[E–pub/Kindle] (The Temptation of Savannah ONeill)

Hout and there s to this family story that I m interested "To Find The Rest "find the rest the stories written about them Awesome story of the O Neill women and Matt and a mysterious person breaking into the house Love the books that I m reading from Molly O Keefe All have been fast reads so far Action packed erotic drama suspense the "Whole Packa I Chose This One Because The Heroine Is I chose this one because the heroine is librarian but I ended up getting much than a stereotypical librarian story O Neill has learned the hard way not to trust people She s built a wall around her grandmother her daughter and herself that very few are able to scale Matt comes to Bon Terre carrying some serious baggage with him And not just from his crappy childhood What he s looking for in the O Neill s house is stolen jewels but what he finds is a way to heal the wounds that have been plaguing him for the last six months What I loved most about this story was the real emotional impact that O Keefe was able to give in a brief page count The characters were finely drawn and the interactions between the three O Neill women rang true to me Especially the ups and downs of having two willful women in charge of one household I liked the fact that Savannah realized that her own distrust was rubbing off on her daughter and that she took steps to remedy it And Matt and Savannah s interactions were smoking hot even though the love scenes themselves took place off stage Which made me sad I ll admit but it was still an excellent readI thought the contrast between Matt s relationship with his dad a convicted jewel thief and Savannah s lack of relationship with her mother a con woman was really well done Rather than having a all criminals are bad message O Keefe acknowledged that people are complicated and so are their relationshipsI m looking forward to the next book in this series about Savannah s poker playing brother Tyler Already bought it from Kindle last nigh. Uch too delicious for this O'Neill to resist It's a shame there's to Matt than being good with his hands Because when his true reasons for seeking her out are revealed he could become another affair Savannah lives to regr. .
The Temptation of Savannah ONeillMiniseries The Notorious O Neills The story was good which is why it was rated 3 stars However I did "Tire Of The Heroine And Her Ways It May Have "of the heroine and her ways It may have my mood when I was reading the book but I just felt that she needed to grow a backbone and deal I also had issues with the id too but I ll leave those as my opinion and not state them Just to prove that I m not dis satisfied with the writer or her stories I m now reading book 2 in the series about Tyler So far so good Savannah O Neill has a reputation about Tyler So far so good Savannah O Neill has a reputation being one of those wild O Neills but Savannah has done nothing to deserve the bad rap she s been gett The start of a new series about the O Neill family which is scandalous filled with gamblers whores thieves and bad luck The heroine Savannah was abandoned by her mother along with her two brothers at her grandmother s house almost twenty years ago and this has coloured her life Everyone she has loved has left her her brothersone for poker another for politics the guy "She Fell For Turned Out "fell for turned out be married leaving her pregnant and infamous so for years she has suppressed herself hiding out and being a cynic towards the world She only needs her daughter and her grandmother and then the hero comes into her life and she is suspicious of him He takes a job cleaning her garden but she doesn t trust him and rightly soThe hero used to be an architect on top of the world and then six months ago that all changed one of his firm s project Lady Lucille killed someone and even though he was not involved he should haveept an eye out and this caused him to lose faith and see his best friend bankrupted So he decided to chase the heroine s mother who caused his father to spend seven years in jail He comes to the house under false pretences and then gets to Blood Volume 3 Boy Meets Girl know the three females there how they have been hurt and are wary of being hurt again and henows what he did was wrong he nows telling them the truth will hurt them. A family's bad reputation is tough to shake off Just ask Savannah O'Neill Despite her straitlaced job as a librarian despite her living a private life the O'Neill family wildness still sparks town gossip And the arrival But nows it has to be done Of course the truth comes out before he can confess and Savannah and her daughter are furious at him and want him to leave but her grandmother doesn t and sees Matt can bring Savannah out of deep freezeI liked seeing Matt work through issues "and not leave despite the anger at "not leave despite the anger directed at he falls for Savannah but My Abandonment knows that getting her to trust him won t be easy and I loved his move at the end when he told her to have faithnowing it could backfireThe book neatly sets up the brothers as well and I am looking forward to their stories While The Temptation of Savannah O Neill was intriguing in the beginning I ended up not liking the story I found the townspeople distasteful and the primary characters downtrodden I also felt that the characters seemed to be caricatures I did not finish reading the book I never read books with these He’s Not That Interested, He’s Just Passing Time: 40 Unmistakable Behaviors of Men Who Avoid Commitment and Play Games with Women kinds of covers The writing is usually sub par the stories too simplistic the characters like nails on a chalkboard But this is a Molly O Keefe and that has made all the difference Great story Awesome layered characters Strong female protagonist and supporting characters And of course a great guy Two thumbs WAY up and yayyyy I have a whole new old Molly O Keefe trilogy to read ChristI am never going to get to the second chapter of The Brothers Karamazov Yowza that wasn t very good The story and characters weren t engaging enough for the length of the book Maybe if it was half as long Nothing in the plot was strong enough and none of it was written with enough conviction to care about it Excellent storyline Lots of action The story starts out strong and ends up even stronger Enjoyed the antics of the woman s young daughter Even interesting were the male romantic characters background and what brought him to the South There s so many things about these characters that we find out as we continue to read the story Held my interest throug. F Matt Woods sexy handyman and complete stranger isn't helpingWatching him work makes Savannah long to take a trip into indulgence That's so not a good idea she's been there before and still hears the rumors But Matt is