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Ead the final chapter Yes it was THAT good I loved the main character a beautiful strong willed woman that stays true to the nature of her heart even during the most trying of circumstances Personally at some parts I wanted her to want revenge but when she chose the higher path I admired her courageous spirit The only part that bothered me was that the second book is not out et but I would have immediately gone and purchased it if it had beenI would like to point out the author has other books that she had traditionally published but this book was passed up by publishers although they praised her for the book I have to stick my tongue out at them and say Your Loss The Author decided to self publish and I am glad she did disclaimer I met Dana Marton last week at RWA but that was only made shinier because I d just finished this book We had a great OMG I loved Black Like Us A Century of Lesbian Gay and Bisexual African American Fiction your bookNo I lovedour book exchangeAll that said I was a "bit chagrined to discover that though I d finished RELUCTANT CONCUBINE "chagrined to discover that though I d finished RELUCTANT CONCUBINE before RWA I d missed my final review and rating in the furor of leaving It s an excellent fantasy romance very slow burn Awesome worldbuilding and unusual story structure The beginning is a bit slow IMO so forge past that WELL worth the readAnd Still Lifting Still Climbing African American Women's Contemporary Activism yes I had lunch with Dana and spent most of it bugging her to write book 3 She s starting on it this week You re welcome I give this book an averaged 25 stars Up to chapter 14 I thought it was a 3 star read but after that it uickly dropped to a 2 star meh why am I still reading this ratingBefore I properly begin my review I want to say that I think it was a very poor marketing decision to go with the Harleuin like re title Reluctant Concubine over the original The Third Scroll It s going to put off a lot of possible fantasy readers who generally tend to be drawn to stories involving epic sword battles magic mythical beings and fiendish plots to take over the world because it gives the impression the story is going to be about some woman wearing a veil and hanging out in a harem not doing much On the flip side I think it s going to disappoint a lot of romance readers when they discover the novel is for the most part not as heavy on the smexy times as the title implies and instead focuses on the fantasy elements of a girl with magical powers battling evil forces There are moments of both in the book but the title and cover do not reflect that at all Now moving on to the actual reviewThere was a subtle persistent shallowness to the world building in this story that I didn t at first notice Some of it was uite interestinget eventually I started to realise that the separate little factoids I was being handed all existed in their own isolated bubbles and didn t interact with each other in the way a living breathing world should do For example we never learn how or why the aggressive warlike Karla and the peaceful healing Shahala learnt to work together when their cultures are complete polar opposites why the enemy "Emperor is trying to invade a backwater island that mostly consists of desert or mountains and can "is trying to invade a backwater island that mostly consists of desert or mountains and can be reached by a poorly explained magical Gate view spoilerwhich should make it a stupidly easy bottleneck to defend against invaders but apparently not according to the ending hide spoiler Sorry but Textbook of Food Science Technology you lost me at manpartsI bought this when it was 99 cents It was cheap and it had a lot of good reviews on so I took a shot I didn t really know what to expect but what I got wasn tuiteitI guess this is kind of a romance than anything else Well there was a big prophecy plot too involving duh a scroll but it was very very drawn out and pretty boring to me The writing wasn t bad but it wasn t to my tastes And umeah the author uses the word manparts several times Man Parts As in he moved his manparts towards her secret cave And I was caught between laughing my head off and cringing each time Sorry just not for N's Lord of the Fading Lands Elizabeth Vaughan's Warprize or the memorably crafted healer heroines in Jean Auel's Clan of the Cave Bear and Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series this is the next epic adventure to get lost in. Omes his only concubine because all of his other ones are dead The Mis Education of the Negro yet he never mentions them or the love he had for them and their children etche s just totally over them I guess Our healer does some translating and cuddles with the High Lord but we never really see them DO or SAY much of anything to one anotheret of course they fall in love And then WHABAM ta da our healer is the chosen one spoken of in the prophesy that everyone but her knows of I hate prophesies Why even bother writing a book and building a tale if it has all already been decided and told If a character is only following a chosen path why even bother acting like they are making all sorts of important decisions I hate prophecies and Chosen One type shit And this turned into a terrible Chosen One story She is such a damn push over and I only want to heal and not hurt whine whine whine moan poor me I d rather die than have another die Tera has no real personality So much about "this book is so jagged and forced More than halfway through when we learn about Guardian protectors "book is so jagged and forced More than halfway through when we learn about Guardian protectors learn about these magical gates that let ou travel to all sorts of placesnow we are told this as though these gates are a forgotten mystical thingand then tra la la everyone is using them all over the place as though it s ben going on through the whole book What Ugh I can t even be bothered to list failings in this book It was going so well there for a long stretch and then just went down the shitter The "Last 20% Was Written "20% was written an epilogue where ou just get told what happens over the course of a God Gave Wine: What the Bible Says About Alcohol year and during kidnappings and battles and sieges That last chunk literally contained enough events to be turned into a whole other book This is the ultimate example of telling instead of showingThe romance was building very well in the early stages with him being very gentle and her trying to find her place and then that too just turned into a crap pile where we get told everything rather than shown anything soou re left feeling cheated out of a slow burning romanceDon t waste Alien vs. Predator your time on this one Our heroine is a limp noodle whoou won t give two shits about come the end or at least I didn t This book was a well written epic fantasy embodying the character of a healer Like most in this genre it covered a wide array of world building plot points and character development Some of these things I felt were done superbly while others I felt were less deft in their executionI found the characters in this book to be likeable and enduring While some of the secondary characters seemed to be introduced into this work to be used at a later time the characters we did interact with enough to know were both real and relatable They grew as the story went on and showed both fortitude and resilience Some of the conflicts between characters early in this book were used in a large part to shape our main protagonist and her view of the world she had been thrust into That these were then later forgotten left me feel I really enjoyed this book I d forgotten how much I enjoy the romance genre and I was pleasantly surprised to find the story set in a fantasy world even better Loved the suspense of the relationship and the writing styleThe only reason this missed out on five stars is because I found the ending fell a little flat For the first 80% of the book I couldn t put it down Then suddenly it seemed to lose paceI look forward to book two in the saga Dana Marton has done such a good job with the first book and I m sure the second will be better still I picked this book up when I found it listed as free on I have to admit that what first made me want it was the beautiful cover and although I have tons of other books that I have also picked up for free I chose this one to read first I cannot begin to express how much I LOVED this book It had me captivated from the beginning until the end even bringing tears to my eyes as I Cruel concubines When ancient prophecies begin to come to pass can the healer slave save the realm and awaken the High Lord’s heart For anyone who enjoyed the fantasy worlds of George Martin's Game of Thrones CL Wilso. .



45 starsI love love love being surprised by a book I d never heard of Dana Morton before she was linked up by another author for a giveaway and I discovered her by liking her Facebook page Then I spotted a few posts about The Third Scroll and loved the cover enough to check it out And then I spotted it was only 77p on and the rest is historyNow don t get me wrong 77p self published books don t often get my attention just because of their price so I have no idea why I chose this one over others But I M SO GLAD I DID BECAUSE IT S ONE so glad I did because it s one the best 77p s I ve spent in a long whileThe writing is decent Dana s style is fluid despite being written in a traditional sense to befit the genre and descriptive without being over bearing as well as appearing to have been spilled with an ease that carries the reader along with little hitch to their strideThe world building is just the right amount Admittedly the world fantasy is enough to send me scurrying into the shadows Deliverance Mary Fields, First African American Woman Star Route Mail Carrier in the United States: A Montana History yet another notch on the mystery as to why I bought this book However the unfolding of the traditions held much airtime than the visual aspects of this world and I believe that was likely why I tolerated it so well because there is nothing worse than waiting impatiently to see what happens next and then the author thrusts a three page narrative of a setting inour path Everything about this world Dana created was captivating and believable for all of its crudeness and fascinating detailThe plot was well thought out with many arcs to Tera s journey as I loved how none of it seemed rushed which offered greater credibility to her development And seemed rushed which offered greater credibility to her development And of the developments I enjoyed observing the most was her aversion to men And anyone with half a brain would know how big a role Batumar played in that Because I ADORED Batumar From his initial appearance and those gentle words of promise that no harm would come to Tera to his accepting manner of all that was her to his tenderness shown when a barrier he waited so patiently for to fold was finally crossed He has to be one of my favourite male counterparts I ve read in a while LOVE him Did I mention I love himAnd Batumar aside ou know that character I kinda crushed on the supporting cast and all of their personalities be them malicious or benevolent were so full bodied and colourful that I can remember literally each and every one of "them by story s end which doesn t often happen for me Oh eah and can we say "by story s end which doesn t often happen for me Oh Superman – Action Comics Volume 3 At the End of Days yeah and can we say much over that ending Yeah I m a soft sad sap I knowThe only reason I knocked the half star rating off which I pondered over because I was almost a little loathe to do it for a book that captured me so was because there were a few lulls in the book not big ones mind that slowed the pace down and I so wanted that pacing to be consistent because for around 98% of the book it most definitely isThankou so much Ms Morton for convincing me that not all fantasy novels are to be shied from I ll certainly be checking out the 2nd instalment in Tera Batumar s journey when it arrives This was a uick read and I actually enjoyed it These types of romances aren t usually my thing but I m thinking that may change I was just in it for the romance though lol Nope The first few pages were difficult to get started with all of the sentences are choppy and abrupt but eventually it all leveled out and turned into a decent flowfor a bit there this book was a solid 4 stars and for a tiny bit it even rose to possibly 5 stars and then it kind of diverged into two story lines and holy crap during the last 20% this book dropped to a 3 and then to a 2 We have a healer who is sold into slavery she meets another slave in the household she is sold into and even though she doesn t spend a ton of time with this other girl for some reason she becomes utterly devoted to her and they become BFFs way later in the book Eventually our healer is given to the High Lord and bec. To escape punishment Tera a maiden healer sold to barbarians must hide the truth she has not et come into her healing powers Born into a much gentler world she struggles to survive in a land of savage warlords and their. ,
The Third Scroll