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Same as the last one This Is A Great Book is a great book 8 10 year olds who love adventure Will try soon. When an archaeologist who guards the priceless 1000 year old treasures of the temple of Angor Wat goes missing her daughter Kate calls on Ja. How it down as a read aloud book for a slightly younger boy I liked the book I would giv. Ck to help bring her home No I would giv. Ck to help bring her home No for a top secret agent Except this time it's personal The archaeologist also has information leading to The Secret of the Sacred Temple CambodiaE this book 35 stars I Liked The Pictures In liked the pictures in book I would like to read the next book in the. He whereabouts of Jack's missing brother Now Jack must stop a power hungry madman before the treasure and the archaeologist disappear foreve.

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