7 Ans - Cahier de vacances end a very good book pretty much reuired reading if you re interested in WW1 or the history of Turkey and the Middle East It s a bit difficult to recommend to casual readers of historyspecially ones who aren t looking to read about wars I watched some months ago a recent 2 hour french documentary on the fall of the Ottomans and I was amazed by the clarity of it and its Les Maladies chroniques: Vers la troisime mdecine economic storytelling of the last days of thempire It didn t pay much attention to numbers ie number of ships number of soldiers Sukuh Misteri Portal Kuno Di Gunung Lawu etc and it focused instead in creating a compelling story I wasxpecting something like that in this book a general storytelling of the mpire s last years however what i got was a military history of the Ottomans in the first wor An accessible traditional diplomaticmilitary history of the First World War in the Middle East although mainly from Br I came to The Ottoman Endgame in my uest to xplore the global reach of WWI ie Carl Bernstein everything beyond the Western front Sean McMeekin s latest book is perfect for this purpose as it describes the conflict from the Ottomanmpire s perspective The results are impressive an Warriors Possession exci The Great War saw the collapse of the Ottoman Empire In fact it was a result of a long period of conflict and revolution and was not a collapse but rather a climax In this book Sean McMeekin offers a grand overview of thevents leading up to this collapse Agatha Christie excellent book about the last years of the Ottoman Empire though itssentially starts in 1876 with the palace coup that brought the young and seemingly inexperienced so asy to control Sultan Abdul Hamid to power and the desperate maneuvers of the new Sultan to avoid immediate disaster as the Russian Army

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be a miles from the gates of Constantinople in arly 1878 maneuvers that will prove uite successful and stave disaster for another 20 years while later only the mildness and clemency of the Sultan who tried hard to be a modernizer allowed his opponents to dethrone him in 1908 only to blunder into disaster in the Balkan Wars of 1912 3 the bulk of the book presents the fall of the Ottoman mpire into German orbit started by Abdul Hamid who found in young kaiser Wilhelm a kindred soul and the battles of WW1 and collapse followed by rebirth as soul and the battles of WW1 and collapse followed by rebirth as nation state and the massive population transfers of 1922 24 which were lauded at the time and ven led to a Nobel peace prize awarded to famed Stadt und Vorstadt: Munchner Architekturen, Situationen und Szenen 1895-1935 : der Norden und Nordwesten (Stadt im Bild) (German Edition) explorer Nansen who brokered them but later became the model for the massive involuntary transfers of people in Europe the Middle East and the Indian subcontinentanpilogue discussing how the vision of Ataturk to keep the modern Turkish state within majority Turk areas led to the stablest borders in the area the Turkish borders are Colorado Kid essentially unchanged since 1923 while his rejection ofxpansion into the Mosul area which was very weakly held by the British had lots of oil and Into the Crossfire Protectors enough Turkish people to allow a claim to it so it was part of the original Young Turk nationalist manifesto area which Ataturk mostly followed turned to have been so wise into retrospect on the other hand the De Christianization of Turkey in 1923 while understandable after the bitter religious Greek Turk war of the previous years had long term negativeffects as the roughly 12 million Greeks and other Christians Intgrale La Croisade Noire du Jedi Fou / Star Wars / 7-8-9 expelled by Ataturk of which many were skilled professionals and businessman were replaced by some 400000 Greek Muslims of mostly peasant origins with theconomy of Turkey not rebounding for decadeshighly recommended and a page turner to boot The Ottoman Endgame War Revolution and the Making of the Modern Middle East 1908 1923 is a book on the final years of the Ottoman Empire and its dissolution after WWI The Ottoman Empire was a Fascinating Conglomerate Of Cultures conglomerate of cultures and regions that lasted for hundreds of years It controlled territory that today is often considered restive areas such as the Balkans the Middle East and North Africa It controlled these areas for centuries where many others failed to for Le Petit Prince even a few years and it did so using religious power the Caliph in Istanbul military might and decentralized administration In its final few decades however the Ottoman s were often considered the punching bag for an increasingly Imperialist Europe Britain France and Russia all staked claims to the Empire shaving off territorial concessions and new nations for decades before WWI The Ottomans lost control of Tunisia and Algeria to France Libya and Rhodes to Italy Egypt and Sudan to Britain and the Caucus and Black Sea ports of Crimea to Russia Bulgaria Romania Serbia Bosnia Greece Macedonia an. An astonishing retelling of twentieth century history from the Ottoman perspective delivering profound new insights into World War I and the contemporary Middle EastBetween 1911 and 1922 a series of wars wouldngulf the Ottoman Empire and its successor states in which the central conflict of course is World War I a story we think we know well As Sean McMeekin shows us in this revelatory new history of what he calls the “wars of the Ottoman succession” we know far less than we think The Ottoman Endgame brings to light the Les fiances Windham - Le prix d'un baiser (J'ai lu Aventures Passions t. 12432) entire strategic narrative that led to an unstable new order in postwar Middle East much of which is still felt today The Ottoman Endgame War Revolution and the Making of the Modern Middle East draws from McMeekin’s Ttoman theater His discussion of Armenia tends to avoid the term genocide while recognizing the horror of the killings and the massacres The bookmphasizes the support many Armenians were in fact lending the Russians both before and after the War McMeekin also Inconnu cette adresse de Kathrine Kressmann Taylor (Fiche de lecture): Rsum Complet Et Analyse Dtaille De L'oeuvre expresses a degree of skepticism about the transcripts of trials for human rights violations thatmanated from the Ottomans at the conclusion of the conflict There is a great deal of Le monstre des couleurs va l'cole emphasis in the book on the Russian Revolution and on the Soviet Union sxit from the War which McMeekin believes had great impact on the ultimate result in the Middle East McMeekin also devotes considerable attention to the role of the United States and to its unwillingness to assume the role of neutral protectorate over the region at the conclusion of the War The book downplays the role of the Arab Revolt and of the romanticized figure of Lawrence of Arabia It argues that their role was minimal and that most Arabs remained loyal to the Ottomans for the duration of WW II had the opportunity to read McMeekin s book at the same time I read another new book covering much of the same subject Eugene Rogan s The Fall of the Ottomans The Great War in the Middle East 2015 The two books went to press at about the same time and did not influence one another It is valuable to think about them together Rogan s book focuses on the War itself and is much legantly written The maps in Rogan are inadeuate at best while those in McMeekin s book are helpful Rogan s work makes use of Ottoman sources although they are used in both books I didn t find the books wildly different in their perspectives but there are some important differences Rogan is harsher on the Ottoman s treatment of the Armenians and also inclined to mphasize the importance of the Arab Rebellion McMeekin gives attention to the roles of Russia and the United StatesAs with most history it is valuable to try to see the Great War in the Middle East from a variety of perspectives I learned from both McMeekin and Rogan Rogan s book is the Peuplecratie: La mtamorphose de nos dmocraties engagingly written of the two while McMeekin s book has background and follow up in the years up to 1923 For a reader wanting only one book I would recommend Rogan but McMeekin s book is important for readers with a serious interest in the subjectRobin Friedman The Ottoman Endgame War Revolution and the Making of the Modern Middle East 1908 1923 brought to light in English the unraveling of the Ottoman Empire from the sultanate of Abdul Hamid II through thestablishment of the Republic of Turkey under the leadership of the stalwart Mustafa Kemal Naturally the On Reading emphasis was on the First World War The Great War was seen in the West as the death throes of Ottoman power But as McMeekin presented so well it was preceded by devastating blows delivered by Russia Italy and the Balkan nations before 1914 coupled with the rise of internal reformistlements the Young Turks and followed by the bloody post war clash with a predatory Greece Despite the circling vultures Ottoman Turkey was not a helpless sick man but a remarkably rugged and resilient power that staved off defeat and dismemberment again and again With the Mistero sull'Orient Express empire s demise in 1922 Kemal and the nationalists created a successful nation state by abandoning the ungovernablempire and its troublesome minorities Even today outside the borders of Turkey in Ira Syria Kurdistan Palestine and Les pervers narcissiques elsewhere the War of the Ottoman Succession rages on with nond in sight Sean McMeekin produced a book that is an Of Marriageable Age exceptionalxample of well written and illuminating history A distinguished American academic most of McMeekin s writings have concentrated on Russia but he taught at two universities in Turkey and now holds a chair at Bard College His research reflected solid work among primary sources and archives in Russian German and Turkish A review in The Irish Examiner stated This is a work of scholarship and not for nthusiasts of history lite I agree but with the caveat that while thorough it is still readable The Ottoman Endgame *War Revolution and the Making of the Modern Middle East 1908 1923 is among the best books of *Revolution and the Making of the Modern Middle East 1908 1923 is among the best books of history I have read in recent years McMeekin arned Five Stars from have read in recent years McMeekin Dragon Ball Super - Coffret tome 01-02 earned Five Stars from What s a girl like you doing in a place like this At first the fall of the Ottomans seemed an odd subject for the man who gave us The Russian Origins of the First World War but hereditarynemies Lien se Lankstaanskoene entwine their histories and the series of Russo Turkish wars spanning four centuries tied the fates of the Balkan and the Caucasus to those of the two powers The rise of the Young Turks so often glossed over as a sudden burst of modernism is set within a context of reforms under the Ottoman sultans as slow and partial as they may have been The Great War in turn is set firmly within the context of the Tripolitanian and Balkan wars The overallffect is an adjustment of the Sick Man of Europe view he made several miraculous recoveries in a decade of warfareThe 14 18 story as told here has its strengths and weaknesses On one hand the Caucasian front gets an amount of attention in proportion to the importance Enver Pasha attached to it not seldom to the detriment of other theaters Lawrence of Arabia gets taken down from his mythological pedestal to a level Le jeu de la prceptrice (J'ai lu Aventures Passions t. 12584) even with the second rate impact of the Arab revolt on the Ottoman war On the other hand there is still too much Gallipoli here andvents in Mesopotamia unfold a bit too rapid after the infamous siege of Kut The post war chaos takes up 100 pages or a good 20% of the book It is not Mes photos de classe, Le Petit Nicolas enough to do the shifting frontiers justice and the diplomatic games surrounding the treaties of S vres and Lausanne aren t spelled out coherently but it is not stumbling throughither The occupation of Constantinopel by British French and Italian forces was news to me The Allied intervention carries for good reasons similarities with their undrwhelmed support of the Whites in the Russian civil wars The main vent in McMeekin s version is the Greek invasion and its mutual atrocities accumulating in the fire of Smyrna "after the lines in front of Ankara almost broke1911 1923 is a lot "the lines in front of Ankara almost broke1911 1923 is a lot Turkey to fit within 500 pages but McMeekin is a consummate storytellerThe following breathless xcerpt p245 looks back upon 1915 And so the British instead of landing several divisions in scarcely defended Alexandretta to cleave the Ottoman Empire in two to aid their Russian allies who were fighting the Ottoman Third Army at Manzikert and to save thousands of Armenian refugees chose to reinforce failure by landing yet another 25000 troops on Gallipoli to face the deadly fire of forces Blood Heir entrenched on high ground After beginning so well at Basra and Suez 1915 had thoroughly turned sour for Britain in the Ottoman theatre It was about to get worse. Rstanding of the war’s outcome and the collapse of thempire that followed The book chronicles the Corniche Kennedy emergence of modern Turkey and the carve up of the rest of the Ottoman Empire as it has never been told before offering a new perspective on such issues as thethno religious bloodletting and forced population transfers which attended the breakup of Wer hat an der Zeit gedreht? empire the Balfour Declaration the toppling of the caliphate and the partition of Ira and Syria bringing the contemporary conseuences into clear focusEvery so often a work of history completely reshapes our understanding of a subject ofnormous historical and contemporary importance  The Ottoman Endgame is such a book an instantly definitive and thrilling xample of narrative history as high .

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