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The Superhero's TeamIt was very annoying how he very Very Clearly Put His Own Political Views clearly put his own political views here Great bookCan t wait for the next one A littler politicized but the nding was great I am definitely looking forward to the release of the next book I liked the first book however this one is too political It is so obvious Plutarch is Trump and that Sagan is Sanders I agree with Bolt in that I don t really follow politics but know The I Ching on Love enough when I am reading a book about an upcominglection that I don t really follow politics but know Prince of Thorns enough when I am reading a book about an upcominglection its debate points I read to scape not to be and its debate points I read to scape not to be about all the chaos with this lection Sorry but I am done with this series Much like the first I found this book rather average Although there was definitely an improvement Another book about Bolt the son of a very powerful superhero Again I am not ntirely sure if I liked it or not It was much better than the previous one and I think the author did a very good job of xplaining the character but I m not convinced I get it he is just a teenager a mildly rebellious one who is still very naive and kind of dumb I m not sure if he missed so many clues because he is a kind of good sheltered kid that thinks the best of veryone or if it has something to do with his age or if it s just him but I kept Brighter Than Gold expecting him to get the picture and instead he had to haveverything The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Vol. 2 explained to him On the other hand I think that helps him be a better hero in the sense that he is good he has some issues likevery teenager but he A month after his debut as the superhero Bolt Kevin Jason's life has changed greatly Everyone seems to have taken an interest in him including major presidential candidate and Wilhelm Reich and the Function of the Orgasm Great Minds Series Book 11 ex super villain Adam Plutarch whose true motives for supporting Kevin are murky and unclear But fame isn't all badspecia. ,

Searle's Cats everything he is the head of a cult that brainwashed many young heroes through the Academy and many NHA heroes He gets shot in the head and gets into a comma the rest of the cult members have to go away and Bolt saves the day again Also he is offered the position as leader of a new superhero team that is being formed and for the first time his parents are not against it hide spoiler Awesome bookSecond book in the series continues and a very strong note I think the story gets better and better as it goes on Looking forward to three another great book by lucas flint I liked the first book and this one would be great if it didnt treat its politics like it was some sort of ditcatoriship s propaganda videoxcept with totally unsubtle way it dealt divisive politics of the Three Wise Cats A Christmas Story election Heck the villians name has only like 3 letters different from bernie sanders i m notven a liberal and I felt it was manipulative This book was better then the first I would rate it 25 but I can t I still think the main character is incredibly stupid I liked the ideas in this book a lot With a bit of wisdom bestowed upon the liked the ideas in this book a lot With a bit of wisdom bestowed upon the character this book would have ranked a solid 3 Kevin and his alterego Bolt continues his adventure Though the parents are against it bolt constantly tangles with the supervillains Bolt gets caught up on something huge when he foils the assasination attempt on the presidential candidate Plutarch a former supervillain. Takes a complicated turn when Kevin uncovers a conspiracy within he team that threatens to destroy not just the superhero community but the ntire country And if Kevin does not find out who is friend and who is foe uickly then he can say good bye to not only his superhero career but to his very li. Eally just wants to do what is right and I have to recognize that view spoilerThe story goes like this Bolt goes and stop a crime gets recognized by a presidential candidate and the leader of a team of young superheroes and then gets invited to be part of the team Parents say no he goes anyway just for a visit while there he gets in a fight in another political meeting and gets to know the other presidential candidate His father finds him and get angry take his suit away Another former hero now investigator asks him uestions about his fights and tell him he is investigating one of the candidates that he suspects is trying to take over the world He tells him not to mention it TO ANYONE AND NOT TO WORRY ABOUT IT SO anyone and not to worry about it so course he decides to help with the investigation He kind of assembles another disguise so he can go and meet one of the candidates and see if he can find some answers he asks uestions believes the candidate and then they get attacked again He gets hurt and when he wakes up he is in the young heroes base being treated for his woulds Then he wakes up in a dark place and someone tries to brainwash him he fights the whole team and gets captured but again is saved by his father Together With His Father with his father investigator and him try to protect the candidate from another murder attempt during the fight that is during a debate the other candidate gets away and Bolt believes he is being kidnapped so he goes to rescue him just to find out. Lly when Kevin is offered a position on a team of young superheroes that offers him a great chance to advance in his superhero career He leaps at the chance to join hoping to make some new friends and maybe get a little closer to its leader the mysterious and beautiful Incantation Yet the situation. ,