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This is a Shopping in Ancient Rome rambling account of Darrow s career leading up to theecent Shaolin Cowboy The Madness Of Celia Summers releases the newest Shemp Buffet a Dark Horse hardcover collecting the 2014 2015 4 issue series and the eponymous book theeview is technically devoted to a softcover collecting the original 7 issue burlyman series published between 2004 2007 this Burlyman series published between 2004 2007 This is inspired by my long appreciation of his artistic prowess and his unusual career Tintin was my favorite comic as a kid although X Men and Batman were close Moebius completely Ride the Wind rewrote those isolated strands of DNA in charge of art appreciation as did Schuiten Manara and Giardino after catching a few tantalizing glimpses in old issues of Heavy Metal Mike Mignola s art in Gotham by Gaslight Marvel Epic s coloredeprints of Akira and First s prestige format sampling of Lone Wolf Cub these were the last blocks in the foundation so to speak Coming back to comics years later clean line BD chiaroscuro noir and dark gekigashonen manga were what I gravitated towards Darrow s Hard Boiled came shortly after Sin City and I thought it was the best thing I d ever seen From the variant cover to the final issue of Conan the Cimmerian Shaolin Cowboy Shemp Buffet a poster for Fantastic Fest The 5 Star Adelaide, The Enchantress rating applies to the material Shaolin Cowboy is like Kill Bill Part 1 a comparison I m sure other people have already made the story is a surreal farce that functions as set dressing for the greatest battle in seuential art history This 200 plus page book is a celebration of artistic violence and violent art a gloriously fucked up masterpiece of ligne claire carnage that examines the infinite possibilities of sword gun and chainsawelated damage The Dark Horse book which collects the 2014 4 issue series will be Dining As A Roman Emperor released shortly It takes Darrow s uniue premise from the 7 issue Burlyman series collected here and follows it down theabbit hole of logical absurdity creating a wordless plot less battle between the Shaolin Cowboy and a horde of decomposing zombies For everyone who doesn t give a shit about the background I ll just summarize by saying that the material is a must for Darrow fans but this standard sized high uality softcover should have been a hardcover and it should have been bigger to properly display the art The 9 x 13 inch French albums from Panini are a better way to experience the artwork but each of the three hardcovers collect 2 issues each leaving the final 7th issue uncollected Without an eighth epilogue issue or perhaps old Bourbon Thret eprints Tome 4 will likely never appear This is the only complete edition and it took eight years to get here Early Darrow East Meets West and Bourbon Thret A holy grail of mine Cite du Feu the legendary mid 80 s portfolio collaboration between Moebius and Geof Darrow there s never been a better comic art collaboration It s about time After "leaving animation for comics Geof Darrow debuted with a French album called Bourbon Thret It collected his "animation for comics Geof Darrow debuted with a French album called Bourbon Thret It collected his stories for various bande dessinee periodicals and featured an unlikely hero who would later be known as The Shaolin Cowboy His purist approach to the ligne claire style and idiculously detailed meticulously plotted compositions made him something of an artist s artist and collaborations with the late great Moebius and Frank Miller followed Hard Boiled and The Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot were in etrospect gifts of a sort from Miller and tokens of his esteem Darrow was unknown to North American audiences while Miller was already a comics giant in the midst of his now classic Sin City Miller s espect for Darrow s prodigious talents prompted him to use Darrow as the physical model for the silent deadly cannibal named Kevin With Hard Boiled he imagined the most outrageously violent darkly humorous and visually complex science fiction story possible something that would challenge and showcase Darrow s abilities to maximum effect It was not a challenge Darrow took lightly and it took over three years to complete But the موقف الأمة المغربية من الحماية الفرنسية results were fucking spectacular From Hard Boiled Hard Boiled and The Big Guy featured the most intricatel. A little less conversation a little action ElvisThe saga of one man's fight against the walking dead as you've never seen it before The action never lets up as a chainsaw. Yendered beautifully imagined line work in comics history Miller S Name Alone Was Enough name alone was enough generate significant interest but Darrow was unuestionably the star of the show Hard Boiled in particular was an eyeball melting extravaganza of choreographed comics chaos Miller s story was an inspired blend of Blade Runner Total Recall and Robocop with the straight faced satire and violence of Verhoeven multiplied exponentially Dark Horse published European format oversized albums collecting each series with European style painted coloring that clear line art is made for They "also set a precedent with something that seems almost typical now eleasing "set a precedent with something that seems almost typical now eleasing 12 inch wide by 16 inch tall black and white collections Big Damn Hard Boiled and King Size Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot Anticipating the stunning Sunday Press LA MASA MADRE (Spanish Edition) reprints of Little Nemo in Slumberland and IDW s excellent Artist Edition facsimiles they were black and whiteeproductions of Darrow s original art without any of the dialogue or captions obscuring details The multiple editions and formats were unusual for the time before comics had committed to collected editions and claimed their place on bookstore shelves it s ironic considering how late this volume is and how difficult the material it collects was to find
in any format 
any format several years I bought the French language hardcovers just before the price jumped since the comics still available were far too expensive the French albums are nicely produced and oversized but Drsný spasitel reprint only the first six comics missing the final seventh issue From The Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot including new material topThen not much happened Reports of Shaolin Cowboy started in the late nineties and Darrow did the occasional cover or pin up Most of his efforts however were devoted to his conceptual designs for The Matrix His friendship with the Wachowski brothers led to various filmelated projects but Shaolin Cowboy The World of Critical Role: The History Behind the Epic Fantasy remained an enigmatic title with a perpetual coming soon status When issue number 1 finally appeared in 2005 it was published by Burleyman Entertainment the Wachowski s boutiue label established primarily for the purposes of showcasing the work of Darrow and other Wachowski favorites like Steve Skroce Burleymaneleased seven issues of Shaolin Cowboy and six of them were collected in three hardcover albums in Europe The decade long gap between The Big Guy and Shaolin Cowboy had not diminished his illustrative prowess earning Darrow yet another Eisner Award for Best PencillerInker The silent master of Kung Fu aka Bourbon Thret had Never and Forever (The Wizards of Once returned after twenty years this time astride an incredibly verbose talking donkey The story is a surrealistic pastiche of Hong Kong action flick the comedic fantasy of John Carpenter s Big Trouble in Little China and post apocalyptic zombie horror there is noeal plot to speak of just a series of hyper kinetic battle scenarios that Begin Again recall the cinematic celebration of violence in Tarantino s Kill Bill The comparisons to film are intentional the pacing in Shaolin Cowboy has the movie like momentum of Japanese mangaeading almost like story boards From the original Shaolin Cowboy series 2005Unfortunately Burlyman Entertainment was and is a part time project for the Wachowski s and the Shaolin Cowboy comics didn t get the promotion or distribution they deserved The notion that the work of an artist as important as Geof Darrow could languish in out of print limbo for several years is insane and testifies to the low priority the Wachowski s placed on comics Burlyman might have been a way of placing their proprietary stamp on another person s intellectual property the growing number of comic elated film adaptations has led to an influx of small press titles associated with actors directors and producers following the example of very successful comic book writers turned Hollywood heavyweights like Mark Millar and Robert Kirkman Too many titles have become film pitches as if the entire medium is just the Movie Industy s developmental candy store I didn t eally need much excuse to dislike them after Speed Racer but dumping over. Of events pits the comic world's favorite Shaolin Cowboy against a legion of gourmets from the fourth level of hell intent on turning America's finest youth into an endles. 200 pages of finished Geof Darrow artwork into a black hole for seven years is grounds for war especially since it amounted to something like 30 35% of his comic book output to that point Well Burleyman has finally collected the seven issue series and eleased it a couple of months before Dark Horse unleash their collection of his ecent four issue Shaolin Cowboy tale After a long drought it s a superabundance of immaculately endered carnage Pick up the Burlyman trade paper back while you can because there s no telling when a second printing will appear From the Solo un Jesús marica puede salvarnos: Reflexiones cristianas en clave gay (Spanish Edition) recentlyeleased Shaolin Cowboy Shemp Buffet HCMy suspicions about Burlyman s priorities are confirmed by the format It s a nicely made standard issue trade paperback printed on glossy stock that shows off the details nicely But it s small It s the usual 7 x 10 inch book and the famous Darrow details are not given their due This should have been AT LEAST a 9 x 12 inch hardcover and preferably a 12 x 16 inch deluxe hardcover beast of the kind Humanoids do so well Come to think of it why didn t Humanoids publish this hardcover beast of the kind Humanoids do so well Come to think of it why didn t Humanoids publish this Darrow was hand picked as the successor to Moebius by the late legend himself and his only serious threat as Heir of Jean Moebius Giraud is Ladronn or perhaps Das Pastoras His time spent working in film follows an eerily similar course Darrow s essential Addicts or Millionaires The Gift and Curse of ADHD role developing the Matrix trilogy echoes the work Moebius did on Blade Runner and Alien Now he needs to find his own Jodorowsky type partnership and produce his own Incal because Wachowski does not eual Jodorowsky What about an Aronofsky Noah kind of sucked but he s got a sky and a propensity for mystical Jodoific SF epics AND he s already embraced his inner Jodo by collaborating with artists Kent Williams and Niko Henrichon on the beautiful graphic novel versions of The Fountain and Noah the latter of which was far better than the film IMO Until such an unlikely partnership begins however there s 320 pages of premium Darrow hitting the bookstores and I think it s fair to say that Shaolin Cowboy is Geof Darrow s very own Airtight Garage Legend of Korra illustration Wolverine illustration a page from King Size Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot one of two giant sized Conceptos Básicos de la Coctelería: Una Guía Completa Para Principiantes (Spanish Edition) reprints the other was Big Damn Hard Boiled showcasing the original art in black and whit minus speech balloons and captionsPS Mark Millar in particular has used his ever expanding list of Rated indie superhero films to make his comicbook projects the job every artist wants in on leading to co creator status and the kind of money DC and Marvel won t come close to paying Steve McNiven JG status and the kind of money DC and Marvel won t come close to paying Steve McNiven JG Frank uitely Dave Gibbons Leinil Yu Goran Parlov Bryan Hitch John Romita Jr No other writer has attracted the same kind of pure artistic firepower artists will hang up on the Marvel Editor in ChiefCEODisney Overlord if they get Mark Millar on the other line His books are fast entertaining head candy but they also serve as gloriously story boarded film pitches complete with script and sometimes casting you can thank Millar and Bryan Hitch for the casting of Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury and they get optioned before the first issue hits the stands There is no way to effectively convince you that this The Rescuer O'Malley remains my favorite comic of all time since it came out in 2005 Who would believe me Why would I choose this bookBut I whisper to you with the eyes of a child and breath like starlit dreams It s true I tell you It s all of it trueAnd somewhere inside a dragon that walks through endless deserts in the city of the deadisen from the dragon s belly a monk slices a Histoire secrte de la DGSE rapping shark in half with a chainsaw Somewhere a talking donkey projectile poops The fantastic art is The best part of this book The plot what plot there is isn t great and the humor gets stale very fast If you don tead Shaolin Cowboy you have no business calling yourself a Philosophy Of The East reader of comic books Further if you don t get this book you are a pussy Most ofatings go towards the art which is simply amazing Storytelling filled to the brim with the absurd and the surreal An overload to the senses but weirdly addictiv. S shemp buffet Strap on your six guns gas up your chainsaw and hang on 'cuz you aren't in Downton Abbey anyCollects the complete Dark Horse Comics Shaolin Cowboy series ?.