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I won this book in a GIVEAWAY FROM GOODREADS PENGUINTHIS WAS A from Goodreads PenguinThis was a beautiful book and I have to say probably now my favourite David Almond titleThe book was fairly bleak at times and very shocking There were some moments when I had to stop reading just to take in what had just happened I felt myself sure that Dominic would turn himself around and not take the dark path and sometimes it didn t work out how I would "Have Liked View SpoilerDom S "liked view spoilerDom s dying hit me like a punch

the gut I could see coming but her final moments without her husband made me weep hide spoiler David Almond is one of my favorite authors Not one of my favorite YA authors One my favorites period His language rich resonant musical with a bass note depth and sonority his characters dark compelling complicated appealing and repelling his sense of place evocative vivid an elemental part of each story and his stories that balance hope and foreboding are among my favorites He is a true master That said I found this a little disappointing After a very strong start where Almond had all of his talent on display and perfectly deployed the story lost its way at the end when things got a little rushed the tight focus on the romantic triangle got hazy and things just sort of drizzled to an ending Now with THAT said this book is still better than a good 85% of what is out there And for those who love Almond you find here the same ualities and brilliance that draw you to all of his work maybe 45 i don t now putting a number rating on this book feels trivial and tedious this book was a total surprise over the summer i visited NYC my. International award winner David Almond draws on memories of his early years in Tyneside England for a moving coming of age novel masterfully toldA gentle visionary coming of age in the shadow of the shipyards of northern England Dominic Hall is torn between extremes On the one hand he craves the freedom he feels when he steals away with. ,

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The Tightrope WalkersFavorite place in the world and went to the Strand bookstore for the first time ever my new favorite place inside my favorite place in the world i wanted to buy a book i had never heard of before and this was the one i grabbed off the shelves and carried home with me the writing in this book captured me immediately when you look at it one sentence at a time it t seem book captured me immediately when you look at it one sentence at a time it doesn t be anything too special but when it s all strung together it uietly yet uickly creates such a strong atmosphere the story takes place in the north of England and the writing felt like a cloudy harsh cold place i felt the north in the words of the narrative i ve never been there but i felt it that alone is incredible and it s so timeless too it was hard to gauge when this story takes place it felt like it could have been any time at all could have happened at any point in history slowly throughout the book little clues are given and by the end you have an idea but the first 34 felt completely suspended in time i thought the magical atmospheric "Writing Was My Favorite Part "was my favorite part this book but it was really how it was completely character driven which is not common in YA i guess you would call this YA i don t Lien se Lankstaanskoene know i find labels like that really trivial now too yes it is set up that Main Character Dominic is from the north his father s job is building ships his town is grungy and he s being pulled between a violent boy and a ethereal girl who both shape his life in drastic ways but that sit there s no real central conflict it s just Dom s life and how he shifts and changes as he grows and how these twoids impact his life in very di. The eccentric girl artist next door Holly Stroud his first and abiding love to balance above the earth on a makeshift tightrope With Holly Dom dreams of a life different in every way from his shipbuilder dad’s a life fashioned of words and images and story On the other hand he finds himself irresistibly drawn to the brutal charms of Fferent ways i guess it s about how we control our growth in some ways but we also "Control Who We Let Into "who we let into lives and they affect how we grow too and how we can have certain paths in our life ways we re destined to be ways we want to be paths paths in our life ways we re destined to be ways we want to be paths mean to carve for ourselves but we never really Le jeu de la prceptrice (J'ai lu Aventures Passions t. 12584) know if we ll go down them or not everything depends on everything and nothing this was a uiet story Dominic doesn t save the world he doesn t leave the country hell he barely leaves his town but he lived and that matters in itself Sometimes you pick up a book and the language doesn t just draw you in itnocks you over completely The Tightrope Walkers is one of those books Told partially in Northern English dialect the words roll over you until suddenly you ve completely convinced yourself that you could do the accent perfectly you try it out later on your friends to find that you try it out later on your friends to find that can t As the narrator says I loved the way the words moved in the air the way they set up such rhythms and disturbances in my body and brain And I loved the silence afterwards in which the words continuedThe story is about Dominic Hall the son of a ship corker As Dominic grows from a child into a man he s torn between the many worlds the people in his life represent The hardworking world of his father The rough and violent world of his friend Vincent McAlinden The world of poetry and music shown to him by Holly Stroud the girl next door With its beautiful language constantly surprising characterizations and wonderfully realized world The Tightrope Walkers is an absolute must read Words he breathed to us all Words words words Ha. Incent McAlinden a complex bully who awakens something wild and reckless and Mes photos de classe, Le Petit Nicolas killing in Dom In a raw and beautifully crafted bildungsroman David Almond reveals the rich inner world of a boy teetering on the edge of manhood a boy so curious and open to impulse that we fear for him and uestion his balance and ultimately exult in his triump.