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Ed God to use them I WAS DEEPLY INSPIRED BY THEIR EXAMPLES deeply inspired by their examples faith and especially by the message of salvation That Was Woven Throughout The was woven throughout the If you or your family are looking for a descriptive emotional read right now that tackles church history in a fresh and intriguing way read The Silas Diary Let both its theme and its characters envelop you with truth Despite any flaws it may have despite any hard things the characters face I believe there s something in here for everyone who has a desire to now Jesus and to serve Him To read my full review of the Silas Diary click here Book 1 of 5 of Paul s missionary journeys John Mark has told Silas about the first journey Paul Barnabas and JM before JM goes homeI come away with an awe of Paul Why would he go to so much trouble Of the people why would they believe so few of them not popular troubles Awed by the fact that this new Way didn t fade away when confronted with so many huge issues Amazed and humbled by my lack of faith It puts meat on the bones for me these are real people real stories real lives so foreign to me yet brothers And I love that this journey to the Galations is followed with Galations at the end of the book The people in there and the places come alive Fictional tale of Paul s journey through Galatia and the story of The Four Churches Planted four churches planted A lot of interesting insight This book added a nice layer to the books of Acts and several epistles of Paul and made it come alive than the standard Bible While I realize that a lot of the conversations are created for the sake of the story I think what was going on in the church at that time could be very similar. Friends The Silas Diary is your invitation to join Silas Paul and their companions on a journey fraught with danger and adventure a journey that changed the history of the world Learn with the first century Christians what freedom in Christ really mean.

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The Silas DiaryLoved it I read this Book Because I Started Reading because I started reading bible Even though the bible is interesting and fascinating I sometimes need it brought to life This book really took me to the time and place and showed me how the stories came to
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Actual rating 275 starsThis just did not eep my attention It was in a story format but the way it was written wasn t intriguing enough for me It was a struggle to ev I m actually re reading this book because I enjoyed it than a decade ago while serving overseas Edwards does I m actually re reading this book because I enjoyed it than a decade ago while serving overseas Edwards does great job of taking you through the travels of Paul and the life of the early church and while it s a fictional work it s very historical in context and helps the Bible come alive in a new wayEdwards helps me to gain a better perspective of how life was like in these areas where Paul traveled and preached It also brings a acute awareness of the sufferings he endured for the sake of the gospel This first diary encourages me to read the rest which I will I love the idea of writing a fictionalized account of the early Church and this was a valiant effort I m glad enough to have read it However this book is anachronistic and the prose is lackluster Despite his clunky insertion of his own reasearch into the narrative or dialogue I found myself freuently doubting the reliability of the picture he paintsHis own biases are painfully overpowering As a leader in the modern house church movement he tries to present the early church as antinomian and largely without leaders buildings or liturgy of any sort and to blame those elements on Judaisers and early heretics He even describes the Gentile Christians as freuently interrupt. This imaginative narrative parallels the book of Acts giving a first person account of Paul's first journey We see it through the eyes of Silas a friend and traveling companion of the apostle You'll find yourself shipwrecked in the cold Mediterranean Se. Ing eachother which he presents as ideal as though spontaneity and lack of order are marks of true Christianity rather ideal as though spontaneity and lack of order are marks of true Christianity rather laziness selfishness and immaturity I would love to read a series like this by a careful historian sound theologian and skilled novelist who didn t have such an ugly axe in need of such incessant grinding Using extensive research on life in that time period the author fleshed out what Readers Are Given In The New Testament Giving A Greater are given in the New Testament giving a greater of the people and what happened The books are an easy read and fun I found the first century diary series of books fascinating The author has a way of making you feel as though you are there Great story I found The Silas Diary during school last year I honestly wasn t sure what to expect from this at first The title leads me to believe that the book is about Silas and I naturally thought that it would be about one of Paul s later adventures However I soon found myself swept away into Gene Edwards carefully researched writing so much so that I ended up being surprised when I had to stop reading I also reserved the seuel The Titus Diary as soon as I could and that book ended up being even better than this one in my opinion Like I mentioned earlier The Silas Diary actually gave me a new way to examine my own faith and my view of church I absolutely enjoyed reading Edwards descriptions of a loving helpful church family that just overflows with peace joy and a willingness to serve For me this book was also a way for me to see Paul and all of the other characters as people like me Not perfect ideals and not names on a page but ordinary men and women who just allow. A fighting for life with Paul and John Mark as they grab for something to hold on to in the icy blast of an Etesian storm You'll discover what it's like to ford a river in a hailstorm only to be swept ashore in drenched cold clothing far from shelter or.