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Musubi Man: Hawaii's Gingerbread Man gHere we are in theolden age of medicine making such reat strides against rabies typhoid fever diphtheria and a common or arden influenza is beating us hollow Serious uestion were there always this many books about pandemics Is this like one of those things where you learn about something you d never heard of before and then suddenly it s EVERYWHERE Because I keep reading these books that were written pre COVID and pandemics seem to be stalking meAnyway I really liked this understated exploration of healthcare illness maternity and all kinds of power abuses The Pull of the Stars is set in Ireland in 1918 It s a book that oes a lot deeper than you may first expect It takes place over only a few days and barely moves outside of the single room in which Nurse Julia Power cares for those who are pregnant and in uarantine It was a surprisingly emotional journey following Julia through her day as a nurse trying to keep fevers down and despair at bay Trying against horrendous odds to deliver healthy living babiesThe 1918 influenza was a devastating pandemic Even as people were killing each other on the battlefields of the First World War an even deadly killer was spreading from person to person through love kindness touch Here Donaghue brings a uniuely Irish perspective to the time With the combination of aversion to contraception the social pressure to churn out babies upwards of ten was the norm sexual abuses in religious institutions and Magdalene laundries a maternal mortality rate of 15% AND the pandemic this was a terrible time and place to be a woman and pregnantNurse Power sees mothers trying and failing to ive birth to their twelfth child because their bodies can t take any She sees young victims of sexual abuse terrified as they are forced to Adventures of Suzie and the Alien give birth to the babies of the male relatives who raped them She sees the fallen women of Magdalene laundries forced toive up their babies She sees abuse victims who are afraid to et better and leave the hospital I found myself wondering who d put us all in the hands of these old men in the first place It may seem like the whole story takes place in one small room but much of the horror that happens there is rooted in far reaching abuses of power religious hypocrisy and social policy In the early twentieth century many people really did believe that class was enetic and passed from parent to child so the doctors in this book dismiss the infants of poor working class people literally from the minute they are bornI would definitely recommend it if you can stomach the Tracing the Contours gore and the mentions of abuseincest all off page I liked that the author wove a lot of historical fact with her fiction including the character of Kathleen Lynn who I was unfamiliar with The only thing I didn t love is how the romantic subplot seemed to come flying in out of nowhere with no romantic chemistry suggested beforehand but it was such a small part of what soing on in this book that I didn t mind very muchFacebook Instagram blame the stars thats what influenza means influenza delle stelle the influence of the stars medieval italians thought the illness proved that the heavens were Gavurun Dölü governing their fates notonna lie this started out rough for me the narrative style is a choice lol i was actually uite adverse to it in the beginning but ive really enjoyed EDs other choice lol i was actually uite adverse to it in the beginning but ive really enjoyed EDs other so i stuck with it and im so lad i did and i wouldnt consider this the most recommendable story out there its a very niche tale but i would be lying if i didnt say i was captivated by it especially considering the current lobal i would be lying if i didnt say i was captivated by it especially considering the current Ich Lebe Genügt Das Nicht? global the story feels very relevant i understand why many readers wont be able toet on board with the understated plot and highly descriptive days spent in the maternity ward i never want to have a child after reading this but its the characters of the novel that i became enthralled with i love the relationship between julia and bridie one uneducated in nursing and the other uneducated in lifes hardships and how they taught each other not to mention the highly inspirational dr flynn this book definitely isnt for everyone but i enjoyed the simple nature of it 35 stars 45 stars rounded to 5 starsWhat a uiet yet powerful little The Greek Tycoon's Mistress gem this is Emma Donoghue escaped my radar up until now The blurb enticed me and my impulse decision to hit thereen Net Galley reuest button paid off nicelyThis is a 3 day slice of life centering on 3 women and several key minor characters The book takes place during the 1918 influenza pandemic Much of the story unfolds in the tiny lyingin ward really a small room for pregnant women ill with the flu in an understaffed hospital in Dublin Twenty nine year old Julia Power is an nurse and midwife we are privy to much of what is in her head Her volunteer helper is Bridie around 22 years old who is a product of the miserable nun run orphanage in town Dr Kathleen Lynn a member of a rebel roup who is wanted by the police also plays a key role in the novel Her character is based on a real person of the same key role in the novel Her character is based on a real person of the same do not fail to read about her in the wonderful Author s Note by Ms Donoghue Each of these women have their issues that play a major role and influence the relationships forged amongst the three Interesting side characters include Julia s brother rendered mute by his experiences during WWI orderly Groyne doing his best to cope with issues in his own way and of course the ill mothers to be Honor White Delia Garrett Ita Noonan and seventeen year old Mary O Rahilly all with their own burdens to bear This book is not for action fans It is a slow burn to be sure yet it somehow drew me in uickly and captivated me for the duration Despite it being character driven and nearly totally confined to one small space there was a tremendous amount of tension and suspense in that tiny room that shackled me to the pages Oh and what a learning experience Gosh I took an OB GYN rotation in medical school but I was so much entranced by all the knowledge I leaned about the state of the art of delivering a baby in the early 20th century in a time of little help and rampant illness Ms Donoghue really did. In an Ireland doubly ravaged by war and disease Nurse Julia Power works at an understaffed hospital in the city center where expectant mothers who have come down with the terrible new Flu are uarantined together Into Julia's regimented world step two outsiders Doctor Kathle. .

The Pull of the Stars

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For an advance copy of this book Dublin 1918 the world is being ravaged by the Spanish flu influenza Men are returning from the war damaged changed Julia is an almost thirty single woman living with her brother who cannot or will not speak She is also a nurse which is one of the only decent employment available to women Her hospital is beseiged by flu cases and her ward is one that handles the flu in those that are also pregnant Staff so short she is alone in charge handling what can only be described as our present ICU Supplies snd medicines are scarce Sound familiarSince she is alone Julia is assigned a young untrained خاطرات زیبا ناوک زينب girl to be her runner Bridie lives with the sisters nuns who have little mercy for orphans or so called fallen women Few available doctor s has the hospital allowing a woman doctor Kathleen Lynn who is wanted by the police for taking part in protests Over three days these women will come to mean alot to each otherMedicine was so primitive there was little that could be done The accuracy in the writing the details pull one right in and immerses them in this desperate time frame Reminded me of a darker Call if the Midwives though these sisters were not the kind ones of Nautilus House Dr Katherine Lynn was a real person as is detailed in the authors note as are many of the historical detailsA sad time chronicling the terrible times in the past parallel to the time happening now Our medicines and capabilities are better but still we are at present held hostage by a virusARC from Edelweiss All the starsI finished The Pull of the Stars over last weekend a buddy read with my dear friend bibliobeth Weobbled this book up At 304 pages and taking place over only 3 days this book is something and I mean something remarkable The Pull of the Stars makes my second book I ve read about the 1918 influenza pandemic in the last monthOn a related note Emma Donoghue began writing the book in 2018 for the 100 year anniversary of the pandemic Little d Pain and suffering ather at doorstepsNo particular street No predestined number Certainly without invitationJulia Power rides her bicycle through the darkened streets of Dublin in the pouring rain Her destination is the understaffed and over populated hospital reeling from the onslaught of The Great Flu of 1918 The world and in particular Ireland takes on an invisible enemy the likes of which they ve never known And in parallel the human enemies lay in trenches and on battle fields during World War I Julia s own brother Tim has returned from the war altered in every wayBut Julia a trained nurse of nine years specializing in midwifery trudges up the stairs to come face to face with a daunting reality She will be on call flying solo during her shift today No extra hands to lighten the burden of caring for women in labor harboring the harsh symptoms of the flu Julia survived a case of it a few months back Most doctors have been called to the battlefields with few to take up the auntlet of fighting this monster pandemic with limited supplies and even less sleep and enduranceEmma Donoghue writes with a sharp ended pen here dipping into the ink of suffering remorse helplessness and endless heels caught on the rim of hopelessness The Pull of the Stars speaks to the reality of the times The birthing is explicit and detailed Panic rises and rises with very little recourse If you are of a Before the Law An Introduction to the Legal Process gentle persuasion this book may be a bit of heavy lifting for you But if you lean toward theallant efforts of humans pushed to THE LIMITS THIS NOVEL WILL LEAVE YOU WITH A limits this novel will leave you with a respect for those who came before us and for those who still battle the unspeakable every dayYes this novel cuts close to the rain as we battle the Covid 19 pandemic Pain and misfortune will never leave this world But it is an eye opener as to how these brave #Individuals Gave Their All With #gave their all with antiuated knowledge and materials The Irish overnment set out posters advocating eating onions and wearing eucalyptus to fight the Zilele nu se intorc niciodata grippe And in spite of the odds so many survived Packed on crowded trams a bad cough wouldet the response Sure you might as well spray us with bulletsThe Pull of the Stars is an exceptional read Brutal but not without the essentials of compassion and dedication And the profound reality is that humanity rises up time and time again for another dayI received a copy of this book through NetGalley for an honest review My thanks to Little Brown and Company and to the talented Emma Donoghue for the opportunity The human race settles on terms with every plague in the end the doctor told her Or a stalemate at the least Talk about a timely book In the Author s note Emma Donoghue shares how she began writing this book after being inspired by the centenary of the reat flu and by the time she had delivered her last draft to publishers in March 2020 COVID 19 came on the sceneThe influenza pandemic of 1918 killed people than the first World War an estimated 3 to 6 percent of the human raceIn Dublin 1918 Nurse Julia Power is working in the maternity ward of an understaffed hospital There to assist her are Dr Lynn and a volunteer helper Bridie Sweeney Over the course of three days these women s lives will be intertwined and we watch as they mainly Julia attempt be intertwined and we watch as they mainly Julia attempt save their patients bring babies into the world and care for their very sick patients Your job s not to bear the babies Bridie had told me it s to save them The research that went into this book is impressive I applaud Donoghue s attention to detail I love how she blended facts with fiction The writing is impeccable the story drew me into and I felt as if I were a fly on the wall as all the characters attempted to save lives deliver babies and just plain live in desperate times I enjoyed how the characters cared for each other and tried their best despite the odds being against them I think it is worth mentioning a second time that this book is beautifully written researched and carefully plottedThank you to Little Brown and Company and NetGalley who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review All the thoughts and opinions are my ow. Shepherd new life into a fearful world With tireless tenderness and humanity carers and mothers alike somehow do their impossible work In The Pull of the Stars Emma Donoghue once again finds the light in the darkness in this new classic of hope and survival against all odd. Her research The ambiance is well portrayed as the dark and dreary times it was Such hardships but how strong people were back then to do the very best they could with the situations they found themselves in I particularly loved how people by helping others and sticking together could accomplish a reat deal in making the most of their lives This book isn t for everyone but it was for me I highly recommend it for all who are interested in reading about admirable people doing their best under less than ideal circumstances and taking lessons learned from those who pass through their lives I wish to thank Net Galley Little Brown and Company and Miss Emma Donoghue for an advanced copy Opinions are mine alone and are not biased in any way A compelling offering by Ms Donoghue which read in the times of COVID could not escape comparison between the present and 1918Nurse Julia Power is in charge of the maternity ward in a Dublin hospital Thirty taking care of her brother who suffers from shell shock Julia concentrates on her three charges pregnant women who are of different background and whose pregnancies are endangered due to flu complicationsThe plot spans over three days during which Julia helps new life to appear and witnesses death She also finds something she did not expect to findThis book is detailed regarding the labour but it also Jewellery Making A Complete Course for Beginners gives an insight into the status of women in Ireland one hundred years ago and the institutions which were expected to look after babies born out of wedlock and orphans but which in fact profited from them not securing the babies welfare Truly upsetting and disturbing NOW AVAILABLE Vitaloriosa vita Life Parting Ways: The Near-Life Experiences Of Peter Orbach glorious life There s an aura throughout this story that is somewhat bleak while at the same timeripping in the dangers the then fairly recent uprising that occurred Easter 1916 WWI the conditions these people face during the 1918 pandemic something that we have all recently become too familiar with There s also so much tender consideration kindness from this nurse and her young charge that comes to assist the ward where Julia Power works the Maternity Fever ward designated for those women with the flu who are separated from the healthy maternity patients Along with that some lovely writing tooJulia is a nurse nearing her 30th birthday and when she arrives at work that morning she s informed that she will be in charge for the day of this newly formed ward and that the other nurse scheduled is missing in action with two expectant as well as sick mothers in her care one having died during the previous night s shift And while no assistant is promised one eventually appears Bridie Sweeney Bridie is a delight a wonderful addition both to Julia and to the reader as she brings much light to this story A young woman who isn t uite sure of her age having been left in one of the Catholic convents she s known little of the world and nothing about love the only treatment she s had at the hands of the nuns has not been kind Bridie shares her story little by little with Julia Julia being a kind hearted woman cringes a bit at how unflinchingly Bridie shares the trauma she s endured but opens her heart to her in the process of etting to know her and begins to look forward to her company This relationship adds so much light that s so needed in such a dark time But there s so much to this story than I could tell you in a few short paragraphs So many of the small details of this might seem too conveniently placed the lack of disinfectant the having to make do with other medical necessities normally available the signs that seem to echo those of our current times but Donoghue began writing this story in October of 2018 long before this pandemic we are all living through began So many similarities the shops closed companies that appear to be deserted A changed world from the one they knew all that and in addition they were still dealing with the repercussions of the war that only ended in November Of That Year Families With Losses of that year Families with losses both the war and the pandemicWhile I haven t read all OF HER BOOKS I VE READ A FEW OTHERS her books I ve read a few others her Room Frog Music and The Wonder and I have to say that out of all of those that I think that she s outdone herself with this one as much as I enjoyed loved the others There is so much tenderness in the way these characters are shown and so much compassion in how this story is shared it served as a lovely reminder that there still is love tenderness and compassion in this world Pub Date 21 Jul 2020Many thanks for the ARC provided by Little Brown and Company 5 Stars one of the best of 2020Talk about timing Emma Donoghue became interested in the Great Influenza in 2018 because of the 100 year anniversary But as she put the final touches on her draft the corona virus reared its ugly head Emma Donoghue has always been a master at putting us smack dab in a time and place Here it s Ireland in 1918 WWI is still ongoing and the Influenza has Dublin in its rasp Nurse Julia Powers is acting matron of the MaternityFever Ward Into her ward comes Bridie with no training whatsoever and #Dr Lynn a female doctor and Sinn Fein rebel There are similarities to our current epidemic with overflowing hospitals supply #Lynn a female doctor and Sinn Fein rebel There are similarities to our current epidemic with overflowing hospitals supply and the need for masks but we also La espia de Franco get to see what has changed No doctors nowadays prescribing alcohol to pregnant women toive them comfort or linseed poultices to cure a cough And the same lack of understanding about social distancing The ueue I passed outside the picture house Grown men women and children all Go Kiss the World gasping toet into the Sometimes I Like to Curl Up in a Ball greaterm box The writing is so detailed you will feel you are in the room And the characters come across as fully fleshed This book just drew me in It s not a fast paced story but I was desperate to know what the outcome would be for them and the patients under their care The story is heartbreaking As with our own crisis the book points out the incredible strain on the workers tasked with caring for the sick As an interesting side note Dr Lynn was a real person Make sure to read the Author s Note for her history My thanks to netgalley and Little Brown. En Lynn a rumoured Rebel on the run from the police and a young volunteer helper Bridie SweeneyIn the darkness and intensity of this tiny ward over three days these women change each other's lives in unexpected ways They lose patients to this baffling pandemic but they also. .